Panasonic TX-P42V10B Review : Pana 42V10 plasma

This is our first foray into true hd tv and after much internet searching of reviews and visits to the local eletrical superstores we settled on the panasonic tx-p42v10b. What a superb piece of equipment this television is. The picture quality is absolutely first class and connected to some logitech speakers gives a full cinema experience. It is relatively straightforward to set up, in fact it does the vast majority of its own setting up, you just have to work out where to plug in the necessary cables be they hdmi, aerial, optical or scart. Once set up it is a joy to use. The remote is easy enough and controls the video/bluray as well (provided it is panasonic too). Downside: well thus far nothing has come to light, sound and picture quality and ease of use are all excellent. We are very pleased with our purchase and would have no hesitation in recommending same to anyone.

I have always been a fan of panasonic screens even though sometimes other attributes are not quite so good. For me, the overiding factor is the quality of the image reproduction. I have freesat connected and the image on all stations is the best i have seen anywhere. I spent ages looking at reviews on the net, visiting shops before settling on a 42′ v10. The one piece of glass makes it look good even when it is switched off. The viera cast is, i think, a bit of a waste of effort at the moment as most folk will connect a pc to browse the internet. If there is a lan port, then i wish they would just include a browser like firefox with the tv. Plug in a remote keyboard+mouse via usb, and job would be donemy only moan so far is the lack of a usb port, but i’d forgive anything for that fantastic picture.

Top picture for hd / sd / and upscaled content. I have bt vision piped through at 1080i upscaling and i can’t fault the picture. I actually bought the item from an official panasonic dealer at a premium price but got a bd60 blu ray thrown in plus a 5 year warranty and interest free for 12 months. The blacks are deep as you’d expect on a plasma panel and the motion handling on match of the day is first class. I have yet to hook up a satellite dish but plan to do so. The colours after 6 hours are just natural . Any doubts you have over buying this set, set to one and side and splash the cash. You will not regret it this is a 5 star set. I almost purchased the sony z5500 which is a fantastic looking set but the colours are just not a natural.

Key specs for Panasonic TX-P42V10B 42-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Plasma TV with Freesat HD & Viera Cast (Installation Recommended):

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  • 600Hz sub-field drive intelligent frame creation pro
  • Digital cinema colour & THX® certified display
  • VIERA CAST doe easy networking between multiple VIERA sets in one house
  • DLNA picture slideshow (DviX/JPEG/MPEG2 formats)
  • Smart networking with VIERA link and VIERA image viewer (AVCHD/DviX/JPEG)

Comments from buyers

“Top Picture for HD / SD / and upscaled content, Quality at a price, Pana 42V10 plasma, UK Gets Second Best, Excellent picture quality, Great Display – extra features need more development”

Up there with the legendary kuro. This plasma is simply stunning. The professional reviews have been extremely good, including winning the eisa best plasma award for 2009. The set comes with a thx viewing mode, which gives out-of-the-box extremely accurate picture settings that normally require professional calibration. Blacks are typically superb for a panasonic plasma. Motion is handled excellently via the superb 600hz neopdp panel. Colours are rich and vibrant. I used to an lcd fanatic, but was swayed over to the world of plasma and haven’t regretted it. I have sky hd, freesat hd, blu ray and hd dvd connected. Sd is obviously not quite as good, but is handled very competently nonetheless. My advice when buying this set is to get some hd material in as it is with hd that this set really shines. To sum up: this is undoubtedly one of the best plasma tvs that money can buy. It can share the podium with the kuro (although the kuro still wins the blacks contest).

After reading reviews of tvs for months i narrowed down my choice – actually for the panasonic g15, but when i found this for not much more money at amazon, i decided to finally get on with it and buy the v10. The v10 just looked a whole lot better than the next models down, with the glass screen going right to the edge, rather than the large plasticky edges that are on a lot of screens. My brother-in-law had bought a panasonic plasma last year, and despite mainly looking at lcds at the time, was so impressed i looked harder at plasmas too. Having bought a panasonic hard disk/dvd recorder earlier in the year panasonic was high on the list of course. Our first flatscreen tv, full hd etc. Easy to set up, tune in etc. Freeview was up and running in no time. The picture was great and the sound is fine too.

Having owned 3 lcd tv’s i decided to take the plunge with a plasma. I am not in the least bit disappointed. When you view it in a store it won’t have the ‘pop’ of an lcd screen, but the image is so much better and more natural for home use. I was initially concerned about image retention and screen burn, but having used my ps3 and xbox for many hours it seems like this is a thing of the past. I also heard about the fans in the back of the set, but you cannot hear them at all. My v+ box is much louder than the tvthe image reproduction on this screen is first class once you turn off the gimicky motion plus. For the first week or so there was a slight flicker on the screen while the phosphors settled down, but this soon went. The longer i’ve had this tv the better the picture has got. Colours are superbly reproduced in thx mode, which automatically turns off overscan, so you get 1:1 pixel mapping, and motion is handled as well as on any tv i’ve seen.

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Avtex L236DRS Super Slim LED Combi HD TV/DVD/SAT/Freeview/Rec, T.V

V is nice,and highly recommended, its well made, and only weighs 5kg,it decodes direct from your sat dish or d. Without the need for an intermediate box its simple to use ( even for me at 65) just click on the country your in and the t. V and radio chanels to an information list. Can be used direct from 12v,make sure you fit an in line fuse for safety crystal clear picture, it also has a built in dvd/cd player,and its led, so kind to your batts,,,,,,,,,,,note,there is no scart socket fitted. Happy camping,,,,,,,,,,,lance.

