Samsung UE40ES5500 40-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV – Very Happy With This Purchase

The biggest internet browsing experience ever. Apart from the superlatives that i can think of to describe the pure picture quality that i am getting from this 46′ led tv whether with my upscaled dvd movies via the samsung bd5300 player or via hd cable, i have discovered today that this unit actually supports plug and play with my logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo. I am using the k520 model and it is recognised by the smart tv immediately without further ado. I am now typing this using the default samsung smart app browser and my keyboard. Not only do i have the biggest led tv in my life, i am now surfing the web with the biggest display screen ever. Just want to share and make sure that all of you don’t miss out on this incredible feature of your smart tv.

I had an old panasonic that refused to die. Picture and sound were fine and i was reluctant to get rid of it, however a friend had one of these and when i saw it i could see a vast improvement on my old set. Picture is brilliant an the sound surprisingly good.

Chose this tv because it’s 32inches and full 1080 hd with built-in freeview hd. I also bought the samsung wis12aabgnx wifi dongle to save having a network cable around the room. Made all the connections (blu ray player and a sky hd box and the dongle) and then the power lead and switched on via the remote control. The set takes you easily through the sections (including choosing my wireless network) and it was up and runningnavigating the keyboard for the smart hub is a bit fiddly so i had bought a samsung vg-kbd1000 wireless keyboard, thinking it would be a lot easier. If i had read the end of the keyboard box i would have seen that it is not compatible with 5 series tvs. Fortunately i had kept the receipt. So i plan to use a wired usb keyboard and mouse instead. That may mean that i have to give up the usb dongle and use a network cable instead as there are only 2 usb ports.

  • Excellent product
  • Smart TV – smart purchase.
  • After much effort, now working fine
  • Excellent TV, just be careful with the automatic firmware update
  • Easy to set up and use
  • UE32ES5500 Review

Excellent tv the overall design is pleasing to the eye and the functionality has been excellent. I have been using this as a bedroom tv and the picture quality has been superb and the sound quality is better then previous versions. Once hooked up to the internet the smart hub comes into it’s own with iplayer, itv player, 5 on demand but not 4od at the moment. You also have access to internet radio and a host of other apps including the social favourites and on demand like you tube and netflix etc. The main feature i was after was that it was dlna compliant which meant i could stream my pictures, videos and music from my nas to it via the optional wireless dongle which works a treat even with full hd video. You can connect it by ethernet cable to the internet but the easiest way is definitely wirelessly and because it’s dual band it’s faster than my 200 av home plug network. It has 3 hdmi connections and 2 usb, one of which is high powered (1 amp rating) for powering an external hard drive. It plays most file formats whether it be music, pictures or video from a mobile phone, camcorders or your own dvd’s you have ripped. The remote is intuitive and works well at most angles but you still have a manual button on the tv itself which is like a mini ‘joystick’ which enables you to navigate the menus just in case you lose the remote.

We did quite a lot of research around tvs, including checking the which reports on best value and best performing tvs and this model came out on top. We have had the tv for about a month so far and have found it absolutely great, easy to set up. We think good picture and sound, we bought a dongle for the internet and that was very straightforward. We haven’t explored the ‘smart’ part of the tv as much, but i know we have access to iplayer and other bits and pieces.

Features of Samsung UE40ES5500 40-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview (discontinued by manufacturer)

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  • 1920 x 1080 Pixel Resolution
  • 100Hz Clear Motion Rate
  • 40″ LED SmartTV
  • Freeview HD Tuner

Very happy with this purchase. I bought this tv to serve an upstairs room which is used as an office/chill-out space. From opening the box to having the unit fully updated and online, took less than 15mins. For me it was practical and easy to run an ethernet cable into the back of the tv, and finding the updating facility was straight forward via the intuitive menu system. It is worth mentioning the unit provides you with 3 alternatives for updating it’s firmware, via direct connection to the internet (lan or usb), via pc download + usb stick, and also via a (tv) channel. If you get stuck i suggest you call samsung customer service, and ask them to talk you through the latter. At the time of setting up this tv, both iplayer and youtube worked fine. My mini keyboard and mouse also worked fine, other than where you might expect them to in some of the apps. This however is down to the apps in my experience, as for example with the youtube app. It will not allow you to put a cursor in the search box – in which case you cannot use the keyboard to type there.

Sound quality much better than expected. Bought this just before christmas 2012 and am very pleased with picture quality and sound. It must be admitted that i hardly ever use its built-in tuner because i like to pause and rewind live stuff. I already had a humax hdr-fox t2 and i use its tuner instead. I briefly looked at the ‘smart’ features of the tv – easy enough to use – but did not think they were worth bothering with – i don’t use iplayer etc for catchup ad can’t imagine watching youtube clips on tv. My existing humax and dvd connected up fine but a word of warning to the unwary: if you connect a dvd player to an hd tv there is a slight delay while the tvconverts the sd signal to hd; that means you wont want to connect your dvd direct to your hifi amp as the sound will be ahead of the picture. You need to route the dvd sound via the tv to your amp. Not so simple – the tv is designed to feed a home cinema and uses a different format for sound output. I believe it’s possible to get a converter but i’ve not researched it properly. So i can’t use my hifi to play dvd sound with this new tv – much less of a problem than i expected because the tv’s own sound is really quite ok.

