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I have been in the tv repair trade since 1953 and seen some tv pictures good and bad. This tv is one of the best i have seen using a hd box and for the price, can’t beat it. Also i was recommended from two people in the family.

Lg 42lk450u 42-inch widescreen full hd 1080p lcd tv with freeviewthis is a brilliant product. It arrived on the saturday morning when we had only placed the order on the thursday morning. The television is everything you could expect from a television, but the controls are so easy to understand and cover everything from selecting the brightness,to size,to picture quality and to select the source of tv signal which in ouir case is sky. We have been with sky for years but never actually appreciated the quality of their transmissions until we say the films on out new tv. Their trouble-shooting covered everything but so far we have not tried that out as we have not had any problems. Also everything in clear english so technophobes like me had no problems connecting it up to the sky, dvd player, computer etc. Brilliant and to complete the review it was over £ 250. 00 cheaper than the same model on special offer in pc world/currys.

Good value tv with pleasing overall performance. I got this tv for my 84 year old mother, having recently bourght myself a higher spec flat screen led lg tv which is excellent, but cost £200 more. For the money this tv is an great buy, and an easy to use tv. The pictures are clear and bright and almost as good as those on my led tv. The sound is very good, in fact better than on my led tv. Given my mother failing hearing this a major positive. One important point which i mis understood is that this is an hd ready tv not a tv with hd built in. You can plug a freeview or sky hd box into it to experience hd in all its glory, but the inbuilt freeview turner is standard definition only. That said theres nothing wrong with the standard definition images and the absence of hd makes the tv easier to operate. The remote is nicely laid out with largish numbers and scroll keys.

Many friends had recommend an lg tv before, so when my samsung packed up, the opportunity was there. Looked around and found that here was the cheapest price.Picture quality, sound, easy to set up and the self adjusting to light conditions. Won’t go back to anything else.

Amazing tv that can contend with 400-500 pound tv’s. Can’t emphasize how awesome this television is. Was my mum’s first hd tv and i can safely say she was very impressed, and i will be buying the same tv to replace my old hd lg tv from 2009. Picture quality is outstanding, audio is very good for a lcd television, aesthetically the tv looks good, and for 249. 99(at tesco) full hd for that price is crazy. Bought this tv with star wars on blu-ray and the quality was so good you could see every little detail on r2d2 and c3po, very nice touch. I was also blown away by the quality of videogames on xbox 360 and ps3 through hdmi. It has an abundance of picture and audio settings you could spend hours fiddling with, but it has very nice presets for you to use also. The only downside is the intelligent sensor picture setting is very good in a bright room, but if its dark it makes the picture very dark. You can turn that off though so no big deal.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very nice TV for the price
  • Excellent purchase
  • Best TV in this price bracket
  • Top Notch @ Good price. (may contain spoilers)
  • very happy with this purchase
  • Great TV. Really Chuffed!

I bought this tv a week ago, for a start the delivery was fantastic – next day bang on time. Nicely packaged, not too much rubbish. We let it sit for an hour or so then set it up which took no more than 10mins from ripping the box open to everything being plugged in, freeview channels scanned as well as ps3, xbox, wii, surround sound and sky box all set up and ready to go. Picture quality is fantastic and the sound is perfectly fine (especially considering the tiny speakers). Loving this tv so far, it looks the part and i still can’t believe how cheap amazon are selling it for. I recommend snapping this tv up before it goes up in price.

Probably too late to review, but it’s been years and still going strong. I’ve had this tv for a few years now. Although these days you can get one double the size for half the price, it was a good deal at the time, and it’s been good so far. There are times when it’ll take a few seconds to start up, and the auto-tuning function seems to take ages, but you don’t need to do that very often so it’s no big deal. It’s got a usb port which, again, although standard today, it wasn’t taken for granted in all tellies 4 years ago. I’ve found that it sometimes struggles with an external hard drive bigger than 1tb, i wonder if it’s because the power it needs to run. However, on both my 500gb and 1tb hard drives, it runs ok and usually reads it fine. The picture is clear for the size of resolution and it’s got all the basic features you may want.

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  1. This review is from : LG 32LK450U 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV with Freeview (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    It’s not the top range model hence only 4 stars but for cost / quality i love it. . Had this tv for 4 years now and never had a problem with it or the picture quality. It’s not the top range model hence only 4 stars but for cost / quality i love it.
  2. This review is from : LG 32LK450U 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV with Freeview (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    5 years down the road and all are still as good as the day i got them. 5 years down the road and all are still as good as the day i got them. So many hdmi ports and 2 usb.
    1. Good buy for your first flat screen. This tv was great- had brilliant colours and visual, loads of extra functions, crystal clear display and looks amazing. Has stood the test of time and the only reason i didnt get 5 stars was because of how hot it gets after being on for a couple of hours which was frightening.
  3. This review is from : LG 32LK450U 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV with Freeview (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Great tv, lasted me a good few years. (wrote this review 4 years after purchase).