Sony Bravia KD65XD7504BU 65-Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart LED TV – Amazing picture quality, lots of features

Easy to set up and easy to use with great features such as playstation network for ps4 owners and android tv. Access to netflix and amazon is a couple of button presses maximum. Got to use it with my lads xbox one s yet but i expect good results.

Was going to purchase this tv, either the 55″ or the 65″, but since no model number of either tv is listed in the description, and looking at the reviews, decided to do some digging about this 2 models and explain some concepts that are misleading for the consumer in all the tv brands nowadays, that requires research to fully understand some concepts, putting it somewhat resumed;main thing people need to be aware nowadays is the wrong publicity of what is hdr and if the tv accurately reproduces its content, just so you know, for a tv to display hdr content correctly, the minimum requirement that a tv needs to have are:1. Peak brightness above 500 nits for an ok to good hdr experience or peak brightness around 1000 nits for a full hdr content;2. Colour gamut of at least a 8 bit colour display with frc (frc is a technology that allows a 8 bit colour display to emulate a 10 bit colour display), or even better a real 10 bit or 12 bit colour display (but lets ignore those because their prices are for someone who have a really good wallet, and are the ones that should give you full hdr content);note: 8 bit colour: 16,777,216 colours (24 bits: 8 red, 8 green, 8 blue). Note: 8 bit + frc and 10 bit colours: 1,073,741,824 colours (30 bits: 10 red, 10 green, 10 blue). I’m just explaining this because most of the cheapest tv brands say they have hdr, just really don’t have it, which i believe its false advertising for the consumer and a really set back when you think you are really buying a good tv with all the goodies for a good price. Putting this way, you think you bought a ferrari, but you were given a fiat with the looks of a ferrari. So basically, if you buy a 8 bit tv that says it reproduces hdr, this is a lie and you don’t even need to care about brightness in that tv, simple because it doesn’t have a display that can reproduce all the hdr colours. Example: 55″ samsung ue55ku6400 or any 6000 samsung (2016 tv series). Now lets go to the brightness, although to have a full hdr experience, the tv display needs at least 1000 nits of peak brightness, you can still enjoy a good hdr experience if the tv display reaches half that value, 500 nits, off course you wont have the full hdr experience, but the price difference between the models are something to take in consideration. Bellow 450 nits of peak brightness in a tv, the hdr experience isn’t going to be noticeable at all and will come blurred and with fake colours in the display.

Amazing picture quality, lots of great features and built in chrome cast which is fantastic. Lots of easy to add apps and its a perfect size for a living room or bedroom.

Good quality product and great picture.

Good tv happy with it it doesn’t go hdr in 4k only 1080.

Every one looking for a great 4k uhd tv i believe one should look no further than sony it’s simply the best and android platform makes it even more futuristic and user friendly.

Excellent tv and easy to wall mount.

Product information

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 146.3 x 85.2 cm ; 21.5 Kg
  • Boxed-product Weight: 29.3 Kg
  • Batteries 2 AAA batteries required. (included)
  • Item model number: KD65XD7504BU
  • ASIN: B01IT200GO

Android TV –

This is a great tv, the 4k image quality is beautiful and the low input lag is great for playing games. The colour range is very good and hdr looks great too. The android features work very well, though the wifi chip in the tv seems to be quite weak, and doesn’t always pick up the wifi (despite the fact all other devices i use in the room have no issue), which can be annoying. It’s also an 8-bit panel from what i can tell, which means that the hdr isn’t as good as the 10-bit model, which is only a little more expensive. Overall i’m very happy with this tv, but i should have probably paid a little more for the 10-bit version.

Quality of picture is brilliant, lots of features, very light weight and noce design. The only downside is that sometimes it is a bit slow when opening android apps.

Excellent great price loaded with everything aaa**** buy it again highly recommended.

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Great tv- excellent picture quality, but source jneeds to be in ultra 4k hd to see the best of it.

When you want to buy a tv it needs to be sony. The picture quality is always the best. The picture modes are always the best, too. But you have to consider that this product is much more than just a tv. Personally, i don’t like any of the smart tv interfaces. They are not user-friendly, work very slow, and have limited capabilities – honestly, they shouldn’t be called smart after all. Yet, the android tvs tend to be much better. Sony + android is making it a good deal for me and this tv is an entrance model to this world. The android interface is quite fast and responsive. It gives you very good options in terms of connectivity and usability.

Fantastic tv the works well with more than two consoles put into it, i put three consoles and a streaming box into the hdmi ports and the all look great in their 4k enabled viewing. I would recommend to any gamer or someone looking for a man/woman cave.

The clean and simple stand design adds class to any living space whilst hiding cables from view

4K high dynamic range –

4K X-Reality Pro upscale every pixel for remarkable clarity, with Sony 4K everything you watch is highly realistic

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Sony BRAVIA KD55XF8096 55 Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD TV – So glad I bought it!

For many years i have been with samsung. Due to samsung’s pricing and lacking features i carefully picked out this sony tv. Firstly the picture with hd and 4k input is impressive and the sd upscaling is for the most part good with the occasional program being lower quality than i would have liked. (not sure any tv could do much better)the sound is not good. This tv needs and i expect was designed to have a sound bar. With the stock speakers i found myself turing it up more and more to hear programs just to find out that the rest of the house could hear better than i could. Now the worst thing about this tv is the android os. I have used android phones for many years and much prefer over i phone. However this implementation is poor. It is slow, laggy, and requires a reboot two or three times a week.

Have had bravia tvs over the years none have disappointed. Picture crystal clear and sharp. Smart tv feature is great, sound quality is top notch. Other than that this bravia is great. One issue was the poor quality remotes they now produce which does not always work unless directly aimed at tv.

Took delivery of this a few days ago. The picture quality is absolutley stunning and the sound quality is good once set up correctly. The design is top notch as you would expect from sony and i can’t fault the android system – i’ve had no speed issues as some have mentioned. What is really frustrating is the limitations of the inbuilt youview system. You have a choice of either disabling youview and being able to record channels onto hdd, but not being able to access itv player or all 4. Or enabling youview and being able to access them, but losing the ability to recordit seems like a major oversight/design flaw, and is not mentioned anywhere before you buy. Except in online support forums which you would only find when searching for the problem specificallyoverall a great tv, just not without annoying issues.

Ok, so i own this tv less then a week but its obvious this is a top notch set. Fantastic picture in hd, never mind uhd. Ive seen bits of uhd content and it looks great. There are a lot of adjustments you can make to the picture to get it just right for you. I’m still tweaking away after a week. I cant really find anything to fault it apart from the power supply brick. No issue for me as i have the tv on a table top, but i can see that it could be a problem if you are wall mounting it. I have this paired with skyq and use a panasonic sound bar giving great audio. As this is a new model prices havent much negotiating room.

Features of Sony BRAVIA KD55XF8096 55 Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD TV with Voice Remote/YouView and Freeview HD, Black + HT-SF150 2ch Single Soundbar with Bluetooth and S-Force Front Surround, Black

  • Gaming with PlayStation
  • Google Assistant built-in
  • XF80
  • XF70
  • WF6
  • Picture Quality
  • Picture Quality
  • Picture Quality
  • Processor
  • Processor
  • Processor
  • Colour Engine
  • Colour Engine
  • Colour Engine
  • Motion
  • Motion
  • Motion
  • Interactivity
  • Interactivity
  • Interactivity

This is just a gorgeous tv, very easy to setup, literally packed with features (already put netflix 4k, amazon prime, disneylife and youtube on it), the picture is stunning (very saturated but i like it), it’s very quick, loads of connections, slim and just overall i can’t knock it all. I’ve even connected it to my alexa device to i can control it through that. Quite simply a stunning tv that i cannot criticise in anyway.

Would highly recommend buying this tv.

When the delivery came through from arrow xl, they had not made sure that the tv was a) stored the right way up and b) protected against water damage. The van flooded during transit from heavy rain which soaked the whole end of the box, which it had been stood on. I opened the box and tested the tv, thankfully the tv was deep in the box which meant that the antistatic film was dry and the tv was undamaged. I loaded it up and the image was fine, no dead pixels so i let the delivery guy go. The tv itself is fantastic, great image and great to watch. Really happy with it and the os is great. The blacks aren’t quite as deep as some might like, but that is a minor issue compared to the overall package. Great colours, speed of image, presentation and i have suffered none of the os issues i’ve heard about. I’m in a new house so the internet is being connected today, so i may add to this report once i’ve streamed 4k footage through it.

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4K HDR – Immerse yourself in the brilliance of 4K HDR –

We love this television from sony. It came well packaged and was easily attached to the floor stand. The electrical flex is about 2 metres long so adequate for most people. We eventually decided to attach it to the wall and purchased a wall bracket which was all fairly easy to do. You can connect it to the internet via wifi and copy your google account onto the tv. This process took ages, if fact after an hour the screen still said copying google account and data and i got fed up with waiting for it and pressed back and it had in fact copied everything across,so why it said it was still copying i’ve no idea. It found services and channels fairly quickly and talks you through every step on screen which is just as well as there really isn’t a good instruction book with it although you can get all the instructions and anything else you might want to know online on the sony website. It was a really good clear picture and the sound is great, we only have it on volume 12 which is plenty loud enough without a sound bar. , although you can connect one if you wish. You can marry your phone or tablet to the tv so that you can continue watch youtube etc on the tv instead of the phone.

Having bought a 50” sony android tv back in 2015 from amazon and being impressed with it the only tv i want to own now are the sony android t. This is a good upgrade for me having the 55” with 4k and hdr, the difference is remarkable. I use netflix and amazon prime and having the content now available in ultra hd and hdr is brilliant. I also use a ps4 pro but never had the advantages of using it with a 4k tv but i do now and it’s joyous. If you have never had a android tv i fully recommend you try one as once you have had one anything else is just not as much fun, well for me anyway.