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Toshiba Regza 37RV635D 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV,

My wife and i are oap’s and getting a digital television was a bit of a challenge with todays ever advancing technology, do we need this or do we need that. Well we took the plunge and hey presto we came up with a winner with this telly, fast delivery from amazon. We opened the box and there it was a large black sqare thing with sockets for this and that, we assembled the stand onto the base of this black box carefully followed the instructions and wow what a picture quality and the sound was as good as it gets,i told my wife ‘look’ dear were in the 21st centry and well worth every penny, buy cheap you get cheap, the price was very realistic and the ease of use is very good, we are amazed at the picture quality when you play a dvd i think you call it near hd (so iv’e read), if you are getting on a bit and get a bit confused with tech stuff but one of these telly’s and you won’t go far wrong.

This is an excellent tv and the price is fantastici had shopped around and amazon was the cheapest by some way. The picture and clarity is excellent and the features and sockets on the tv are very generous. The menus are all easy to use and the remote is very smart (in black) with large numbered buttons. The tv has a lovely swivel stand and the toshiba badge can be set to glow or be turned off. The negative points for me (nit picking really) is you do not get a full instruction book, you have to download one online – they say its to save the rainforest, but i printed mine out and used a small tree for that. And the picture can be very dark (auto setting), so i have to have mine on the dynamic setting all the time. The resolution + feature makes the (already good) picture much sharper and super clear and is on a setting of 1 to 5, 3 is good but 5 is wow. But 5 can be too sharp in some cases. The first class delivery time was very quick, the expected delivery date said 22nd but was actually 20ththis tv runs at 1080p and watching hd programs is amazing – just make sure you invest in a hd signal (freesat or sky) and use a really good hdmi cable to really get the best out of this tv.

Great brand great tv but no more. Great great great tv excellent picture , i still use it even after 5 years and 9 monthsthough it has no new features as latest models- no other brand has natural colours like this toshibas have. But now you dont get toshibas equal to this. [posted on 13 october 2015 [purchased in dec 2009]. ]

Great tv, very good picture quality, this was a replacement for my previous toshiba that packed up after 3 months. Couple of points to note:* sound quality isn’t great, it’s adequate but seems a bit ‘tinny’ compared to the model it replaced* if you use the vga port, the maximum res you can get is 1360*768, some models will go higher. If you need it any higher you will have to use the hdmi port* picture quality in freeview is much better than my old model with the same media centre source. * hd looks fantastic, i use a freesat hd box and the footy looks great. Also i would like to mention amazon’s returns procedure, it is nothing short of superb, they collected the faulty one, and when the same model wasn’t available refunded me (inc postage and packing) and i ordered another and got it next day. If you have not used amazon before and are worried about buying a bulk item like this, fear not, the customer experience was superb (unlike dabs who are awful and should take a leaf out of amazon’s book)hope this helps.

An excellent buy for the money. Physical set up was easy – done on my own as my dad is disabled and had no problems even though instructions say it’s a two person job. Setup for viewing was even easier – self scan of both digital and analogue signals worked no problem and relatively quickly compared to other tv’s i’ve had. The recent digital re-tune was no problem either. Took just a few seconds to locate the option to re-tune the digital signal only and it worked just as well as the original set up. The main buttons on the remote control are of a good size so easier for my dad to operate even though his dexterity isn’t great due to his disability although a couple of buttons like the tv guide and info buttons are a little small. It must be noted that no hd signal is currently being used in this setup but the picture quality is excellent in standard def. With non of the colour blocking in the picture i’ve seen on similar priced tv’s. I think my dad’s hearing is going as he always has the sound rather high but this just shows the quality of the sound with no distortion at high volume even during high bass music.

Toshiba Regza 37RV635D 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV with Freeview : I bought my toshiba rezga 1080p 37rv635db to replace my 24 inch sony crt-plus-digibox tv. Firstly, the toshiba weighs half as much as the crt tv. Secondly, what a tremendous improvement in the quality and resolution in the lcd picture, more than the difference between normal and hd tv i fancy. Secondly, almost every aspect of the toshiba i found excellent or helpful, such as the on- screen programme guide. Thirdly, i live in a fairly low-signal area: the toshiba digital channels receiver is substantially more sensitive than my two digiboxes. There are three normal main input facilities, plus four hdmi inputs, plus usb j-peg viewer, plus d-type three row 15 pin pc input socket. Normal inputs 1 & 2 are scart, where input 2 can be switched to an `s’ video 4 pin input plus 2 phono stereo sound sockets. Input 3 consists of 5 phono sockets, 3 for component video plus 2 for sound input. A cam module slot, an optical digital audio output socket, 3.

