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Sony kdl32r423 32′ freeview hd ready ledtv. Bought this tv at christmas,very pleased with picture and sound although, i did add a sounbar which is reccomended for watching dvd films.

We bought this set before christmas 2013 after comparison with quite a number of tvs of similar specs on the market. It was delivered promptly and safely by amazon, and was quite easy to set up. The image quality is excellent and so is the sound. So far we have had the set for a month and we have encountered no problem. I would recommend it strongly.

Fantastic tv and crystal clear quality. This tv is excellent quality. The slimness of the tv is great, and it comes with its own stand. The best feature though is the sharpness of the picture. Would definitely recommend this tv to anyone.

  • Great TV for HD Channels
  • Excellent Value 46 Inch TV
  • Great TV but with reservations
  • Great for the money
  • What’s not to like?
  • Hard to fault something that is so brilliant

Great tv but with reservations. I was fortunate to receive this item (gratis) from the amazon vine scheme. My tv before this was the very good lcd sony bravia w5500ufirst impression and set-up==================wow – its light. Taking it out of its box and placing on its pretty minimal stand were extremely easy. No need for help with that and its weight would make it a good option for wall mounting. My old tv is a bit of a beast in comparison. Once on my stand, it became clear how much smaller the footprint was with the much slimmer body and bezel. I felt like i had reclaimed part of my lounge with but no concession to screen size. Looks-wise it is modern and attractive (better than the photos) and definitely an improvement on its predecessor although i slightly miss the swivel stand.

I’m not an expert by any means but i’m incredibly impressed with the picture quality. This applies to both standard and high def material. Sound quality is ok; haven’t noticed it either way but my least favourite bit is the cheap looking remote. Still, highly recommended for the price. I should note i bought this as a gift for a family member.

Features of (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Full HD (1080p) LED TV with Clear Resolution Enhancer, smoother movement from Motionflow XR 100Hz and Direct LED backlighting
  • 40″ and 46″ sizes available
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Motionflow XR 100Hz

Brought for a bedroom and its amazing, unlike others i cannot fault the audio. Picture quality is clear and crisp. I use this with an apple tv and the quality from netflix is amazing. I would recommend this tv to anyoneto clarify, the ports are as follows: 1x lan 1x scart 1x usb 1x antenna 1x component/composite multi 1x optical out 1x headphones 2x hdmi. Power cable is hard wired, and a little short but that wasn’t an issue for me.

Tv great, needs work on the freeview. My previous tv was a flickering crt, prior to that i had the humongous weighty electricity-sucking plasma with my partner – so an led tv is a huge improvement and i’m pleased as punch with this one. Set-up was an absolute breeze with nothing more complicated then popping in a couple of screws for the stand, and despite being a thin wisp of a thing it stood up to a fair bit hauling around while i was messing about getting it in the right place and set-up with the dvd player. The weight really was surprising, i was expecting to have two delivery men straining to carry it up to my apartment and for me to be stuck unable to set it up myself, but this tv is as light as a feather – as a note, the stand is a single bar (see image) but the tv is still well balanced so there’s no worry about it falling. Although i’m not blown away by picture quality it is still good, although a little grainy the colours and contrast are very good. I especially like the thin frame around the screen – it makes the screen look bigger, and it’s less distracting from the picture – i actually think i prefer the viewing experience of this 40′ with the narrow frame to the 50′ plasma monster with the thicker frame around the screen that i had before; size isn’t everything it seems. I also like that there is a return button that actually allows you to go back to the previous screen, rather than kicks you out of the menu all together or has a delay that has you pressing and pressing only to end-up further back then you’d intended – in short the remote and tv are responsive, when you click a button it actually does what it’s supposed to – hoorahto get down to it, the two failing points in my opinion;1. The sound quality is really poor, it is possible that someone with more knowledge could play around with sound settings or set-up a nice around-sound speaker system with this tv to make it sound better, but straight-out-the-box i was expecting something much better. To my ears the sound is rather tinny, also the speakers are fairly small and hidden towards the bottom of the screen, not pointing outwards; i’m no expert but i’m guessing this isn’t the best place for speakers.So far i’ve just been watching tv, i’ve yet to test out music via usb to see how good/bad the sound quality is, but i don’t suppose it really matters too much as at least it gets to a reasonable volume.

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  1. This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    This tv does exactly what i want it to do. I watch sky tv and play my ps4 on it. I don’t need anymore than 2 hdmi ports.
  2. This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Good tv by sony – can’t go wrong. . Bought this for my daughter and she loves it.
    1. I bought this for my husband and he is delighted. I bought this for my husband and he is delighted. It is absolutely brilliant, slim, easy to use and the picture quality is fantastic.
  3. This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Delighted with product and service. Delighted with product and service.
  4. This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    I’m not very demanding in terms of features. This is simple to set up and has good sight and sound for not much money, what more do you need?.