LG 65UH770V 65 inch Super Ultra HD 4K Smart TV webOS, I’d definitely recommend this product

Bought this television 2 weeks ago. Been absolutely fantastic, 4k upscaling on hd content is incredible, the web os is amazingly intuitive and easy to use and i’ve had no issues whatsoever. It was easy to set up, recognised my sky+hd box and set it up to work through the magic remote.

I have owned the 55 inch model for a couple of months and havehad a chance to get to know it’s capabilities. I know some are some complaints regarding dark moving bands on dark scenes. This is a result of the local dimming feature, but can be switched off if you don’t like it. This is not a fault, but rather a limitation of the ‘edge-lit’ technology used on this type of panel. The feature attempts to improve black levels in dark scenes by dimming the backlight in specific areas of the screen in real time. ‘edge-lit’ panel technology can not achieve the same quality of local dimming as the more expensive and refined ‘full-array’ dimming found on higher end ‘direct-lit’ models. However i have found the picture remains excellent with it switched off, so no big deal at this price point. Top tip is try using the cinema mode.

LG 65UH770V 65 inch Super Ultra HD 4K Smart TV webOS (2016 Model) – Silver

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  • This high quality television supports 4K resolution which enables standard definition to upscale to near 4k like quality and is navigated via the award winning Smart TV webOS.
  • An advanced 10 bit panel expands the colour spectrum that you can see, unlocking over 1 billion hues and shades on your screen.
  • Ultra Luminance will create brighter whites and darker blacks.
  • ULTRA HD 4K resolution is four times that of Full HD producing brilliant clarity and vivid details that amaze, even when viewed up close.
  • HDR Super offers flexible access to HDR content by supporting HDR10 and Dolby Vision, the latest HDR standard from a leader in picture mastering and production.

Every second watching this tv reassures you that it was worth the impulse buy. Havent purchased one, but am looking into buying one, just maybe waiting for the price to drop a bit, but this tv is definitely a fantastic product, i have several friends who own it and have no faults against it, hands down the best tv they’ve ever owned. I came across this model in selfridges and fell in love with. Got to have one, will have one.The quality is just phenomenal.

I came perilously close to returning this set. I was blown away initially and then spotted that there was some kind of issue with the way dark scenes are handled. It resulted in two vertical black bands about 6 inches wide shifting left or right on the screen and appeared to be linked to the lighter parts of predominantly dark scenes. I started turning off every signal processing option and eventually discovered that the problem is caused by the local dimming option. Turned that off and all is well. As you would expect with a smart tv it does run into some issues now and then. Right now my amazon instant video app is hung on a black screen. Think i will have to delete and re-install. Wish there was an option to ‘bounce’ open apps.

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