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Sony KDL40W5500U Review : Best Picture ever

Ideal for watching the 2010 world cup in hd. I bought this tv specifically for watching this summers football world cup final’s and i can’t wait. The picture quality is spot on, i’ve certainly not seen any better whilst searching the sheds and high street stores. The colours are very life like thanks to the bravia engine. The picture moves very, very smoothly and whilst watching the premier league i’ve seen no picture lag, infact i have never detected any picture lag at anytime. The 100hz motion flow is first class. The sound from the onboard speakers is ok (infact i would go further and say very good if it wasn’t for the online reviewer detractors who are making me question my own judgement), i’m not sure just what people expect, its a tv the sound will never ‘compare’ to a high end hifi system, however again its as good as you will probably find on any tv of a similar design. The built in freeview is nice, again picture and sound excellent and the presentation of the electronic program guide is very cool, it certainly looks the part. The remote is excellent, its easy to navigate, and sits comfortably in your hand. Their seems to be plenty of sockets including 3 hdmi sockets.

Thought i would leave this review a few weeks before passing comment to give this tv time to settle in. On recieving it noticed the backlight in the top corners like two searchlights and was concerned to say the least but after going onto forums it advised to let it settle in, glad i didnt jump the gunthe backlight is no longer an issue and the picture on blu ray is fantastic, a real depth of field and clarity. Standard tv is not world beating and if its a bad picture this tv will enhance the problem. Picture modes take a bit of fiddling with but you get used to them eventually. So to sum up with good inputs this tv is amazing, but dont be expecting the same quality on standard def. Give it a few weeks to settle in and you will see the difference. Is it better than the outgoing 4500 or the samsungs?. Use your own eyes not some bod using high end kit that youll never own.

Best t/v we have ever had. . We bought this t/v just before christmas and it is a peach of a tele. We have had a number of teles over the past 25 years and this is by far the best picture. We thought the size would be too big after previous 22′ and 28′ but it isn’t. The only drawback is the sound it is average and no better or worse than any standard set for a £1,000 the sound quality should be much better. So why have i still given it 5 stars, well the picture is superb and in hd or blu ray you will love it. In ordinary broadcasts the set is still 5 stars. We will keep this set for many years to come.

Key specs for Sony Bravia KDL40W5500U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV with Freeview and 100Hz Motionflow:

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  • Freeview

Comments from buyers

“The Best Sony TV yet! Simply Stunning!, Masterpiece by Sony once again, they are setting new standards once again for LCD TVs, 40W5500 – Brilliant, if u can put up with the backlight problems!, Very good but loses half-a-star for GuidePlus EPG, An almost perfect product except for the backlight., Very happy customer”

After so much time wasting reviewing other products and actually going seeing them in stores i decided to go with what i always wanted and it was this w 40′ sony bravia. K there are cheaper ones on the market but none of them got my eye. V was £1279 in a high street leading store so look at the saving you are getting on amazon. Don’t think about how much you could save with another brand, think about how much your loosing with another brand as like me, you probably wont be satisfied until you get a w bravia.

I chose this tv after a combination of on-line investigations and a visit to tottenham court road to see the contenders in the flesh & do a little price-haggling. I was mainly considering this sony bravia vs. A similar samsung, but also looked at a sharp led tv. Eventual choice was based on my perception of value for money – given criteria of size, refresh rate and brand name / perceived reliability. On price, amazon really can’t be faulted – the best i could do in a shop was £100 more expensive, even before comparing delivery charges. The delivery was a day early vs. The date promised in the confirmation email, but that’s most likely because i ordered on christmas eve, and i think the suppliers may have worked one of the bank holiday days. I’m sure this isn’t normally an issue, but it could be inconvenient for people if published delivery dates are not reliable. As for the tv itself, i have now had it for 4 weeks and the headline is that i love it.

I have always been a fan of sony products so when the time came to move upto hd tv this was always going to be considered. Having also looked at samsung and panasonic tv’s i am more than delighted with my choice. The picture quality is amazing in hd and also much better than i expected on sd images (normally a problem on lcd tv’s if signal quality is poor). The tv does need to be setup properly as out of the box it comes with the picture settings set to vivid and all brghtness,contrast levels set high. I used a hd setup dvd to set tv and there were no backlight isasues once this was done. Sound is very good and it has more connectivity sockets than i need. The tv is also networked to my pc and i can display pictures and music staright from the pc to the tv which is great. All in all a great tv, and as my last sony tv was 7 years old with out a sign of failure i kind of expect the same longevity out of this one.

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LG Electronics 32LK450U Deals : More than just a TV

I have been in the tv repair trade since 1953 and seen some tv pictures good and bad. This tv is one of the best i have seen using a hd box and for the price, can’t beat it. Also i was recommended from two people in the family.

Lg 42lk450u 42-inch widescreen full hd 1080p lcd tv with freeviewthis is a brilliant product. It arrived on the saturday morning when we had only placed the order on the thursday morning. The television is everything you could expect from a television, but the controls are so easy to understand and cover everything from selecting the brightness,to size,to picture quality and to select the source of tv signal which in ouir case is sky. We have been with sky for years but never actually appreciated the quality of their transmissions until we say the films on out new tv. Their trouble-shooting covered everything but so far we have not tried that out as we have not had any problems. Also everything in clear english so technophobes like me had no problems connecting it up to the sky, dvd player, computer etc. Brilliant and to complete the review it was over £ 250. 00 cheaper than the same model on special offer in pc world/currys.