Great tv, lovely picture, plenty of settings, very pleased with it, only problem it seems to take a while to respond to commands sometimes, fantastic tv though.

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The first tv was damaged in shipment. The second one worked for three days before the picture went out. The third and current tv seems to be working fine so far. It has a great picture quality with decent sound but could have even better sound with a sony sound bar. This tv is very “state of the art” high tech tv. It really has it all and it is truly great when it works. I might have had a lemon the first time because so far this last tv is working well – i have no complaints with it. Crossing my fingers that it stays that way.

Best tv i have ever bought for the price.

Fantastic tv, easy to set up, works well with my other sony devices. Only downside is the android operating system is a bit clunky at times but barely use that really as i have virgin tv etc. Great bit of kit and looks great in out living room.

4K X-Reality PRO – Every detail re-imagined –

Superb, glad i bought it in the sale.

I didn’t think i would, as i never thought i’d own such a large screen. We’ve always been a bit sniffy about people with big screen tvs, but i’m a convert. We even had to rearrange the furniture to accommodate it, but it was worth all the effort. It’s just so coolokay, so why is it so cool?. Well, for a start it was so simple to set up. Tvs are never easy to set up, but this one was pretty simple straight out of the box and it comes with a handy link to netflix on the controller. Admittedly if you don’t have, or want netflix, this could be a pain, but we do and it’s just so useful. Not only that, but you can search for programmes etc via a very accurate voice command button on the controller, so if you can’t be bothered to go through the process of doing a controller search, then just hold the mic button in and ask the tv to search for you, easy.Also the screen definition and appearance is sumptuous.

First of all unlike some of the reviews on here i really like the android tv layout, the features it brings, and don’t feel anyone should be out off by it. I purchased a 2015 bravia a couple years ago for a similar price and was extremely happy with the purchase. This prompted me to go sony the second time around. I did plenty of research before my second purchase and with the help of prime day i opted for this model. Albeit i purchased at just over £650, this tv is not worth £1000 or anywhere near this. The varying information online don’t clearly show this is is a 50hz or 400hz tv, just to clear up for people it’s 50hz and for that reason this tv really suffers for sport such as football. Motionflow does nothing to rectify. I’m streaming so i dread to see it’s performance in hd or even uhd. The tv also is very thick for a 2018 mid-range model (actually thicker than my older model made 3 years ago) and the stand is very flimsy. Overall in my opinion, not fit for purpose and most definitely not worth the retail price.

Replaced a old sony bravia full hd tv for this one and the pciture is amazing with 4k and hdr, great for gaming a must have.

Powerful surround sound thanks to S-Force front surround and bass reflex unit

Fantastic picture quality both hd and 4k, easy set up. Sound quality good but when used with a sony sound bar it’s brilliant. Highly recommend that you put this on your list when choosing a new tv.

Good sound and clear picture as i had expected.

Dont enable youview though, it grinds to a halt. Leave it off and the tv is responsive. Good picuture for the price.

Simple connectivity: one easy HDMI connection to TV and instant music listening from your mobile device via Bluetooth or USB

Coming from an old sony hd tv (one of the first hd tvs to come out 720p 32″) and over 10 years old but still worked as well as the day i got it which is why i decided to stick with sony and i’m so glad i did the 4k picture is unreal so sharp and the colours so bright and being an android tv takes it to a totally different level i’ve seen other makes that have there own app stores with only there own apps and couldn’t get on with them but this is just like using your phone/tablet and i don’t know how i’ve gone this long with out one had heard stories that the sound on these new slim bezel tvs isn’t that good and to be honest it could be better but it’s still as good as any other tv i’ve owned was a little worried about it being 4k as i thought i’d have to buy a 4k bly ray player or subscribe to some over priced satellite package but was really surprised as you can buy and download or stream the newest films out infact with the purchase it lets you pick out two films to keep for good to start your collection and in 4k and also being an amazon prime and netflix subscriber there’s a good collection of content in 4k to pick from too so all in all i’m so happy i picked this tv and i don’t think you could tempt me with any other one out there in this price range so if your thinking of going for this one don’t think anymore just go ahead and get it oh and one more thing i also picked this one to work with an amazon echo plus and had a few teething problems at first but now it turns it on and over and the volume up and down and changes the hdmi channels too.

This tv offers rich and vibrant colours and very fluid motion. Definition and detail are stunning and when watching 4k uhd content it is remarkably good for the price. The tv runs on android and has excellent smart tv functionality. The viewing angle is wide and it can be viewed from quite oblique angles and still looks good. The sound is very good for built in sound, for watching movies you may want a separate sound system with a sub-woofer but for normal tv i think the built in sound is perfectly adequate and even for movies it is ok (albeit it is not in the same league as a decent surround sound system). I got the 43″ screen for the bed room and it is incredible just what quality is available for a relatively modest budget these days, its not that long ago that a top of the line set costing £££££££’s wouldn’t get near to this. It feels a lot nicer than the cheaper entry level sets but you’re not getting high end premium materials and feel. That said, it doesn’t feel cheap or low rent.

Thanks to one of amazon’s many amazing offers, i managed to upgrade my 10 year model of sony bravia to this fabulous tv. The quality of picture & sound is amazing and it was easy to set up even for a technophobe like me. I like the built-in hub too, so much for so good a price.

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Samsung UE55KS7000 55in Series 7 SUHD 4K Flat Smart TV, Highly recommended

Hello there this is a amazing tv i was coming from a sony 4k and considered that was great untill i obtained this. For the persons who are stating its bad motion handling it has to be a issue your conclude attempt shelling out additional then a £1 on a hdmi cable gaming on this tv is a treat 21sec enter lag. 4k viewing is really out of this entire world the the 1080p on this tv seems virtually 4k with its upscaler u would have to look challenging for a tv greater then this.

Pretty great check out and good structure – suits in fashionable style residing home completely. -1star for price and lack of apps, this tv is basicly laptop however no application for kodi.

Are not able to beat samsung for high quality and as[ect. The downside is that you want to be younger and computer minded to absolutely enjoy its technological innovation.

Key specs for Samsung UE55KS7000 55in Series 7 SUHD 4K Flat Smart TV:

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  • Quantum Dot Display doesn’t just raise the bar, it changes the game. TVs until now were not able to realistically display the world we see around us. SUHD with Quantum Dot display changes all that by expressing an exceptionally wide range of colours, over 1 billion – breathing life into each and every one of them and giving you perfect picture quality with the most true to life colours.
  • HDR 1000 provides a far superior High Dynamic Range experience for striking brightness, exceptional shadow detail and vividly accurate colour.
  • Enjoy striking levels of contrast even when watching TV in the brightest environments with Ultra Black Technology. Experience all the vibrant colour and detail of next generation Premium UHD without having to close the curtains or turn off the lights.
  • UHD TV’s remastering engine will step in to automatically analyze and remaster any non-SUHD content, improving the quality to the highest level possible. Enjoy images as close to what was intended by the filmmaker.

Comments from buyers

“Amazing screen, especially when you look up the advanced , Hdr premium with 1000 nit brightness and good colour gamut for this price is amazing, It ticks all the boxes Can’t beat Samsung “

This tv is certainly intellect blowing at the selling price. Hdr quality with one thousand nit brightness and good color gamut for this rate is astounding. Ideal price range tv for gaming with lower enter lag and great for hdr gaming on ps4 pro and xbox one particular s. Motion handling is good as is upscaling. This is fantastic if you are searching for a mid vary rather affordable for its spec tv. The only time you might and i strain might be a very small dissappointed with this tv is if it were being sat up coming to an lg oled or new samung qled tv which are way overpriced at the second and this tv is getting discontinued to make way for the new 2017 styles which the successor is the q7f which expenses 2k for a forty nine inch so get this even though you can.

Delivered immediately, appears to be wonderful on my wall. Hd and 4k gaming and flicks appear outstanding. Was heading to get the 49′ version, happy i went for this a person.

Wonderful monitor, specially when you look up the sophisticated configurations on-line and configure it. Performs effectively, cant fault it at all and tv seems incredible on this.

High definition photo high quality is amazing, the moment you get use to the smart hub, that is very good too and the tv’s distant interacts with all manufacture containers you may connect. I have a humax and i can handle that with the tv distant. I set up my samsung ue55es8000 subsequent to this tv, on the new tv i signed a new account on the two amazon prime and netflix uhd feed. On the old tv i signed into my aged amazon and netflix accounts. Then on equally tv’s i put on the exact same flicks, 1 uhd the other hd. Disappointingly in spite of the uhd feed pulling extra data, there was a small big difference in the photograph excellent, but most of the time it seemed accurately the exact same. It is not worthy of paying out the more for the netflix. Once more the ks7000 is intended to have samsungs qled, from the previous es8000 liquid crystal display know-how i could not see any differences.

We went from an isf calibrated panasonic, to this. We haven’t been upset. I imagine it signifies the most effective value in the samsung array. The photo high quality with a very little tweaking (not calibrated) is excellent. There is the odd sports scene (and only for a short second) that may well toss off some of the processing, but i can rely on two palms how lots of periods that has happened in 5 months. Is also fantastic for on the net console gaming when working with gaming manner. No visible input lag participating in call of duty or tekken – and substantially better than the panasonic. Is it better than an oled tv, i don’t feel so. But in conditions of photo high quality and price (not introduced from amazon), i consider it will be really hard for me to justify any other tv at this cost stage.

I created a miscalculation buying a 58′ panasonic 4k tv and took it back and acquired the ks7000 55′ and it truly is simply just a fantastic tv. 4k is amazing and hdr is amazing. I use an external audio set up and have had no problems. Can use optical or hdmi for seem. Apps do the job incredibly slick and i’m very impressed with the up-scaling from hd or sd. Most of the programmes i enjoy are hd and as opposed to the panasonic it can be considerably much better. The panny was incredibly grainy and washed out when not right in front of it. The samsung is fantastic at all angles. Samsung tv’s are also better for taking part in media as a result of usb and i have a handful of 4k videos which engage in great.

