Q Acoustics Q-TV2 2 – Convenient and good speakers

An excellent product which met all expectations. Instruction for assembly were easy to follow and on completion does not look out of place on the tv.

Well made but mixed performance. . I have an lg 42′ tv and sky+ hd box. I bought this as the sound quality from the lg is not too good. After ready the many positive reviews i decided to go ahead. In summary i am disappointed in that the sound quality is not as good as a pair of creative labs t40 series ii speakers connected through the earphone socket which were quarter of the price. The build and assembly======================the build quality is good, everything is well made and the fitting kit is extensive. If you have a vertical scart in your tv then you will need to use the enclosed spacers. Assembly is straight forward. Fit the brackets, make sure they don’t extend over the top of the tv or below the bottom edge. Before fitting the speaker i would advise loosening the left and right speaker and extending them to their maximum, leaving the allen screws loose.

This system does everything i hoped it would be. The sound is clearer on all programmes and as i am hard of hearing it has improved my enjoyment when watching television as well as being able to turn the sound down by at least 50%. It was very easy to fit, took me about 20mins. The service provided by amazons german supplier was faultless(verma gmbh).

An excellent product which met all expectations. Instruction for assembly were easy to follow and on completion does not look out of place on the tv.

Unobtrusive and well made. . A nicely designed product that’s well made and easily fitted. The fixing kit is comprehensive and the whole unit is subtle and hidden from view. The sound produced is far superior to that of the average flat screen tv, however, don’t expect the power to blow out the windows. Overall, its excellent value for money and i would recommend the product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Really is a good product
  • Good but with the odd niggle
  • Top notch – get one

Connected up to a sony 40 inch tv. Great improvement compared with the tv speaker system. Very easy to set up,took about 20 minutes. Wish i had bought this prodoct sooner.

An improffment to my tv sound. Only thing missing is at switch between channels. Tv sound or radio via the q sound product.

There is nothing really out there like this on the market. I bought it with a little bit of reservation due to not finding much ‘review wise’ on the net (aside from some sales guy from the company trying to say how it is the greatest thing since sliced bread), best not to get a review from a sales person though. I had to get rid of my surround sound due to having a one year old in constant destruction mode. The sound is really good, the base is adequate, and the design and set up is excellent. It has a solid quality feel about it which is good considering the price. I would recommend this to anyone trying to simplify there tv/dvd system. I was thinking that this sort of system with two wireless surround speakers would add a different dimension to it, hint.

I am very particular about quality of sound and picture, and i was not happy with the standard sound output of my 42′ flat screen tv. As i do with every purchase, i researched and read dozens of reviews. I wanted quality sound but also easy installation and neat and tidy. So after much deliberation i went for the q acoustics q-tv2 2. The sound is excellent and the unit fits easily and really looks neat and tidy. The reviews were actually very close and accurate to what i found, very helpful too.

I have used one of these for about 3 years now. I think it’s a superb bit of kit. Pretty unobtrusive, great sound, easy to attach and easy to use. The only thing you have to watch (i have a panasonic tv) is the level of the headphone volume within the tv settings. If it’s set low then you cannot get the volume out of the acoustics q. Once the tv headphone volume has been set it never needs adjusting again as you use the acoustics remote. You have to point the acoustics remote at the left speaker. Considering the price and performance i recommend this product if you don’t want the unsightlyness of a wired sound system or the bulk of a sound bar.

This q-tvs was delivered in good time and all as described. It comes with a very good kit of screws and spacers,to fit various makes of tv`s. With the panasonic 32′ e5, i used both spacers and long m6 screws (allen key provided)and would suggest that you plug in the speaker connection before fitting. As i found the space to tight to fit the toslink cable into the connection,with speaker in place. I also found that the speaker switch should be left in normal not source,as i could not control the sound otherwise with the supplied remote. The install took about 1/2 an hour,with clever thought out designs, including a push-in plastic pin to hold speaker in place on the top clip,just in case it vibrates loose. On firing up the speakers, you get a great impression of depth of sound and good clarity of speech. With a simple volume and mute hand controller,that fits easily in the hand. What more could you ask?this was a used purchase, but as far i am concerned,in could have been new for the condition it was in.

Ok – for a third of the price. Bought this as an upgrade to the sound on my 40′ bravia. To be honest, i managed to snap up a used one from the online auction site you are all familiar with. Here’s a few points to note:* installation was easy enough, the position of the bravia’s connections panel at the rear of the tv meant i had to use the supplied spacers, but that’s no problem. * it’s tidy – i have my tv on a table and there’s no room for free standing speakers either side, nor the space for a soundbar underneath. * on the downside the sound quality is not exactly blowing me away. Although there is an improvement in bass, it lacks a deep rumble which is a little disappointing when watching films – although i’m sure my neighbours are happy about this* the flip side to the last point is that it is definitely much clearer vocally. I’m watching homeland as i write this, which i’ve always found to be a mumble-fest, but it’s clear as a bell todayin summary, if you are looking for an amazing audio experience then this is not for you. But if you’re after a bit more clarity from your tv and something that won’t upset the neighbours then this is worth considering.

This qaqoustic qtv2 speakersystem is fine compromise between tv’s own speakers/full home theater. No devices on the table, quite good sounds >i’m satisfied.

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