Good value tv with pleasing overall performance. I got this tv for my 84 year old mother, having recently bourght myself a higher spec flat screen led lg tv which is excellent, but cost £200 more. For the money this tv is an great buy, and an easy to use tv. The pictures are clear and bright and almost as good as those on my led tv. The sound is very good, in fact better than on my led tv. Given my mother failing hearing this a major positive. One important point which i mis understood is that this is an hd ready tv not a tv with hd built in. You can plug a freeview or sky hd box into it to experience hd in all its glory, but the inbuilt freeview turner is standard definition only. That said theres nothing wrong with the standard definition images and the absence of hd makes the tv easier to operate. The remote is nicely laid out with largish numbers and scroll keys.

Many friends had recommend an lg tv before, so when my samsung packed up, the opportunity was there. Looked around and found that here was the cheapest price.Picture quality, sound, easy to set up and the self adjusting to light conditions. Won’t go back to anything else.

Amazing tv that can contend with 400-500 pound tv’s. Can’t emphasize how awesome this television is. Was my mum’s first hd tv and i can safely say she was very impressed, and i will be buying the same tv to replace my old hd lg tv from 2009. Picture quality is outstanding, audio is very good for a lcd television, aesthetically the tv looks good, and for 249. 99(at tesco) full hd for that price is crazy. Bought this tv with star wars on blu-ray and the quality was so good you could see every little detail on r2d2 and c3po, very nice touch. I was also blown away by the quality of videogames on xbox 360 and ps3 through hdmi. It has an abundance of picture and audio settings you could spend hours fiddling with, but it has very nice presets for you to use also. The only downside is the intelligent sensor picture setting is very good in a bright room, but if its dark it makes the picture very dark. You can turn that off though so no big deal.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very nice TV for the price
  • Excellent purchase
  • Best TV in this price bracket
  • Top Notch @ Good price. (may contain spoilers)
  • very happy with this purchase
  • Great TV. Really Chuffed!

I bought this tv a week ago, for a start the delivery was fantastic – next day bang on time. Nicely packaged, not too much rubbish. We let it sit for an hour or so then set it up which took no more than 10mins from ripping the box open to everything being plugged in, freeview channels scanned as well as ps3, xbox, wii, surround sound and sky box all set up and ready to go. Picture quality is fantastic and the sound is perfectly fine (especially considering the tiny speakers). Loving this tv so far, it looks the part and i still can’t believe how cheap amazon are selling it for. I recommend snapping this tv up before it goes up in price.

Probably too late to review, but it’s been years and still going strong. I’ve had this tv for a few years now. Although these days you can get one double the size for half the price, it was a good deal at the time, and it’s been good so far. There are times when it’ll take a few seconds to start up, and the auto-tuning function seems to take ages, but you don’t need to do that very often so it’s no big deal. It’s got a usb port which, again, although standard today, it wasn’t taken for granted in all tellies 4 years ago. I’ve found that it sometimes struggles with an external hard drive bigger than 1tb, i wonder if it’s because the power it needs to run. However, on both my 500gb and 1tb hard drives, it runs ok and usually reads it fine. The picture is clear for the size of resolution and it’s got all the basic features you may want.

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Samsung LE40C580 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Allshare LCD Television, Perfect for someone searching for a large, budget screen

This tv is amazing the quality of hd is amazing and sd is great too as long as your not too close to it. The sound is also really good for tv speakers. The best thing is that it looks and feels like a £1000 tv with a glass stand and surround, its beautiful. Dont waste money buying a more expensive tv which could literally only be slightly better quality, spend the extra money on surround sound or something.

I bought this tv after many hours looking at sonys. Lg’s and toshiba’sfirstly it was delivered within a day from amazon and despite the adverse weather conditions the box was in perfect condition. The tv itself is childs play to set up and is one of the best looking tv’s for the price tag. The quality of the finish and the sturdyness of the glass stand is to be commended – i have a few family members who have lg tv’s with plastic stands which looks lopsided. I am no technical expert in terms of picture quality but for me as a lay user the picture and sound is perfect – using it with an lg blu ray.

Bought this tv after reading many reviews and decided to go for this model because of the inbuilt hd freeview. It is a very attractive design and the picture quality is excellent as i come to expect from samsung. Decent sound and very easy to set up on installation menus. Delivery was puctual and the price (£476)for what you get is the icing on the cake. A small quibble that stopped me giving 5 stars, was that the stand was not attached and was not the easiest thing to attach. I have another 40in samsung and this was delivered with stand assembled and was up and running in minutes. You definately need 2 people to put this set together if like me you are going to be using the stand provided. This apart, definately a tv i would recommend.