You get a entirely loaded extremely hd 4k tv with a flat 10-little bit panel, a broader colour gamut, hdr guidance and extremely hd quality certification, as properly as some impressive online video processing and movement handling. The construct excellent is pretty superior, while i’m not enormous supporter of the toes. You can find a freshly designed common smart controller with vehicle detect. A good deal of connections, like four hdmi two. 0a inputs with support for hdr and hdcp two. Provides a amazing degree of accuracy many thanks to some extraordinary photograph controls, the calibrated performance was around fantastic but out of the box was not to terrible at all. Native blacks and contrast effectiveness are great, while the local dimming was remarkably efficient and was not often caught out. It provides wonderful visuals with common and superior definition content and was equally as remarkable with ultra high definition blu-rays. The tv just lately been through a firmware update which adds hdr+ and hdr help to gaming mode so you can have that sweet 21ms with hdr.

Acquired in oct 2016 (six months ago) and it functions flawlessly these days. Tv picture is outstanding, as you would hope from these types of a well reviewed tv on numerous significant tech web sites. Sound is just alright with tv speakers, so i acquired and high-priced soundbar to strengthen the seem. It did make improvements to it but it wasn’t an astounding enhancement more than the now very good tv speakers. For these wanting to enjoy videogames on the tv , this is one of the very best designs for reduced enter lag. The ks7000 is superb and 1 of the best entry stage priced sets for 4k uhd, top quality regular hdr tvs. The a lot more pricey ks8000 has even lessen lag and reaction time to even further lessen movement blur, but will expense a couple hundred far more. I can propose both of those depending on how a lot your budget is. The excellent samsung ks vary is getting changed with a new mu array, which might be more costly and not as superior dependent on which testimonials you go through, so if you want a good value 4k tv, in particular for taking part in online games, get just one of the ks types right before they are sold out endlessly. For sporting activities, the ks8000 is advisable for its additional minimized movement blur.

Picture is amazingthis a single is outstanding for gaming,im so joyful to have fantastic tv.

I acquired the samsung ks7000 sixty inch tv. When i say #this is the ideal tv – by a nation mile – i have at any time owned – i signify it emphatically. It is unquestionably excellent image good quality, and options. Its like possessing a top rated of the variety lambo or porche equal to a tv. I bought it online – and when i say all people who arrives into my residence – they end, get a breath and comment on the tv. Its the closest factor to oled you will acquire.

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Philips 22PFT5303/05 22-Inch Full HD LED TV and Fire TV Stick – Average quality product.

I am likely a minimal bit ‘old fashioned’ (or do we say ‘traditional’?) in that i have one particular principal display / tv, and i’ve generally dragged my toes above a further display in the house (all right, other than the keep track of for my computer system). I am also of an age wherever a 22′ screen seems extra than suitable, for anything other than viewing a film (my very first tv was a 14′ color transportable, and that was frivolous?)anyway, i am truly been pleasantly amazed and rather impressed with this ‘little’ tv setup. I am acquired very a handful of philips goods about the years, as i rate them proper up there on simplicity of use and top quality. My expectations are that, they may well not have all the most recent ‘gadgets’ and ‘gizmos’ (e. Gimmicks?) but it will do anything that i have to have, and it’s going to do it perfectly. The tv undoubtedly has unhappy. Un-packing is simple (indeed, the preliminary perception will be of a considerably scaled-down, and lighter box, than the a single that the ‘giant’ tv arrives in – definitely) with every little thing that i essential to get started out. I was a tiny doubtful about the ‘laid-back’, ‘stand-less’ style, but now that it is really in situ’ i actually like it. It retains the strains thoroughly clean and very simple. First set up was as a ‘digital tv’ with its in-construct ‘dvb’ tuner. I’ve received a digital compatible aerial at house, so plugged in and absent it went to research and retailer all the channels. Absolutely no more time than i may well have expected to scan through, and a fairly basic method. First photograph quality is truly really very good. I set it up on my desk and seen it from a fantastic 6′- 10′ away (est.

Cant see the level of the internet link. Audio high quality is adjustable from bad to o. With confined quantity higher restrict.

The tv arrives double-boxed by amazon. There are step-by-action guidance in many languages but these are simple and basic to stick to. The only assembly is fitting the stand-bar which necessitates some force to track down before securing the screws. There is a extensive variety of enter and output sockets plainly labelled. Immediately after plugging in and switching on you require to make the language choice to provide up easy-to-abide by instructions for tuning to your picked tv supply. The moment finished the photo high quality is sharp with a fantastic color stability even without having adjustment. Turning up the volume reveals this product’s shortcoming. Seem good quality is thin with no bass response. To solve this a audio bar or different type of audio replica demands to be related. This product should really additional properly be explained as a tv/check to give a clue as to its very likely specification.Here are the specifications for the Philips 22PFT5303/05 22-Inch Full HD LED TV and Fire TV Stick:

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  • Full HD TV with Pixel Plus HD processing giving detailed and natural-looking pictures
  • Freeview HD, giving you access to a wide variety of channels without any subscription cost
  • Connect your USB memory-stick or other multimedia device to the USB port on your TV to enjoy photos, videos and music with the easy to use onscreen content browser.
  • The next generation of our bestselling Fire TV Stick. The most powerful streaming media stick, with the fastest Wi-Fi and most accurate voice search-now including the Alexa Voice Remote.
  • Over 7,000 apps, games and Alexa skills, including Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Netflix, and more. Plus, access millions of websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit with browsers like Silk and Firefox.
  • Launch apps and control content with the included Alexa Voice Remote. Simply say “Launch Netflix” or “Skip ahead 5 minutes” and Alexa responds. Plus, play music, search for local restaurants and more. Just ask.

Just what the automobile a a new required.

Looks fantastic, you can not see any stand so it matches perfectly on an properly sized bookshelf. I have it set up with just one of the new fire tv 4k sticks (purchased for the volume and electricity remote not 4k of course). I haven’t had to use the philips remote aside from original setup you will find very little incorrect with the philips remote but the fire tv just one is fantastic. The tv will even let you transform it on and off with alexa, my wife thinks this is wonderful. Wonderful tv for kitchen area or bed room.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Much better than expected with latest software
  • Decent image, horrible audio
  • Amazing picture, lovely telly.

Well for the money you can’t beat it, fantastic picture, the sound is ok ,,i use a b&o sound bar, i would use on any tv as all modern tv’s have bad sound, buy it you can’t go wrong.

Good image and controls but the seem is really tinny.

Very good tv, i wanted a tv with confined area to suit under job monitor for for the duration of the working day with no acquiring to shift it at nighttime to enjoy projector as it does not have the added height from a usual stand it is just the job.

It has been many decades due to the fact i owned a television and i ordinarily look at tv on my laptop. Made available the chance to test out this philips tv i imagined it may possibly be a excellent notion – at minimum when visitors appear they have the alternative of observing tv on a fairly sized display screen. For the relaxation of the time it is modest sufficient not to dominate a place, or can be conveniently stored absent. I was surprised at how compact the packaging was when the tv arrived, and it is lightweight far too (2. 7kg) which means i can quickly have it close to and choose it upstairs. There is a ‘stand’ which snaps into the again of the tv (and is secured with a couple of screws) and retains the tv upright, at a slight angle, so that from the front it does not look to have a stand at all. In result it leans backwards. This seems to be clear and neat from the front though it suggests that the angle of the tv cannot be altered. Once plugged in and connected up it is truly basic, just following the on-display guidelines, to routinely load all the electronic freeview channels. I never have any much more advanced needs than that and it was straightforward to set up.

I operate a bnb and have mounted these tv’s in my rooms.

So i am hovering involving i really don’t like it and it really is alright. I’m using the tv as a check for my laptop as my old a single had found improved times. I thought, excellent, it really is likely to led with shiny colors and effortless established up plug and perform. I experienced assumed that when you plug a personal computer into it by means of the hdmi cable, the screen would alter for the finest size, wrong. I even though it would also adjust to give the very best quality and make every thing sharp, erroneous. It has taken me virtually 24 hrs to mess close to with the configurations, shifting the personal computer graphic card configurations and changing the colours. But then i observed that when i was in the settings for the tv, hidden absent there is essentially a setting for employing the tv as a keep track of for a pc. So, if you are finding it for that function, here’s what to do. Go into the set up, go to all options, decide on picture, then highly developed, then you will see pc, make guaranteed you spotlight it and click alright.

Acquired this telly for the kitchen (daytime telly etc. ) and it is best for that. Not cumbersome and good profile, seems to be great mounted on a wall if you can hide the cables. Sound is okay, not fantastic, would not trouble with songs channels although and unquestionably wouldn’t use this as a key room telly (if not the sound will annoy you). About the remote: it supports the hdmi-cec conventional (which philips call “easylink”) so you can manage some units plugged in by way of hdmi with the one remote which is handy. You should observe that while it has freeview, it is not a good tv – if you want netflix, iplayer and so on. (and you really don’t have a virgin v6 or sky q box with that in-constructed) you’ll require to get the variation that will come with the fire tv stick or get yet another gadget like a chromecast which will take up 1 of your hdmi slots. While the tv has a socket for a wired network connection this is presumably for firmware updates only.

Just got the 24 inch version today and happy so far with the tv as picture quality is good when using freeview hd plus when used with a ps4, sound is ok but don’t expect to be blown away only thing that lets it down is the stand which is a bit odd with the lean back why they just didn’t do a normal centre stand i will never know plus the remote and buttons are a little bit on the small side other than that i’m pleased with the tvps yes it will sit on top of a ps4 just.

