Hisense 55-Inch Widescreen 4K HDR Smart ULED TV, Great TV at a FANTASTIC price – software could be improved

Best value 55inch 4k tv this so far this year. I bought the 55inch to watch the european football championship and i’m very very happy. It’s not on display in any london stores so i was a little nervous. But i took the chance and i’m ecstatic. It’s an incredible 2016 uhd 4k tv at a bargain price.

Hiisense h40m3300 – my experience. I’ve been shopping on amazon for years, but never left a review. I had such a positive experience that i felt i had to. I’d been looking at upgrading my tv, on and off for the best part of last 18 months. I was using a 32’samsung hd lcd screen which i bought for £800, ten years ago. The samsung had been perfect, it had free-view but not free-view hd, but was mostly used for sky and gaming with a ps4. To say it was ten years old, it was perfect. The samsung set did me well, it worked flawlessly still, but i wanted a bigger screen, a better picture and something a bit more modern. I wanted a 4k smart tv and kept looking at replacing it with a sony or a samsung, but i couldn’t justify the £500 -£700 price tag, that many of them came with.

Hisense 55-Inch Widescreen 4K HDR Smart ULED TV with Freeview HD

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  • Ultra HD 4K: Packing four times the number of pixels into the same screen sizes as traditional 1080p
  • HDR compatible: Creating a vibrant and vivid picture
  • Smart TV: Instantly stream from BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube
  • Freeview HD: Get the preferable TV channels in high definition

Satellite receiver built-in. Ok tv but not in same league as panasonic/samsung. . Please note variations of this tv with different screen sizes and models have been banded together. So your model may not have all the features mentioned by the reviewers. I paid £249 for the 40 inch version so my initial review is based on that price and just playing with it for a few hours. I will update my review once i’ve used it properly. It does have a satellite receiver built in which was a surprise. It appears you can watch free to air astra channels but not with freeview simultaneously. I can only tune to freeview or satellite, not both which is a shame. There is a 4k uhd test channel on astra and the picture is amazing.

Then i came across this amazing tv hisense 4k and to be honest got to. Previously owned a so called hi end tv brand (phillips) as u do when purchasing anything larger than 32′ sized tvs cause let’s be honest u buy brands that u know and have been around for a while. Then i came across this amazing tv hisense 4k and to be honest got to say well impressed with its capability in the the sense that not only do we have the processing formats to view 4k as yet but it does upscale from full hd to a much higher pixlealed viewing experience. Put it this way i had a full led hd phillips which put out 1080p to some or other lower frame picture style. But when i ran my same hdmi cable from my sky + box to this tv it up scaled it to 1920-1080 atoumatically. Well got to say that’s just a start. Just a great tvs and brand and will probably stick with this one for good enjoy and i promise this is just the begging. S don’t let me start with playstation quality.

Great tv at a fantastic price – software could be improved. I bought this for a play room, but am now considering swapping it into the main room to replace the ‘main’ samsung led that cost £1100 just 1. Even on terrestrial hd channels, the picture is just clearer and more vibrant than the 7 series samsung. That may be down to settings, but without getting a calibration specialist in, i can’t make the samsung match the hisense. Even my wife who doesn’t care about these things pointed it out (without prompting). I would add that i always considered the samsung to have a fantastic picture. The good points:great picture qualityvery decent sound for a thin tv. Often such sets have speakers that rattle the set when volumes are loud or bass is deepwireless set up easy and connects to my wd mycloud nas and seems to play most video formats & codecsnarrow unobtrusive bezelplugged in an external portable hdd and the pvr functionality seems to work although i need to do further testingnavigating the menu is responsive most of the timehaven’t noticed any gaming lag yet (even before the update)the not so good points:the update facility is very flaky.

Hisense 55-Inch Widescreen 4K HDR Smart ULED TV with Freeview HD : I’ve had this tv about a week, i bought it for the price and on the strength of the reviews here, and actually they’re right, all of them. My first ever lcd tv was a supermarket cheapo brand and i deeply regretted it. The lg i replaced it with was worth every extra penny, however this actually much betteri have used it to watch netflix (inc 4k), amazon fire tv (inc 4k), raspberry pi (kodi hd/sd), youview box (hd/sd) and the built in tuner. I was completely blown away by the bright,clear picture on all these devices. I also tried gaming on the xbox and the amazon fire tv and there were only hardly noticeable lag issues (in game mode), otherwise its superb. Well, yeah, a bit like the difference between sd to hd, its good but then its something you only notice when you start watching more hd and then go back to sd. At the moment there’s not much 4k so some shows it’s really noticeable, others not so much. The sound is great and plenty loud enough, but it has some extra 3d/sonic effects which can sound weird or make it vibrate, so you might want to turn them off.

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LG 49UH610V 49 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV WebOS, Simply Brilliant TV

Excellent tv for the money, it replaced our samsung that was going in another room. It feels very light though compared to my 10 year old 40′ samsung. The legs are adequate but overall very light, this may be just that newer tv’s have very light components now and it just needs me to become adjusted to it. My samsung has quite a thick border around the screen which makes it look bigger, the lg has a very narrow trim so you have more screen for the 43′ inch.