I hate it when the review score is about the seller and not the product so i’ll just quickly say that amazon warehouse delivered a cracking deal – happy with the price and the condition, although the packaging was a little loose – obviously intended for a 42′ tv – perhaps why so many of these are broken?anyway, on to the tv. I did a lot of research, visited a lot of shops, and drove my other half mad with pros & cons. In the end i decided there is almost no relationship between price and quality.I plumped for a very affordable price from a good solid brand. This tv is a proper bargain. 3d is a gimmick, 50hz refresh rate is fine (and if you actually read the reviews for most 100hz+ ‘montionflow’ tvs the reviewer usually tells you to turn it off). With this tv you’ve found freeview hd, usb connectivity and 4 hdmi ports and those are far more important. 40′ is a good size for most rooms without being silly.

Bought this tv last week and im pleased to say that im over the moon with it. This is my 2nd lcd tv and is loads better than my 1st one. Xbox 360 hooked up to it and is just brilliant. I do have 1 problem with it at the minute though, and here it is -when i have my ` common interface card ` inserted for espn and turn the tv on the freeview hd channels doesnt display but the ci channel(espn) does. I get an message on the freeview hd channels screen saying ` unable to display common interface services. Check module is working properly. ` but i know its working fine. When i unplug the ci card the hd channels appear on screen, so i then have to re-insert card and freeview hd channels still displays its programes.

Samsung LE40C580 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Allshare LCD Television with Freeview HD : I am surprised i was asked to review this item, as i cancelled my order. Due to it not turning up and no estimated delivery day provided by the courier firm (fyi i paid for express/next day delivery). To be honest amazon were very good and they had the same frustrations with the courier firm. I eventually purchased a samgsung 1030 from sainsbury’s. It is a great telly, though i’m disappointed i ended up with the non hd freeview, as least i got a telly in the endso here’s my markings:telly gets 5 starscity link courier firm get minus pointsamazon gets 3 points for speedy refund, but loses them for using a ridiculous courier firm.

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PanasonicTX-40C300B40inchWidescreenFullHD1080pLEDTV Deals : Great value TV but the sound is a bit tinny

Great picture, poor sound which is to be expected. Great picture, poor sound which is to be expected considering the size and thinness of the tv. When i tried to register the product on the panasonic website (my panasonic) it would not recognise the model no: tx-24c300b at all. This confirms that the tv is made under licence and i doubt if panasonic would provide much support. It was a lightening deal and i am delighted with it for the money.

This is a great tv for the money. This is a great tv for the money. No good if you are looking for a smart tv to work with the internet as it does not have that functionality, but if you are looking for a basic tv with excellent picture quality which is user friendly, then this panasonic is first class. Very easy set-up as you just plug it in and follow the very easy on screen guide and it does the rest. Slight time delay when using the prog guide as it takes a few seconds to bring-up the information, but that isn’t a big deal. For the price (£269 paid) i cannot fault it and would certainly recommend this tv.

I decided it was way past time to upgrade to a flat screen tv and as the price was right on this model chose to ignore a lot of the reviews posted, which i’m usually a stickler for. Never having had a flat screen anyway i had nothing to compare it to and am consequently delighted with the purchase. I certainly can’t hear any tinniness to the sound which seems to be a major criticism among the reviews. If like me you’re new to the flat screen market, if the price is right i don’t think you’ll regret this ‘entry level’ model. Here are the specifications for the Panasonic TX-40C300B 40 inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LED TV:

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    above to make sure this fits.
  • High contrast for deep blacks, bright whites and vivid colours
  • Media player – plug a USB memory stick and enjoy content on the vivid Viera screen
  • Low power consumption using LED power saving
  • 2.1 channel system (200 W) speaker for dynamic and deep bass sound for an immersive viewing experience
  • Pair up with Bluetooth or use the NFC touch point

Good picture quality and a good set of inputs. Used with an xbox and is flawless. Nice thin bezel but unfortunately the base and bezel are ‘piano black’ which mean it is really glossy which always looks dirty/dusty. Apart from this the remote is simple and not overly large with a ridiculous amount of buttons that you would never use like some sony tv’s. What can i say simple and excellent quality and cheap.

Very easy to set up and the stand was easy to put on. Excellent picture, sound ok for a bedroom for which it was purchased. Good price, same tv is £149 at tesco. Overall i am very pleased with my purchase.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good TV at a good price
  • looks great but the sound is week week week
  • easy enough to set up
  • Great value TV but the sound is a bit tinny
  • You get what you pay for.
  • An average TV, OK for this price point but nothing special

It’s a great tv for the price but misleading as others have. It’s a great tv for the price but misleading as others have said it’s a vestel tv with a pansonic badge on the front. I wouldn’t recommend this tv as the sound is utterly terrible. But the quality of the screen is quite good. -pros -picture quality is okay for the price-cons-sound quality is absolutely rubbish. For people having trouble linking their sky remote to the tvsearchpanasonic tx-40c300b vestel and the first or and second result. The code for volume is 1117.

Very good picture – sound not so good. The picture is up to the usual high standard for panasonic. The screen is thin, so do not expect wow sound from the integrated speakers. This set needs external speakers if you wish to fully enjoy hd transmissions and dvds. It could me but the user interface on the remote control is long winded, especially if you are trying to adjust picture and sound settings. My other panasonics are easier. In all not 5 stars, so only 4.