It is wonderful but the display screen is also smaller. I also do not have bbc one and 2. The image quality is fantastic and the audio is excellent. Right after all we are conversing about philips here. However, the monitor is as well compact. It reminds me of the monitor of a laptop laptop. Nonetheless it makes no distinction to me as i rarely view tv. The tv only receives to see the mild of working day when i have company. A larger screen would have been great while. It would be exciting to know if any person else has experienced this challenge.

Great image, east to established up.

Great but not fantastic, but then all over again it was not dry high-priced both.

Image is gratifying for films and online video games up to ps3. Seems like a mobile telephone speaker. If you have it as your primary tv, you will require speakers.

I was fearful examining the other critiques but just gained this tv (28 aug 2018) and it have to have new application as it really is unplugged each day (put in in our motorhome) and does not have to have to go via any setup when driven up once more. Picture top quality is terrific – and freeview will work properly. Sound is pretty bad in comparison to a big 50′ tv but acceptable in our motorhome and a seem bar could be made use of if you desired deeper bass or increased volumes. For the rate it truly is a good offer.

Outstanding display screen, slick and appears to be excellent when hung on the wall. This was acquired for he bed room so even though the audio is a minimal weak, it’s not terrible for a compact space. Monitor is crystal apparent and was extremely easy to established up.

Acquired for my sons xbox in his bedroom. Straightforward to set up and terrific photo.

I really don’t ordinarily bother composing evaluations but am accomplishing so immediately after just about not getting this telly simply because of negative evaluations. After undertaking loads of study on 32 inch tv’s i made a decision on the phillips as it ticked all my boxes not a sensible tv, full hd, 1080 pixels and white. It arrived definitely immediately, was very straightforward to set up, appears to be fantastic and the image high quality is awesome. The remote activates my amazon fire stick so does away with a remote. Over-all we are seriously pleased with it and happy i selected it.

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MINIX NEO U9-H : Quality android box

I would recommend this product. I have previously struggled with other boxes to play all variety of file formats but i can confirm this box is adept. The 5 ghz connection to my wi-fi also allows a very fast (>400 mbps) connection to my home network router without limitations of power-line av and inherent delays in ping and drop outs. The box was easy to use from first setup.

Bought one in july for upstairs and runs brilliant so bought one for downstairs. Better than standard android box no lagging and box always updates the air mouse is a must. Great box spend that bit more you will not be disappointed.

After the problems i had with the nvidia shield turning itself off all the time, i was looking around for a new android box. Reading the reviews for this minix box and it’s capabilities, i decided on this one. I’ve had it a couple of weeks now and been very impressed. It’s just as quick as the nvidia shield and allows more customisable home screens etc. The downloading of apps couldn’t be simpler, and the most popular apps are already installed. It’s stable and gets regular firmware updates from minix. It’s well built and the keyboard on the back of the remote makes entering text so much easier.

After having to return one of the cheaper boxes i’d bought because there was a problem with the box responding to the remote i decided to try the minix neo u9 and very glad i did. The u9 is a high spec compact box which comes complete with all the cables required and all the appropriate connections. A small standard remote is included which is very easy to use but i purchased it with the a2 double sided remote which incorporates a keyboard on making it a lot easier than using the on-screen popup keyboard. There is an option of connect via wifi or ethernet and chose the cable option so i could site the box on a shelf under the tv. Once connected to my system it worked a treat, the is ui easy to use and with a very fast response time – far quicker than the previous box even when it was working okay. There are plenty of pre-installed apps and many more available via the google play store. I’m mainly using netflix, youtube and the iplayers and all so far have worked perfectly. As this is my first media box i’m looking forward to exploring all that is possible via the u9. Bottom line is it’s a great box which is well put together, easy to use and excellent value for money – i would recommend this to anybody who is planning on upgrading or like me buying their first media box.

Features of MINIX NEO U9-H + MINIX NEO A2 Lite, 64-bit Octa-Core Media Hub for Android [2GB/16GB/4K/HDR/XBMC] and Six-Axis Gyroscope Remote. Sold Directly by MINIX® Technology Limited.

The Ultimate Home Theater Experience –

Well i had the minix neo u1. It was a great box did everything i required. I bought another box for bedroom from competitor but every time i tried to put a kodi fork on it threw me out. I’d heard that minix was bringing out the new neo u9-h but no time scale. Well it’s here i bought it and i am so glad i did,it works great. I have downloaded all my favorites,no buffering, slightly quicker than the u1. It’s a great bit of kit very light but also very substantial. I would recommend it to anyone. One bit of advise get the neo a2 handset with it. It’s a must, and cheaper it you buy them together.

Minix u9-hlet me start off by saying i have never used anything like this before and since i already owed a minix product, i thought it would be good to take a look at their latest release to see if they have kept up with similar quality of some of their other boxes. It was no surprise when i saw they had bringing both value, build quality and simplicity to the table once again. The u9-h is made from a mixture of tough plastic and metal (aluminium i believe) and has a very small foot print making it great for hooking up to the home tv or even a computer monitor. It comes with a range of accessories already in the box including a little controller which although its fairly sturdy and does the job, i still recommend purchasing one of their a2 or a3 controllers which i will be talking about further on in the review. Setup is a doddle and honestly one of the easiest to read instruction booklets i’ve ever seen actually so thumbs up on that. Minix supplies it with their own sort of android shell on top of android marshmellow 6. 1 but if your want to change it back to the normal android layout, its easy to do so. There’s no real malware or bloatware readily installed on the device like some of the other similar boxes on the market, there is maybe a few fairly un-useful apps but apart from that its just the basics. Gaming is also very capable on this thanks to its separate gpu and 8 core cpu, allowing it to run android like a dream, very quick and fast, i have yet to experience any lag or freezing.

I bought this package deal as i wanted the minix tv box with theneo a2 lite remote. I read the reviews an decided to give this brand a go. This is a very powerful android tv box with a very fast 8 core cpu and the a2 remote is actually a wireless mouse and is very accurate. I enjoy watching movies, playing games. I can actually do work on this too, by installing word and excel and attaching a keyboard. This is not just a tv box, it is a powerful android pc and you can do literally everything on it. Great buy, highly recommend.

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To put it simply, you get what you pay for when buying a device of this kind and minix never fails to deliver. I wouldn’t look elsewhere, the minix boxes are absolutely flawless and the neo u9-h is no different. From the moment you open the package the quality oozes through. Simple instructions accompanied by the few parts you need to connect and away you go. You can literally have the box up and running within a matter of minutes. The u9-h is absolutely fantastic and has taken its place as my main tv box. It performs flawlessly, it is fast not only for video streaming (kodi, netflix etc. In full hd and 4k) but also for games, browsing the web and accessing the millions of apps available on the google playstore.

The minix neo u9-h is up there with the best android tv boxes available on the market. I own an amazon fire tv box and the nvidia shield tv so i know what a good android tv box should perform like. If you do not wish to read the full review, i will summarise my experiences with minix u9-h for you. The u9-h is absolutely fantastic and has taken its place as my main tv box. It performs flawlessly, it is fast not only for video streaming (kodi, netflix etc. In full hd and 4k) but also for games, browsing the web and accessing the millions of apps available on the google playstore. If you are looking for an android tv box, look no further than the minix u9-h. If you want to know a little more about the box, please read on. The minix u9-h maintains the simple but stylish black box design as with previous minix models. It looks exactly the same as my minix windows 10 platform.

Most excellent box i have used and i’ve used a few . This box runs without fault and the support is amazing. Very impressed with the updates to the os that come through and keep things running smooth. Unlike other boxes that are not supported. This fact alone makes it a must buy.

Picture Perfect –

Great box would benefit from the remote being back lit.

Speedy delivery great product.

Very reliable box, easy to use, fast, excellent support with over the air firmware updates to keep the box up to date, this is my fourth minix box, never had a problem with any of them, would definitely recommend them and the a2 controller which is a big upgrade on the stock remote.

Rich Cinematic Surround Sound –

The box is very nippy, works out of a box, is small and has all necessary sockets. Remote works brilliantly and with kodi preinstalled you can start watching things immediately. Hdmi cec support is really nice too. 16gb of storage comes handy as it’s android based so you can install quite a few apps. Haven’t tried any games though as i need to buy a suitable controller. Tried to root it but box is still quite new so no instructions are available yet (march 2017). But generally speaking good laptop / tv pc replacement.

Having purchased the previous incarnation the x8 h plus, i had been very pleased not just how it had performed but the quality of the device as well, the build quality, the technical support via o. A updates i knew what i got is what i am paying for. So when i first found out that minix was releasing a new box with a new chipset (s912) octa-core & running with android marshmallow 6. 1 operating system i knew what my next upgrade would be, don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of life left still in the x8 h plus but for the purposes of streaming i wanted something with more longetivity. When it had arrived it was as much as the same as my older box in looks but once i had powered it up, the menu was much the same, for me i’ve kept with their own minix launcher on the home screen (see pics) the only difference was that now the power button was on the main menu as to restart/shutdown or the sleep function which saved me going into the apps screen. First thing was to connect it to my wifi & set the picture quality settings to my tv, i did buy a separate, better quality hdmi 2. 0 lead just to get the most out of my box than the one that came with it.

Dual DRM Support –

Product information

  • Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 2.2 cm ; 240 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 1 Kg
  • Item model number: NEO-U9-H-A2-Lite
  • ASIN: B06X186PRW

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Toshiba 43U5766DB 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV – Highly Recommended

I hope that it last a couple of many years,l.

Unfortunatley there was 2 small blue place on the middle of monitor. When i acquired ive despatched an email to amazon support and they fix my problem pretty immediately. I did order the very same tv wich is outstanding. So is generally some difficulty with 4k films from hard travel. No not the tricky generate is the issue 1080p goes nicely. But in any case in this value this tv is fantastic.