This is the first smart tv that i’ve owned and i wondered how difficult it would be to set up, so it was nice to find that the set up was very easy and it was up and running within minutes, it has straightforward menus (plus some more menus for fine tuning etc). What you’ll notice first is the fantastic picture quality especially in hd, the operating system is very smooth and it’s very easy to log into netflix, amazon video, wuaki tv, bbc iplayer, itv player. One thing to note is that if you want to connect the tv to your router via a cable then you’ll need purchase one yourself as the tv doesn’t come with an ethernet cable, but the tv will connect to your router via wifi, it’s just personal preference to use either cable or wifi, i just prefer a cable. I’d definitely recommend this product to anyone i the market for a smart tv. Really happy with my purchase.

LG 49UH610V 49 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV WebOS (2016 Model) – Black

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  • Perfect harmony between ULTRA HD 4K Resolution and HDR technologies generates an incredibly rich and vibrant visuals.
  • ULTRA HD 4K resolution is four times that of Full HD producing brilliant clarity and vivid details that amaze, even when viewed up close.
  • True Black Panel, an anti-glare film within the panel reduces reflection rate by scattering harsh lights across the screen. This allows you to see new depths of darkness in your entertainment.
  • When something is shown in HDR there is a dynamic range on display that is closer to the huge range of colours and shades that your eye can process. HDR gives your eye more to see, sun glistens off water, stars shine brighter in the sky, the lights of the city glow stronger at night.
  • Stream 4K UHD programmes from your favourite providers thanks to advanced HEVC decoding technology. 4K UHD content available exclusively through Smart TV webOS from selected providers only. Minimum standard of internet connection and subscription may be required.

Great tv – great value for money. First of all, for anyone that is wondering what the model number is, as it isn’t listed in the product information: it is 43uh610vmy wife and i were thinking about getting a 4k tv for a while and when this came up as an offer on amazon prime day we just couldn’t go past it. It arrived 2 days earlier than what i originally got as a delivery date. We couldn’t wait to set it up, so on the same evening we received this, we took it out of the box, put it in it’s designated place and pretty much immediately started to use it. It only takes a few minuted to set up and it’s really easy, we didn’t need the instructions as everything is pretty much self explanatory. It comes with freeview hd, 3 hdmi sockets, 1 usb socket and the ability to use your mobile phone as a remote control (an app needs to be downloaded for this and it is available for android and apple devices). The sound and picture quality is fantastic. The legs are fixed, so it cannot be swiveled. The smart tv is based on web os 3, which is pretty intuitive to use. The only downside i can find – but i don’t know if this is different for any other smart tv – is that it is quite time consuming to type a name of a movie or a tv show into the sear of netflix for example, as you have to use arrow keys to navigate through the alphabet.

I’ve waited a couple of weeks before reviewing this tv as i didn’t want to go with my gut feeling. In short it was easy to unpack and i did this by myself, probably best to have a helping hand in general though. The legs were attached easily and all that was needed was to plug the leads in and good to go. Easy to configure and while the instructions are terrible i’ve largely been able to do everything i would like to do just with experimentation. I’ve been impressed with the overall quality of the picture and while i don’t have any 4k products, there is definitely upscaling. We watched sinister 2 on netflix and the characters almost leapt out of the screen, the picture was stunning and it took some getting used to. The additional settings on the tv like apps etc are things i’m not too fussed about, but being able to use the internet is a great addition. In short when it comes to the most important things the sound, picture and build quality are first rate and the tv will be a focal point in our front room for a good few years.

Fell in love with the lg interface when we stayed at a brand new hotel in vietnam a few months back. Like those, this smart tv is excellent. Wonderful picture, networking video is seamless between computer (wifi) and also netflix etc is lightning quick. Interface is snazzy and sharp. I could wax lyrical all day about this tv but all you need to know is that it has everything and more.

LG 49UH610V 49 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV WebOS (2016 Model) – Black : Review of 43uh61 model (4k ultra hd smart model) – great picture & functionality. . This tv was built to replace a very old toshiba 47″ 720p model – and the difference shows – picture quality is much better, much lower power consumption and it weighs a fraction. This review is based on limited use and as the supplied manual only covers the inputs and attaching the stand, use of the tv is very much trial and error. A online user guide is available but as it covers the general o/s functionality, not all of which is available on this model and only a basic (non magic) remote is included. The impression it leaves you with is there could be hidden functionality or easier ways of doing things which you haven’t discovered yet (for example on the tv guide it doesn’t look like you can jump back/forward by 24 hours or page up/down – which would seem pretty basic functionality). Inputsthe model includes 3 hdmi, 1 usb, component video and ethernet. (so no scart socket)it includes a satellite input as well as aerial. Functionalitygood range of smart functionality – tried the bbc and amazon apps and they work fine. You can configure both freeview of freesat but for day to day operation you can only use one. The tv includes recording to usb (i used a 16gb flash drive with no problems), however you can’t record one channel whilst watching another, though you can watch another source (eg dvd).

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