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Samsung UE40ES6300 3D Full HD 1080p Smart 3D LED TV, UE40ES6300 3D Full HD 1080p Smart 3D LED TV with Wi-Fi built-in

No regrets over buying this tv. My only slight regret is that i should have maybe bought the 37 inch model instead of the 32 inch model. The set looks great in the room. Ultra slim and modern with a nice stand. Internet works fine and connected to my wireless router without any problems. Watched a few youtube videos on the tv which worked fine. Not got around to checking out the 3d yet. Still need to buy some glasses. The epg is easy to navigate and quite nifty to use. Very satisfied with this purchase and very quick delivery from amazon.

Samsung ue40es6300 3d full hd 1080p smart 3d led tv with wi-fi built-in. The picture settings for this tv are awkward to set up and it was hard to find out a way to reset the tv fully, in order to get rid of network settings. For those of you still unable to find out how to do this, all you need do is put the tv on standby and then push these buttons in order on the remote: ‘info, menu, mute, power’ the tv will then turn itself on and display a menu. The 3d is decent enough, and unlike passive 3d seen in the lg 2012 tv’s the active 3d that this samsung tv has, outputs a full 3d hd image. However, the supplied active glasses flicker on and off on each eye to create the 3d effect. This can be fatiguing for ones eyes, whereas with the passive 3d technology eye fatigue is significantly less. Only 3 x hdmi ports on the tv, i think if you use your tv a lot you may want one with at least 4 hdmi ports fitted. There as a scart socket in the back of this tv, so if you have any machines that still use this connection, (such as a vcr) you won’t need to purchase any additional accessories. The smart tv feature is a little sluggish. The similar 2012 lg 3d smart tv’s features were more responsive.

Samsung UE40ES6300 3D Full HD 1080p Smart 3D LED TV with Wi-Fi built-in and Freeview HD (New for 2012)

  • Enter your model number
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  • 3D^internet

I bought this tv after doing a lot of research. I even got a subscription to which?. So that i could have a look at their consumer reviews. At the time of this being written (sept 2012) there seems to be a consensus among technology reviewers that samsung are making the best tvs at the moment. The es6300 seems to back up this viewpoint. Firstly, the screen quality is outstanding. To be honest, at this price bracket there is probably little difference between the top makers (sony, panasonic etc). I have spent a long time walking through john lewis, currys and comet looking at the different tvs and there has never been any that i’ve thought ‘thats awful’.(and really tvs in demo mode, under shop lights in a row with 20 other tvs are never going to replicate what its like in your home).

Excellent amazon service – one problem with tv. . This is my second samsung led flatscreen and i have been very impressed with both. This one in particular has a great picture, decent sound (although i mostly listen via an av-receiver), good 3d and internet access. The built in hd freesat and hd freeview are a bonus too. After writing the above 5* review some small parallel vertical lines appeared on the screen, over the following days they multiplied and grew from a couple of centimetres long to almost the length of the screen. You can even see them when the tv is switched off. Amazon are sending another one.

Great tv, but a few kinks samsung need to work out. Tv is absolutely superb, 3d features a perfect, watched 1080p + 3d avatar and transformers: dark of the moon and loved it, just don’t get your hopes up about the ‘2d to 3d’ feature as the 3d effect is barely noticeable and takes forever for the tv to adjust the effect to what’s on the screen, but as soon as the scene on the tv changes, it resets and has to ‘adjust’ again so you spend more time with the screen ‘adjusting’ the 3d while content is playing in 2d then it actually being in 3d. Freeview on the tv is great, the superb tv guide app is never lagging behind and the ability to connect a portable hard drive and turn it into a dvr is great, not sure if the tv has dual tuners to record and watch thoughunfortunately i have had many problems with the ‘allshare’ app on the tv which controls the tv’s access to dlna servers. Working with tversity is very unreliable, can be watching a video clip, and it just randomly disconnects from the server. Also it only lets you ‘play’ content you do not seem to be able to fast-forward or rewind. It seems that the ‘allshare’ tv app is only good while working with samsung’s ‘allshare’ server software even then, you are only allowed to skip forward or backward 10 seconds or a minute at a time, no smooth scanning. Although if you connect a hard drive or usb memory stick you do get to scan through videos (very strange. )also selecting through the menus is kind of slow, if you hold down the down button to go through a list of videos, it takes about a second for the selector to work its way through, bit annoying after a while. I still use my xbox 360 as the media player.

Samsung UE40ES6300 3D Full HD 1080p Smart 3D LED TV with Wi-Fi built-in and Freeview HD (New for 2012) : This model is the smallest in the samsung 3d smart tv range but is still a perfect size for the average lounge. We have all been around friends and family where the tv overpowers the room. Because of its size it is , obviously , cheaper. You will need to purchase samsung 3d glasses seperately (they come with the bigger screen options}. They are a worthwhile purchase if you intend to use the 3d effects even on this relatively small screen. My wife and i are still (2 months on) discovering new programmes built into this tv. Would have been quicker if i had left my wife to it lol. This is not a simple tv but can do all of the basics easily while learning the other features.