This is correct up there as just one of my ideal purchases. So simple to set up,wonderful selling price and seems the part with chrome surround and stand, good quality picture,seem and so quick to function.Here are the specifications for the Toshiba 43U5766DB 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV:

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  • Ultra HD 4K resolution – Live and breathe the on-screen action with a Toshiba 4K UHD TV. Bringing you exhilarating life-like picture clarity, 4K UHD TVs display four times more detail than Full HD models.
  • Dolby Audio – Experience the kind of audio that you would normally expect to hear in a movie theatre. Enjoy authentic-sounding dialogue and hear more of the on-screen action thanks to Dolby Audio.
  • Toshiba Smart Portal – A whole new world of entertainment awaits you on your Toshiba big screen TV and it’s all just one click away. Choose from Toshiba’s huge range of music, video, TV and social media apps. With NetflixⓇ and YouTube, you will find plenty of 4K content.
  • Screen Share & Social TV – Share your most precious memories. Display photos from your smartphone or tablet on your big screen Toshiba TV. Get social! Check and update your social media accounts while you watch TV.
  • Eco Friendly Mode – A contribution from us to help reduce your carbon footprint. Achieve thirty per cent more energy efficiency with Eco Mode.

This was a substitution for my lounge tv which experienced created a fault. The toshiba is exceptional in all departments and enhances the practical experience.

This is a quality product or service at a extremely competitive rate-it is modern and sophisticated in physical appearance-photo high quality is great and to date i am really pleased with it-if anyone is looking for a smart ultra hd set at realistic cost -then i am self-confident this established will much more than be ideal.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Highly Recommended
  • Quality and value T.V

Seem is a great deal clearer than my old tosh, however am positive would be improved once more with a soundbar. Only have a smallish lounge however, so don’t sense i want it.

The netflix/smart features seem to be to wrestle with my world wide web at times, but under no circumstances had an problem with my amazon fire adhere when this comes about. The seems getting at the again of this tv won’t operate so nicely but i’ve solved that with an cheap audio bar.

Fantastic telly for the bed room superb seem and simple to set up.

This would be five stars if only it didn’t have the dazzling environmentally friendly electric power light on frequently. Other than that the quality is unbelievable and the audio with dynamic bass switched on in options is actually total and very good top quality.

The first tv arrived badly damaged inside the packaging. The replacement was quickly arranged and old one collected. Had a few operational issues with it. The remote seems to be in a world of it’s own and the tv turned on and off randomly when watching a movie. Some online research led me to disconnect tv from the internet router and it cured the issues. Not ideal as my smart tv is no longer smart without a net connection. Great picture and stylish tv anyway.

Good color, seems really smart, need to have to be technological minded to established up though.

Been wanting for a new telly for ages and looked at a lot of modelsthis a person is idiot proof – rely on me- i am no techygot it set up really quicklystill a couple of features i have to master but incredibly delighted with the product.

I brought this tv in the intent of making use of it for gaming, i have a short while ago introduced a ps4 pro which is capable of applying 4k graphics hense why i brought this tv due to the fact it says 4k but it would not help 4k its goes to 2. 8k but not 4k, this is wrong advertisement.

Terrific price for what you get.

Certainly great price for revenue, delivering almost everything i needed – and morethe wifi connectivity to mobile products is incredible, only requiring cell web to watch 4k movie on the internet, or specifically from the cellular, without the need of applying any knowledge or wifi internetfab image – and seems to be wonderful attached to wall using an adjustable rig.

Unquestionably spectacular and easy to set up a picture that will have to be noticed to be thought.

Cant wait to observe the earth cup on this the first one turned up destroyed but that was not down to amazon they changed the product with no fuss though the price tag of returning was nr on £40 by parcel power. Believe they want to set up a absolutely free post on large items. Properly content with the merchandise recomend to any 1.

Won’t be able to complain about anything. For this value it can be excellent.

Tons of connection points a real bonus. The seem is fine and can customise. The difficulty with this 49′ design is , the viewing angle. Viewed from the slightest angle ( other than straight on ) a misting impact occurs , this is a great disgrace simply because the picture top quality is very good. So i have moved it to the bed room and it sits specifically in front on a chest of attracts, final result is exceptional. I did buy this for the lounge , but it has to sit in the corner, no very good. Shame experienced to maintain my old 43′ lg.

We ended up kept up to date with the supply and it was delivered on time. The photo high quality is excellent, the seem could be a very little better but is all round very good. Would absolutely advise this product or service.

Image high-quality and resolution on this tv is superb for its price tag. Seem excellent is decent, would propose getting a sound bar if you are picky about audio quality. The smart os on the tv appears to be like a bit dated but is simple to use and has the essentials (youtube, netflix)tv is straightforward to established up and appears pretty good aesthetically. For it is value it is an astounding tv which you would be expecting to expense a lot more. In general i’m extremely happy with this tv.

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Damson Dolby Atmos Home Cinema System – S Series Wireless 5 : Decent value, but could be even better.

I was searching at upgrading my home cinema system from an historic jvc-thl1 as i was not in a position to lay cables for rear speakers in the dwelling i have recently moved to. I was searching for an atmos system with wireless rear speakers so to begin with purchased the sony ht-z9f with a see to introducing the rear speakers at a later on date. In spite of sony’s assert about the atmos capabilities of the ht-z9f i was underwhelmed with the atmos impact so it went again. By probability i came throughout the damson s series although seeking for atmos methods with wireless rear speakers. I was a tiny sceptical that you could get a great audio from these types of a modest system. After talking at length with mark from damson i took the plunge and purchased the system from damson direct. The parcel arrived the following working day. The packaging was fantastic and the set arrived in excellent condition. I unboxed almost everything, established it all up in less than fifty percent an hour, working with the hdmi 1 for my xbox a single s, hdmi 2 for my sony s7200 and configured arc return for all my other connected devicesi extra the atmos app to my xbox and configured it to output an atmos sign and proceeded to audition a amount of 4k titles. To start with up was spiderman: homecoming, the subwoofer device light-weight was flashing indicating an atmos supply and i was enveloped in seem, the washington monument scene just sounded amazing, from commence to end i felt like i was really there, the change among this system and the sony was like night time and working day.

The make high-quality of the damson home cinema system is incredibly fantastic. The only slight enable down is the remote command which feels really light-weight and a bit plastic. It is not low-priced (at all over £750 – £800) but is a cut price compared to lots of other devices of equivalent quality. The sound quality on sky dolby atmos 4k flicks is fantastic. Likewise, dolby atmos series from amazon primary (e. I experienced a slight set up difficulty which was before long settled by a video get in touch with with mark from the damson tech workforce, so i can not fault the purchaser service.

Dolby Atmos Home Cinema System – Damson S Series Wireless 5.1.2 4K Passthrough AV Receiver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ✅ Wireless: keep your living space clutter free. No extra audio cables required.
  • ✅ Compact: discreet stylish yet punchy system (new improved bass and volume increments from Oct 18) that won’t take over the living room. Perfect for watching all your everyday entertainment
  • ✅ The latest technology: The Damson S-Series is the World’s only truly wireless Dolby Atmos enabled Home Cinema System. Be the first. ✅ High speed HDMI cables required (not included).
  • ✅ Easy setup: Connects to your TV via HDMI. A few simple steps to get your system setup. Guided setup available from our UK based customer service team. Call; live chat, video call and email.
  • ✅ Expandable: Not just a home cinema. Connect up to 16 S-Cubes throughout your home (Cubes can be used using battery or with charging cable) ✅ Works with Sky Q, Apple TV 4k, Amazon Fire 4k.

This is an great system that definitely lives up to its description. Set up is simple and demands no assembly other than unboxing and earning positive you use the appropriate electrical power adapter with every single unit. The flexibility of the two rear wireless portable speakers is a actual usp, you can move them and use them only when necessary as properly as independently as bluetooth speakers. The sound top quality is exceptional and truly shines with atmos soundtracks, which is extremely efficient with a sky q box or ultra hd blu-ray player. Even non atmos audio looks to be upscale to the finest encompass achievable.

I have experienced this system installed in my living space for all around 6 weeks now and am very happy with it. It can be particularly quick to set up and all connections involving the models are by bluetooth. How they handle to pass high excellent audio by this codec is astounding. There are adequate connections, with 2xhdmi inputs in addition 1xhdmi arc output. 5mm analogue enter which is very useful for tunes replay. The remote handle is a very little flimsy and sometimes unresponsive except held at a individual angle to the system. In action i find the sound is compromised by the quantity settings remaining both as well loud or not loud ample. This has an impact on the encompass sound channels which are challenging to listen to until the seem is at neighbour troublesome ranges. I do not know how other people find it, but i am of the opinion that this is a style and design fault which could be resolved with an app. Also the sub foundation device is not actually excellent enough for motion films, but for it truly is size i would not anticipate any superior. I have experienced a number of circumstances of bluetooth fall out which has impacted the front & rear channels, but a swift switchoff/on resolves this. On the additionally side, for a surround audio system at this value issue the film knowledge can be excellent with really outstanding rear channel & atmos effects. I’d like to see a much larger base device launched, a facility to expand to seven. 2 and a thing completed about the quantity management.

I acquired this system collectively with a samsung blu-ray participant as an audio system – i know audiophiles will not likely be impressed with this solution, but my investigations into pre-amps, amps. Speakers on stands, flooring standing or bookcase speakers, gold-plated connectors, etc,etc was all also a lot and when i learned that no one particular actually has the excellent room for audio e. In my circumstance a significant window, improper wall-coverings, erroneous household furniture, etc, and so on i determined my time was better put in listening to my cds. This system is my answer, and an excellent respond to it is much too. I have supplied it a reasonable tests: spoken term (richard burton examining poetry), beethoven, mahler, modern-day jazz, sixties ‘music’ and so on, and in my feeling this damson system is genuinely good. Btw the blu-ray participant instead than a dvd participant was decided on because there is a (slowly) increasing amount of blu-ray audio discs. In reality, i am so amazed with this package than i am considering acquiring one more offer and connecting it up to my tv.

Dolby Atmos Home Cinema System – Damson S Series Wireless 5.1.2 4K Passthrough AV Receiver : Good sound, no wires, remote a problem sometime, but i have a bit front room.

I am extremely happy with this system. I acquired it as a audio system for my television and, as opposed to some other people, i have no intention of listening to songs by it. The seem quality is incredibly great, dolby atmos is effective nicely the two by way of sky q box and from the television set netflix application by way of arc and you truly can inform the variance among dolby atmos and dolby surround. Amos envelopes you with seem but the speech is continue to clear and other dolby modes performs great. No problems with blue tooth connectivity. It immediately connects when you switch it on and it just is effective. This was the principal charm of this system for me and it operates beautifully. To begin with, the soundbar with atmos speakers is as well superior to match below out tv set. We have an 55′ lg oled b7v mounted on its stand so we experienced to raise the stand up.

I was on the lookout for a system to enhance my new 65′ lg oled tv set, wanting to choose advantage of the dolby eyesight + dolby atmos abilities. I’m so happy i identified this damson option while researching on the net. The key attractiveness was the reality that the system is wireless and that the rear speakers have the ability to be battery operated if demanded. At first i was hesitant to pull the trigger on a system that did not have many reviews on line. Thankfully, this is only owing to the simple fact that the product is in it truly is infancy incredibly new to sector. In look for of additional info, i received in contact with damson employing their on the internet chat. I have to say, the buyer services has been wonderful. I have experienced the privilege of conversing to mark who is effective at damson. Wanting to hear a sample of the system, with no getting to vacation all the way to york, mark kindly e-mailed more than a video which briefly confirmed what the system was able of. I had some more queries which mark was satisfied to answer.

Amazing sound, remarkable looks and feels like the foreseeable future – this delivers a stunning cinema practical experience with no the cost and cables.

Proseasy to set upnot many wiresworks very properly with xbox a single xsmall systemgood encompass sound, useless room seems even far more scarygood bluetooth portable speakerconsbass is non existentoverpriced until you are paying for the technologyatmos effect isn’t what i’d assumed it would be but it’s possible i really don’t have it loud enoughclicky remote quantity buttonsvolume adjustments to substantially from also tranquil to much too loudall in just one distant doesn’t get the job done with itno way to update itrear speaker wires not prolonged adequate and have to charge them frequentlyonly two hdmi in’s.

I have been hunting for a dolby atmos system for quite a though. Obtaining moved away from a devoted onkyo wired five. one system a several a long time back to a digital encompass sound, soundbar, i did not want to go back again to getting wires and speakers every single where, aside from that the wife would never allow it all over again, obtaining now acquired the area “just right”. I appeared at a few soundbars, and the only kinds offered ended up fairly significant. I had been following the damson s series for rather a although and preferred the actuality it is british built, smaller sort variable and really significantly wireless. I last but not least took the plunge a pair of weeks in the past, i am so happy i did. Fantastic balanced seem and area filling, with out the sub overkill. My room is 12’ x 12’ and take it from me this is pretty loud, pretty great 360 audio i can not endorse this sufficient.

Owning read some of the evaluations, i was apprehensive about this system, but made the decision that for the price tag it was really worth a go and i’ve been nothing but impressed with my s-series so considerably. The system is properly-developed and appears to be and feels substantial-end. I set it up simply with my tv and later on tried out it with an xbox a person s. The recommendations were distinct and effortless to stick to – even for me.The seem is great – i pretty much can’t believe that it does not charge two times as considerably. Each guest i have experienced has commented on the audio and the influence of the dolby-atmos. Seriously pleased with mine – only draw back is that i’m now viewing way far more tv set.

I desired a home cinema that didn’t have trailing wires everywhere, and this system is excellent for that. Really, truly uncomplicated to set up, much less than ten minutes, and then fires up straight away. I never have the largest residing home, and the sound additional than fills it, it is great. Best idea for any individual shopping for it, consider out mad max fury street on it initial, actually reveals off the atmos functionality, it will knock your socks off.For the price, you genuinely simply cannot question for nearly anything more.

Owning lived with the s series for a handful of weeks now i assumed it was time to give my perspective on this merchandise. I guess the to start with two terms that arrive to mind are surprised and pleased. Surprised that these kinds of a tiny system can make these types of rich, involving audio and clearly joyful that it does. I was extremely sceptical at 1st as acquiring a comprehensive blown home cinema established-up i know how it should really sound and i didn’t assume anything so little could do justice to viewing motion pictures but i have been proved completely wrong. I was location up a tiny tv set space with games consoles (for the little ones) and needed a surround audio system to end it off. I required a little something very simple the kids could use devoid of heading by means of a lengthy teaching session of “switch that on then swap to that input etc”. I appeared at several seem bars but almost nothing definitely stood out. I then browse a tiny write-up in home cinema option about damson and what they have been striving to reach with their system. It was all extremely appealing and i held an eye on how the system was producing. Commonly i would hold out till i at least seen a evaluation in the technological innovation press before obtaining but time was marching on and no indication of claimed opinions.

It offers a cinematic expertise at realistic rate 👍.

I’d waited so long for this system and the audio is disappointing. There is pretty little bass from the sub which is a shame specified i consider the bass can seriously include to cinematic practical experience. The soundbar has a tinny seem. The notches in between quantity clicks are too considerably aside it really is either far too tranquil or way too loud. Soundbar on it truly is possess sits minimal sufficient not to block television display, increase the atmos speaker on best and you’ll be blocking the decrease section of your display screen if television is mounted on a stand. The s-cubes buzz like an previous guitar amp, no denying this from damson, in fact their response was that you won’t be able to hear the buzzing when music is taking part in. I would purchased further s-cubes and hearing a buzzing sounds among every single observe of an album is just not fantastic enough, the seem is okay but very little like a bose journey type speaker. The remote feels incredibly low-cost and flimsy. The speakers have a mix of colours from the led, no notion why they cannot exhibit the identical color when in cinema mode e. Soundbar and bass exhibit crimson, s-cubes display blue. There is certainly only two hdmi inputs so if you have say apple tv and a blu-ray, which is both of those inputs taken up so you cannot then add a game titles console. I actually desired to like this system and enjoy a whole lot of exertion might have been invested but the seem is a permit down and over-all it feels a bit cheap.

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meidong Soundbar : Exactly what it should be for the price, nice soundbar.

I have been using this sound bar for a few weeks now and can not be happier with it the sound is so much better than the tv and the bluetooth mode works great with my mp3 player would definitely recommend this soundbar.

Our toshiba 55″tv vibrated if we turned sound up and it distorted so we ordered this sound bar from amazon – parcel came very quickly – easy to connect, lovely sound and good value for money – would recommend this to anyone.

This is a high quality product that really enhances the sound of my 55 inch tv. It looks and sounds terrific at a price that is easy below the competition.

Great soundbar, up and working in minutes. No issues with remote that others mentioned, probably due to the angle of use. Stupid size box it came in, actual equipment box was fine but then it was inside a huge amazon box 4ftx3ft, i thought i must have bought a double bed by mistakeright, the sound, it’s a lot better than the lg tv speakers, obviously not in the league of a bose surround sound, but if you want better depth and a reasonable amount of base it’s great. Comes with rca leads, optical lead and remote, but no batteries. The bar itself is quite heavy. I did have the netflix issue where the sound is just loud crackles but it’s due to a setting on firetv settings/display & sounds/audio turn of dolby digital plus and it works perfect. Probably the same on other android boxes. Connects perfectly with amazon echo so alexa sounds a lot sexier and she can play streaming music via the speaker. Only bad thing so far is the name, now the kids are running round shouting “my doing.

Features of Meidong Soundbar, Sound Bars for TV, Home Cinema Bluetooth Sound Bar Hifi Surround 43 Inches Wire/Wireless Speakers for TV AUX/OPT/RCA (KY2000 2019 Model)

  • 72 Watts Sound bar KY-2000

HiFi Stereo Surround Cinematic Sound ★ 12 loudspeakers totaling 72 Watt with 8 sonic boost radiators for true-to-life cinematic atmosphere; HiFi Stereo Surround sound with vivid element; dynamic low vocals + pleasant mid frequencies + crisp highs; your best soundbar to kick the sounds of your TV up a notch

Remote control wasn’t the best. But they did kindly replace the whole item for £1.

I had to return mine, it was faulty.

On the wall, went up easy and sounds great.

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by entering your model number.

Reasonable price and very easy to set-up. Optical cable supplied very helpful. Remote simple to use, just remember that when switched on it will be in stand-by mode and you will need to press the appropriate button to access the input, still very easy though. The only problem is that my lg television will not recognise the make so you cannot use the tv remote to operate the sound bar.

Remote Control or Screen Touch ★ Quality remote control; install one AAA 1.5V battery before use; 3 modes with SAME sonic effects: Music, News and Movie; screen-touch buttons on top of soundbar

Slim Build & Easy Setup ★ Lovely slim build adds visual beauty to your TV like the icing on the cake; setup is a breeze: place the sound bar before TV on a shelf or mount it on the wall beneath your TV; NO mount brackets come with the package

Extensive Compatibility ★ Wire or wireless connection to Bluetooth 4.1, RCA, AUX or JACK, OPT or 3.5mm audio interfaces; work with PC, desktop, laptop, tablet, Smart phones, MP3/MP4, Spotify/Netflix, Samsung/LG/Sony/Philips and most flat-screen televisions

Product information

  • Product Dimensions: 110 x 11 x 5 cm ; 2.24 Kg
  • Boxed-product Weight: 5 Kg
  • Item model number: Meidong Soundbar KY2000
  • ASIN: B0784GBJY3

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Philips 32PFT5603/05 32-Inch Full HD LED TV and Fire TV Stick – Easy to set up lovely picture

Set up was ridiculously easy. I had the freeview channels all set up in minutes and the picture is sharper than my old lg set. However, the sound is reasonable, but not great. Obviously to price a tv for under £200 there are going to be cuts and that is for the speaker system. Yet, it’s fine for my requirements and already have a streaming box to watch netflix etc without requiring the smart functionality.