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(Discontinued by Manufacturer) – No reminder capability on this model’s EPG system

Sony kdl32r423 32′ freeview hd ready ledtv. Bought this tv at christmas,very pleased with picture and sound although, i did add a sounbar which is reccomended for watching dvd films.

We bought this set before christmas 2013 after comparison with quite a number of tvs of similar specs on the market. It was delivered promptly and safely by amazon, and was quite easy to set up. The image quality is excellent and so is the sound. So far we have had the set for a month and we have encountered no problem. I would recommend it strongly.

Fantastic tv and crystal clear quality. This tv is excellent quality. The slimness of the tv is great, and it comes with its own stand. The best feature though is the sharpness of the picture. Would definitely recommend this tv to anyone.

  • Great TV for HD Channels
  • Excellent Value 46 Inch TV
  • Great TV but with reservations
  • Great for the money
  • What’s not to like?
  • Hard to fault something that is so brilliant

Great tv but with reservations. I was fortunate to receive this item (gratis) from the amazon vine scheme. My tv before this was the very good lcd sony bravia w5500ufirst impression and set-up==================wow – its light. Taking it out of its box and placing on its pretty minimal stand were extremely easy. No need for help with that and its weight would make it a good option for wall mounting. My old tv is a bit of a beast in comparison. Once on my stand, it became clear how much smaller the footprint was with the much slimmer body and bezel. I felt like i had reclaimed part of my lounge with but no concession to screen size. Looks-wise it is modern and attractive (better than the photos) and definitely an improvement on its predecessor although i slightly miss the swivel stand.

I’m not an expert by any means but i’m incredibly impressed with the picture quality. This applies to both standard and high def material. Sound quality is ok; haven’t noticed it either way but my least favourite bit is the cheap looking remote. Still, highly recommended for the price. I should note i bought this as a gift for a family member.

Features of (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Full HD (1080p) LED TV with Clear Resolution Enhancer, smoother movement from Motionflow XR 100Hz and Direct LED backlighting
  • 40″ and 46″ sizes available
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Motionflow XR 100Hz

Brought for a bedroom and its amazing, unlike others i cannot fault the audio. Picture quality is clear and crisp. I use this with an apple tv and the quality from netflix is amazing. I would recommend this tv to anyoneto clarify, the ports are as follows: 1x lan 1x scart 1x usb 1x antenna 1x component/composite multi 1x optical out 1x headphones 2x hdmi. Power cable is hard wired, and a little short but that wasn’t an issue for me.

Tv great, needs work on the freeview. My previous tv was a flickering crt, prior to that i had the humongous weighty electricity-sucking plasma with my partner – so an led tv is a huge improvement and i’m pleased as punch with this one. Set-up was an absolute breeze with nothing more complicated then popping in a couple of screws for the stand, and despite being a thin wisp of a thing it stood up to a fair bit hauling around while i was messing about getting it in the right place and set-up with the dvd player. The weight really was surprising, i was expecting to have two delivery men straining to carry it up to my apartment and for me to be stuck unable to set it up myself, but this tv is as light as a feather – as a note, the stand is a single bar (see image) but the tv is still well balanced so there’s no worry about it falling. Although i’m not blown away by picture quality it is still good, although a little grainy the colours and contrast are very good. I especially like the thin frame around the screen – it makes the screen look bigger, and it’s less distracting from the picture – i actually think i prefer the viewing experience of this 40′ with the narrow frame to the 50′ plasma monster with the thicker frame around the screen that i had before; size isn’t everything it seems. I also like that there is a return button that actually allows you to go back to the previous screen, rather than kicks you out of the menu all together or has a delay that has you pressing and pressing only to end-up further back then you’d intended – in short the remote and tv are responsive, when you click a button it actually does what it’s supposed to – hoorahto get down to it, the two failing points in my opinion;1. The sound quality is really poor, it is possible that someone with more knowledge could play around with sound settings or set-up a nice around-sound speaker system with this tv to make it sound better, but straight-out-the-box i was expecting something much better. To my ears the sound is rather tinny, also the speakers are fairly small and hidden towards the bottom of the screen, not pointing outwards; i’m no expert but i’m guessing this isn’t the best place for speakers.So far i’ve just been watching tv, i’ve yet to test out music via usb to see how good/bad the sound quality is, but i don’t suppose it really matters too much as at least it gets to a reasonable volume.

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PanasonicTX-40C300B40inchFullHD1080pLEDTV Review : Needed help to get started.

Not bad enough to warrant the faff of returning the whole. Perfectly acceptable performance for the price, but on unpacking the set i found a scratch on the ‘piano-gloss’ base which had clearly been there before the protective film was applied. Not bad enough to warrant the faff of returning the whole set but it demonstrates poor quality control.

Good quality, not like some cheap use once broken. Spot on, good quality, not like some cheap use once broken after one use products, easy to use/setup, great picture as well as this we purchased for our caravan, will buy another very soon as upgraded new caravan and will need another for the bedroom, very compact pice of kit, light and as before great pic,.