Great tv excellent picture highly recommend.

So i’m hovering between i don’t like it and it’s ok. I’m using the tv as a monitor for my pc as my old one had seen better days. I thought, great, it’s going to led with bright colours and easy set up plug and play. I had assumed that when you plug a pc into it via the hdmi cable, the screen would adjust for the best size, wrong. I though it would also adjust to give the best quality and make everything sharp, wrong. It has taken me nearly 24 hours to mess around with the settings, changing the pc graphic card settings and adjusting the colours. But then i noticed that when i was in the settings for the tv, hidden away there is actually a setting for using the tv as a monitor for a pc. So, if you are getting it for that purpose, here’s what to do. Go into the set up, go to all settings, select picture, then advanced, then you will see computer, make sure you highlight it and click ok.

Features of Philips 32PFT5603/05 32-Inch Full HD LED TV and Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

I run a bnb and have installed these tv’s in my rooms.

Got this telly for the kitchen (daytime telly etc. ) and it’s perfect for that. Not bulky and nice profile, looks good mounted on a wall if you can hide the cables. Sound is ok, not great, wouldn’t bother with music channels though and definitely wouldn’t use this as a main room telly (otherwise the sound will annoy you). About the remote: it supports the hdmi-cec standard (which philips call “easylink”) so you can control some devices plugged in via hdmi with the single remote which is handy. Please note that while it has freeview, it is not a smart tv – if you want netflix, iplayer etc. (and you don’t have a virgin v6 or sky q box with that in-built) you’ll need to get the version that comes with the fire tv stick or get another device like a chromecast which will take up one of your hdmi slots. While the tv has a socket for a wired network connection this is presumably for firmware upgrades only.

Bought for my sons xbox in his bedroom. Easy to set up and great picture.

Product information

  • ASIN: B07DPW91ZC

Full HD TV with Pixel Plus HD processing giving detailed and natural-looking pictures

The tv arrives double-boxed by amazon. There are step-by-step instructions in multiple languages but these are straightforward and simple to follow. The only assembly is fitting the stand-bar which requires some pressure to locate before securing the screws. There is a wide range of input and output sockets clearly labelled. After plugging in and switching on you need to make the language selection to bring up easy-to-follow instructions for tuning to your chosen tv source. Once completed the picture quality is sharp with a good colour balance even without adjustment. Turning up the volume reveals this product’s shortcoming. Sound quality is thin with no bass response. To resolve this a sound bar or alternative form of sound reproduction needs to be connected. This product should more accurately be described as a tv/monitor to give a clue as to its likely specification.

Just got the 24 inch version today and happy so far with the tv as picture quality is good when using freeview hd plus when used with a ps4, sound is ok but don’t expect to be blown away only thing that lets it down is the stand which is a bit odd with the lean back why they just didn’t do a normal centre stand i will never know plus the remote and buttons are a little bit on the small side other than that i’m pleased with the tvps yes it will sit on top of a ps4 just.

Good tv, i needed a tv with limited space to fit under project screen for during the day without having to move it at nighttime to watch projector as it doesn’t have the extra height from a usual stand it’s just the job.

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Excellent screen, slick and looks great when hung on the wall. This was bought for he bedroom so whilst the sound is a little weak, it’s not bad for a small room. Screen is crystal clear and was very easy to set up.

Just what the car a a new needed.

It has been several years since i owned a television and i usually watch tv on my laptop. Offered the chance to try out this philips tv i thought it might be a good idea – at least when visitors come they have the option of watching tv on a reasonably sized screen. For the rest of the time it is small enough not to dominate a room, or can be easily stored away. I was surprised at how compact the packaging was when the tv arrived, and it is lightweight too (2. 7kg) which means i can easily carry it around and take it upstairs. There is a ‘stand’ which snaps into the back of the tv (and is secured with a couple of screws) and holds the tv upright, at a slight angle, so that from the front it does not appear to have a stand at all. In effect it leans backwards. This looks clean and neat from the front although it means that the angle of the tv can’t be altered. Once plugged in and connected up it is really simple, just following the on-screen instructions, to automatically load all the digital freeview channels. I don’t have any more complex requirements than that and it was straightforward to set up.

Freeview HD, giving you access to a wide variety of channels without any subscription cost

Great picture, east to set up.

I’m probably a little bit ‘old fashioned’ (or do we say ‘traditional’?) in that i have one main screen / tv, and i’ve always dragged my feet over another screen in the house (okay, other than the monitor for my computer). I’m also of an age where a 22″ screen seems more than adequate, for everything other than watching a film (my first tv was a 14″ colour portable, and that was frivolous?)anyway, i’m really been pleasantly surprised and quite impressed with this ‘little’ tv setup. I’m bought quite a few philips products over the years, as i rate them right up there on ease of use and quality. My expectations are that, they might not have all the latest ‘gadgets’ and ‘gizmos’ (e. Gimmicks?) but it’ll do everything that i need, and it’ll do it well. The tv certainly has disappointed. Un-packing is straightforward (yes, the initial impression will be of a considerably smaller, and lighter box, than the one that the ‘giant’ tv comes in – obviously) with everything that i needed to get started. I was a little dubious about the ‘laid-back’, ‘stand-less’ design, but now that it’s in situ’ i really like it. It keeps the lines clean and simple. First setup was as a ‘digital tv’ with its in-build ‘dvb’ tuner. I’ve got a digital compatible aerial at home, so plugged in and away it went to search and store all the channels. Certainly no longer than i might have expected to scan through, and a fairly simple process. Initial picture quality is actually quite good. I set it up on my desk and viewed it from a good 6′- 10′ away (est.

It is nice but the screen is too small. I also do not have bbc 1 and 2. The picture quality is great and the sound is great. After all we are talking about philips here. However, the screen is too small. It reminds me of the screen of a computer pc. However it makes no difference to me as i rarely watch tv. The tv only gets to see the light of day when i have guests. A bigger screen would have been nice though. It would be interesting to know if anybody else has had this problem.

Connect your USB memory-stick or other multimedia device to the USB port on your TV to enjoy photos, videos and music with the easy to use onscreen content browser.

The next generation of our bestselling Fire TV Stick.

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TCL 55DP648 55 Inch 4K Ultra Thin UHD HDR TV – Better than expected.

Tv is fantastic value – but paperwork does not deliver any guarantee details or call information/cell phone range for warranty and so forth. Item listing suggests it has 2 years onsight guarantee but have not been supplied any data re very same.

4k 43′ with hdr 10 for only £349?- lively colors, sharp display and minimal input lag- a good wanting tv- uncomplicated to set up- freeview playcons:- interface is a little bit sluggish- huge stand- speakers are poorif you are hunting for a tv with these technical specs, you would not discover much better worth for funds anywhere and which is why i’m supplying it 5 stars.

Was wanting for a very good gaming tv without having getting to pay out £800 as well as. This is a great quality products for the price. Gaming appears to be terrific and there are plenty of settings to play all over with to modify the picture to your individual taste. To be straightforward you could invest in a tv for £800 and until you are truly ultra nit-picky you will never observe too substantially distinction in photo quality. Also applied it for viewing videos and as laptop monitor but mostly gaming with ps4 and xbox 1 and was wonderful for anything. It is a wonderful slim design and style really gentle and good to have a smooth silver colour. For this value to get area dimming, huge color gamut and hdr ten you are unable to go wrong. Some men and women will complain about the sound but for me it was great but i believe most people today will have a sound bar anyway. A single factor to take note irrespective of whether you get this tv or any other tv i individually imagine gaming appears to be better without having hdr. I have performed game titles on this and higher end tvs and have not been impressed with hdr as it will make the picture appears to be like washed out.Here are the specifications for the TCL 55DP648 55 Inch 4K Ultra Thin UHD HDR TV:

  • Make sure this fits
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  • The Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution is 4 times greater than Full HD. Never miss a single detail, be part of the action!
  • An ultra thin body (9.9 mm) and ultra-thin frame (4.8 mm), gives full space to the image and will blend perfectly into your interior.
  • HDR PRO: unrivalled blacks, higher contrast and vivid colours – including HDR10 and HLG
  • Single sound bar provides higher sound quality compared to your TV
  • Dialogue mode to make every word and detail stand out
  • Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream music from any of your devices

For the money you cannot get a better television than this. The menu system is a little clunky but i mainly have it hooked up to my pc so it doesn’t bother me.

Excellent guts, low cost on anything else. The panel is very great for the rate. I necessarily mean the key day 629£ selling price. I’ve received a 60” samsung 4k from 2016 and it seems a little bit better and strong. The metal body and plastic body feels low cost, typically chinese no brand merchandise. And the smart tv is worthless. Very same as the samsung and any other that uses its have platform.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best value for money 4K HDR TV on the market
  • Incredible Value for Money
  • 4K UHD: gorgeous picture – as good as the better known names.

Only 2 hdmi ports and app availability is lacking (i am in ireland not guaranteed if that helps make a distinction) but apart from that no complaints capabilities completely and has fantastic picture top quality and fairly great sound.

If you arrive below to purchase this tv following looking at american internet sites on the 6 collection, beware – it is entirely distinct tv. In conditions of graphic, i think about it is very similar, considering that image is really fantastic. But it has no roku, it has a tcl system which is definitely terrible, the applications it has (just ten) are really crap. The tv is genuinely slow, when i push the configurations buttons, i have to hold out 2 minutes, everything is gradual in this tv. I would endorse to acquire another tv from previous year. The casting abilities are extremely minimal.

I purchased this supplied it was a 10 bit 4k panel at less than £400. Tcl – who are they, effectively seemingly they are the 3rd most important environment huge company of tv’s, i did not know that both. I purchased this to switch a 4k 2016 samsung tv. The bezel close to the display screen is small, the 43” is sufficient for my needs. The interface is a bit clunky, and the application retail store is a little bit spartan, but the standard suspects are there – youtube, rakuten, netflix and so forth, and i’m absolutely sure in time a lot more must turn out to be accessible. Now the image, it is very superior at this price tag position. Sharp, bright and evenly lit. Input by using my computer shows a fantastic picture with some adjustment of image and input configurations and so on. All in all, a superior, low-priced, proficient tv that you won’t go completely wrong with.

Likesit’s cheappicture is wonderful once you set it up60hz and lower lag for gamingi also use it for a pc watch it functions finehdrdislikesthe display screen could be a tiny brighterthe settings could be more in depth so you have extra management on the pictureapps can be slowspeakers are peaceful i use this tv to sport on and as a pc check mostly i never use it for tv or other apps for my use this tv will work fantastic. But as for working with this tv as a primary residence i might have my negatives men and women state the apps are slow netflix etcetera (this won’t trouble me as i have an xbox connected to it but it’s value noting)placing up the tv for a fantastic 4k picture could possibly put people off even so all tvs ought to be setup effectively. When not a lousy searching tv it is cheapish on the lookout the bezel and stand never search like they are premiumfor me this is a brilliant 2nd tv and 4k gaming tvit’s not likely to blow a superior close tv away so never be expecting that at this price tag but it does an great job for such a low-cost tv. I would endorse this tv but i would suggest for any use you will need some other audio supply of a soundbar or encompass audio or some decent gaming headset.

You are unable to go completely wrong at this price tag, but in truth photograph-sensible it truly is as excellent as a 2018 panasonic/lg/sony/samsung, but at 50 percent the selling price. Photo: i shopped commonly, and i haven’t seen a greater 4k ultra superior definition picture other than on oled types that are even now triple the price tag. It’s great, mid-2018 major qualitysound: the speakers are pretty good negative for a skinny tv – far better than my 2016 sony. Even so, i run the electronic optical audio output into a stereo (make certain you swap the electronic audio choice if you do this, as i think it normally outputs dolby down s/pdif). Ports: it has 3 superior-spec hdmi ports, audio out, wireless and ethernet community, usb. Negatives: my only criticism is that the smart tv operates its very own store, which supports freeview, iplayer (which i really don’t use), and youtube but not amazon video. Not guaranteed what os they are managing inside of, but the tv is not a chromecast or airplay receiver either. These usually are not key items, but if you may want to get an apple tv, fireplace stick or roku if you will not now have 1. In some strategies it can be a additionally to have this individual. The feet install easily if you want to place in on a desk, takes advantage of the same four bundled screws as are applied for vesa if you dangle it on the wall. Hanging on the wall: i purchased the bracket beneath to dangle it on the wall: bargain all over £13.

Acquired this tv generally for gaming and a little bit of netflix. Watching blue earth ii on 4k is remarkable, but the photo top quality degrades drastically when you might be seeing a little something dark (thriller/horror film) in a dark room. There are in fact no blacks, only greys, and the contrast appears to be bad. Playback of sd or 1080 movie was normal. Nonetheless i was frustrated by the marginally uneven brightness of the panel. The base suitable corner was always somewhat a lot more vibrant. It wasn’t obvious in shiny shows as the big difference wasn’t percetible, but it was in darker videos. Owning reported that, my gf hadn’t see it right until i confirmed it to her. Had no complications with audio playbak, and the netflix app was just high-quality.

Comments following working with the tv for one working day at house:the tv is trim and looks lovely. Wonderful colors if you’re facing it directly. Photographs look pretty washed out from angles. Most disappointingimages going faster than typical gives you a headache – not guaranteed the ideal time period, blur?the tv is not incredibly responsive, two seconds delay from a click on to modify of screen (while volume is high-quality)some pieces of the tv warmth up at timesyou need to have exterior speakersi believed it would appear with roku but nope. The cellular app is terriblefamily not glad but it appears to be very good 2. 5/5–update: resolved to return. However performing on itwill go back to currys :(.

This tv is simply just a good but for the cost, for your income you’re not likely to get the equal from a ‘major’ manufacturer for any where close to the selling price. This is my 1st tv from tcl and following a 7 days with the merchandise it is not going to be my previous. I have mine wall mounted and it appears to be terrific, trim, classy and punching over its pounds in seems alone. That is to say it is not devoid of its complications, speakers usually are not and firmware could do with a handful of tweaks. Tv speakers are commonly inadequate these times so don’t feel it is reasonable to hate on this established for that and a soundbar will fix and additional than improve your viewing enjoyment in any case. For people that have remaining opinions all-around viewing angles, even though this could be improved, this is a compromise of the sort of panel utilised. This panel excels at further blacks as opposed to a ips panel which presents better viewing angles at expenditure of distinction. A tv should not just be purchased, you will need to work out which a person very best fits your natural environment and observing type.

We have not had any concerns with the tv thus far. We acquired the fifty inch and use it for gaming and flicks and the photograph high-quality is much better than anything at all ive experienced ahead of. We also loved the truth this tv was in our spending plan. We looked at a great deal of tvs in the retailers but failed to want to shell out the dollars. It was tricky building the alternative to acquire a tv on the web, but general it was price tag powerful and a excellent investment due to the fact we use it all the time.

I’ve had the tv for a number of weeks now and i’m definitely happy. I acquired it on the financial institution holiday break sale for £479 which is a bargain for a 55 inch. But if you’re obtaining for a bedroom like i did, it does the job and i imagine for this selling price, what you get is a wonderful spending budget piece of package. I imagine it appears terrific with a reasonably slender bezel of brushed metallic. Of course the legs are not to the end of samsung and lg brands but they continue to match the glance. I considerably thinner display than a whole lot of tvs above double the selling price. There is daylight glare on the screen as it could be a little brighter but i’ve viewed much even worse. Viewing angle in my feeling is great.

Okay so the bottom line is this is an remarkable 4k tv. I acquired the 55inch dp648 design and the tele is massive, i experienced under no circumstances heard about tcl so i did a bit of investigate and found that our us counterparts are obtaining a improved offer when it will come to how ‘smart’ this tv is. You will find no roku on this british isles version so you may want to hook it up to a superior 4k streaming system to get the most from it ‘smartwise’. The present-day application keep is a little bit pedestrian to say the minimum. It comes with netflix, itv player, 5od and many others however. I observed the netflix voice and lips where by out of sync occasionally but this was down to a stutter in broadband speeds. The photo top quality is really fantastic for a tv at this value issue. I’ve never viewed reds , yellows and orange so vivid in a non oled tv. Youn’t be impressed with the image settings out of the box but have faith in me, when you tweak it to your desire, you will be impressed.

This tv is applied in our game titles home for the xbox one x, youtube and movies and it dosen’t disappoint. We ended up wanting for a hdr10, very low latency, significant refresh amount and on a finances tv, a few out of 4 we can stay with, as the only factor was the refresh level getting 50hz, xbox suggests it supports 60hz and fortnite, tomb raider, forza and roblox search and experience remarkable. Our most important tv is oled and the image is not as refined but getting explained that its not considerably off and would be just as delighted if this had been our main tv, it appears like a 2018 tv must, the ui is simple/useful but that was predicted and i’m positive there will be updates. For our wants this is the ideal benefit 2018 tv on the sector now and we are pretty delighted, thank you tcl.

Terrific cost for the sizing and can get some very good colour reproduction with some tweaking. Nevertheless i have an challenge with the again-gentle when transitioning from a dim to mild scene it will take up to 5 seconds for the light-weight to get to its complete brightness, no issue how i tweaked the eco and back-gentle settings it would not improve. Audio is out of sync on built in apps but disappears when making use of a chromecast or ps4. The audio return often operates but largely not with hdmi url on.

The color high-quality on that tv is awesome, i’ve noticed oled tvs prior to and lcd ones, and i can certainly explain to the colors are superb on this a single getting an liquid crystal display panel. I bought this tv to play 4k articles on my ps4, i didn’t recognize any lag so considerably and it’s just so very good for the cash. I also check out hd motion pictures on it, and it’s truly beautiful in comparison to my preceding tv and displays.

One of the most gorgeous tv i’ve boughttcl are properly acknowledged for their tvs (they’re rated the third greatest maker) and there is a purpose. Terrific high quality at budget selling prices. I acquired this tv for ps4 professional hdr gaming and it does not disappoint. The colors are stunning and the input lag is reduced. (if you want to allow 4k change on hdcp two. in the advanced configurations) so to individuals seeking to acquire a tv for gaming on a spending budget, go ideal ahead. This is the one that you want in particular with the 10bit hdr panel (which is non existent on other styles of a identical price tag) the second use i have for this merchandise is watching tv and films and there are no faults here either. The 4k is superb and the colors are lively. I experienced some uncertainties about the order of this tv and i wasn’t sure if i wanted to take the threat (since this was tcl very first entry into the united kingdom market for their 4k tvs), i did anyhow and i’m happy, the tv is amazing for gaming and is the best out there at the momentupdate- the tv has just gotten a new update as of september seventh which enhances the image substantially as perfectly as bringing in various new options in the menu.

Sound is negative, but this is normal for these new tvs. The audio is terrible so we can shell out far more with a hahaha sound system.

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