An excellent tv with a high quality picture. But the sound quality was very poor. I have bt vision with mine, and with both volume controls on maximum, i still had trouble hearing it. I purchased a soundbar, which has made all the difference.

Comments from buyers

“Great for the price., Great picture, poor sound which is to be expected , Not bad enough to warrant the faff of returning the whole , Good value for money., Amazing! I love it., first class throughout”

Needed help to get started. . My complaint is that i had a hard time figuring out what cable goes where. I wish instructions were aimed at dummies. After reading the reviews for this i thought it would be a doddle to get it working. I had to call my son to help me. Otherwise i am pleased with it.

The first one arrived and made a high pitched whine which i beleive was from a fan. That cured itself over time. A replacement has numrous verticle lines on the picture and is being returned. The first one will be retained and seems to work fine.

Good picture quality and a good set of inputs. Used with an xbox and is flawless. Nice thin bezel but unfortunately the base and bezel are ‘piano black’ which mean it is really glossy which always looks dirty/dusty. Apart from this the remote is simple and not overly large with a ridiculous amount of buttons that you would never use like some sony tv’s. What can i say simple and excellent quality and cheap.

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Panasonic TX-40CS520B 40 inch Full HD Smart 1080p LED TV – Great start to ‘s 2015 TV line up

Does the job the picture quality is not very good when viewed at the slightest angle. Bought this tv after reading positive reviews but although it does the job the picture quality is not very good when viewed at the slightest angle. Also, it takes an age to do simple things like switch channels.

Superb tv, easy to use and fabulous picture quality. . Wow i wasn’t sure what to expect with this tv but it has really impressed both my husband and i with its functionality, design and picture quality. This tv was on trial to replace a samsung of the same size (40′) that my husband purchased during his bachelor days. We had always been happy with that tv, worked perfectly, looked good and did the job. I unpacked, assembled and connected this tv myself. So the fact that *i* did this by myself without a hitch means this is super easy to set up. If you are like me, and nervous around new technology don’t hold back with this one, it works like a dream. The tv itself is a lot thinner/slimmer and nicer looking than our current one even though they share the same screen size. I think this is due to the relatively slim/narrow bezel around the screen which to me, makes it seem like the screen itself is bigger than the 40′ it is. It also fits really neatly and unobtrusively into a small living room and doesn’t contribute to making the room look smaller or overcrowded. The picture quality on this tv is superb – watching things like the island with all the colours, the greens etc really makes for a wonderful viewing experience. We have also watched a number of blue ray dvds and things like avatar etc really come into their own on this screen. Another thing i have noticed is that 4od looks much much crisper on this tv than our previous one which was always murky and slightly blurry. We mostly watch netflix and 4od and found these easy to set up and use.

Lovely profile, great picture and comes with lots of smart features. We’re an amazon prime customer so loads of free movies and kids programs to download. Plus this is 1080p as opposed to the 32′ which we were considering which is only 720p. Not sure how noticeable this would be given the screen size difference but the 40′ has a really crisp and clear picture. Also as the bezel is so think the 40′ wasn’t as big as we thought it might be so if your not sure go big.

  • A superb LED HD TV packed with functions and digital options
  • Almost 5 star. Almost.
  • Great start to Panasonic’s 2015 TV line up
  • Superb TV, easy to use and fabulous picture quality.
  • Great TV but only two HDMI ports
  • Fantastic value for the price.

I have not recieved any freebies or discounts for this review. This tv is amazing, arrived well packaged, and on time. Really easy to set up, amazing quality picture and sound,i cant comment on the stand as i (well husband really) wall mounted it as soon as it arrived,.

Fantastic value for the price. . So for no reason other than the need to upgrade my 3 year old tv (panasonic viera tx-l37e5b) i purchased this tv. Delivery was swift and took 2 days. Setting up was quick, most impressed with the stand which whilst solid was child’s play to set up. At the back there are only 2 hdmi slots, 1 scart socket (really???) an aerial socket , the usual line in ,line out sockets, a lan port, 1 usb port and a digital optical port. (kind of helps my last two tellies have been panasonic). Picture quality, i’ll agree with a number of posters that the picture quality for terrestrial tv isn’t as good as it could be and the picture quality comes across as soft. However on hd channels the quality is what you’d expect. However i must admit that my previous tv does produce a much better picture quality.

Excellent picture and surprisingly decent sound. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this tv to anyone on a modest budget. The viewing angle is quite limited, but the picture quality, straight out of the box is first class. Internet connection was a breeze.

An efficient and excellent television. . Panasonic rarely compromise on quality, and the same can be said for this model. The picture quality is excellent and the stand gives firm and sturdy support to the television itself. The colours are crisp and clear, and even in standard definition the image is of a good quality. The sound is also of good quality. The tv guide is a real issue however, and can take a significant amount of time to load occasionally due to the catch up features. Also, it can become irritating that the television boots onto a menu and does not default automatically to the last input used. The selection of apps available is good however and the article functions extremely well as a smart tv. Excellent for use with hdmi capable systems such as xbox one, ps4 as well as hd cable television.

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