Great tv but have have some problems. This is a great tv when it works. I have had two that have faults. First one it seemed liked the speakers had blown after 6months use, they were muffled, sent back through amazon returns no problem. The replacement developed a power problem. This tv has great features for a 12v tv. It has excellent screen quality, freeview hd (which i haven’t seen another 12v tv that has this) the 12v regulator is inbuilt into the tv so you don’t have a heavy box on your power cable. It doesn’t use lots of power, which is great if you are running off grid, tv also lets you know when your low on power and switches itself off (this means you won’t run your batteries dead flat). Tuning the tv was very simple for both aerial and satellite. I also had no problems using the apple hdmi converter to mirror my iphone onto the tv.

Avtex L236DRS Super Slim LED Combi HD TV/DVD/SAT/Freeview/Rec – Black, 23 Inch

  • 23″ FULL HD widescreen [1080p] with built-in DVD/CD player^DVBT & DVBT2 digital tuner plus DVB-S & DVB-S2 digital satellite tuner^Pause/playback live TV/Instant record to USB on both Satellite and TV^Timer record from programme guide (EPG)^2xHDMI/2xUSB/phono/headphone/audio in/co-axial audio-out

Avtex L236DRS Super Slim LED Combi HD TV/DVD/SAT/Freeview/Rec – Black, 23 Inch :

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Samsung UE55ES8000 Review : A formidable piece of kit

Good product but could be much better. The first thing to consider when purchasing this set is the price. I don’t believe the es8000 models is in any significantly way better than the es7000 model, therefore i advise you choose the es7000 model if you want one of samsung’s top 2012 tv. The es7000 is almost identical with the exception of the micro dimming mode which is supposedly more advanced in the 8000 model. The only other difference i could find is the stand, it’s the same panel, same lcd, led edge lit technology. You will most likely hardly notice any difference, as i’ve seen both models. Its ultra clear panel (as i believe it’s called) is only on the 7000/8000 models & as the name suggests, it is indeed very clear in comparison to other sets i saw in the shops. Picture quality is extremely good, particularly with hd content on disk/usb/usbhdd/network/etc. Other digital files or streamed online via netflix/lovefilm is also quite impressive. Standard definition picture works well.

I bought the samsung tv because it looks so stylish and i loved all the gimmicks that came with it. I have not however been able to set up the u shaped tv stand it has come with which was pretty disappointing. The screws needed are already screwed in to the stand when delivered, so you need to then remove them attach the tv and then re-insert them. I found that removing them nigh on impossible which was very frustrating as the instruction manual states they should come separately, not installed. Apart from that i’ve tried the tv out in a store and for me the 3d is amazing. It really is a great product.

Having made the plunge and bought a flat i, like a lot of blokes, thought the first thing it would need is a large tv. After a bit of research i’m glad i bought this one. The image is crisp, easily customisable (theres a few guides out there through a quick search on google) and hd is a thing of beauty. It takes a variety of inputs through the multiple hdmi ports. Sound is the only thing that lets this tv down and thats pretty hard for any manufacturer to overcome as there’s only so much space to fit things into what is an extremely thin tv. Other bits of interest are that it has built in wi-fi (for netflix/youtube/iplayer etc) and hand motions which don’t really work practically but do add some entertainment value with angry birds.

Key specs for Samsung Series 8 ES8000 (55 inch) Full HD LED SMART Television:

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  • 24P-MOVIE
  • 3D TV-Y
  • Audio Output-2 x 10 Watts
  • Built-in DVD-N
  • Camera-Yes

Comments from buyers

“What a stunning purchase, Good Product but Could Be Much Better, A formidable piece of kit”

I purchased the tv after seeing the excellent reviews it had received around the internet and it certainly lives up to its reputation. The picture quality is absolutely outstanding, giving a crisp and clear hd picture. So far i’ve played files from usb, the built in netflix application and the built in bbc iplayer application. In every case the television has performed perfectly with no issues. The smart touch remote that came in the box is quite cool, although i find that using it for text entry is slower than using the ordinary remote. Overall this is a brilliant tv that i would absolutely recommend to anyone.

Nobody spends circa £2,000 on a tv without doing at least a little research and i have to admit that i deliberated over buying this one for about 9 months. The good news is that by delaying the purchase i (a) saved an awful lot of money, and (b) knew what i was letting myself in for. First things first: the standard picture settings are pretty poor. For the more technically-minded that probably doesn’t come as a surprise but i have to admit that i was pretty shocked by the pre-set picture options. All were inferior to the ‘standard’ setting on the 4 year old samsung tv this supposedly flagship model was replacing. Before buying i had seen a number of threads suggesting picture calibration but i had always expected these to just be optional fine-tuning rather than an absolute necessity (which in my opinion it is). Don’t let this put you off though. After going through a number of forum threads on the subject (av forums was particularly helpful) i tried a couple of the settings that seemed most popular. Within a few minutes of tweaking i was rewarded with what can only be described as a breathtaking picture.

Brilliant & beutifull for 20mins. Then a green line from top to bottom, oh no, anything bar that as i new there was a major pixel fault. It took some effort to unpack read all the instructions and set it up as i am 74. I really could not face repacking and returning it as it was a huge size. I looked up help, found a phone no. For samsung, rang them, told them the fault and they said it could be repaired on site, they would order a nw part and be in touch ,they rang a week later and the engineers would come and repair it. My thoughts were how do you repair a line on the screen (55′) perhaps a line eraser. They arrived with a brand new screen, brought there equipment (2 men) one worked on 1 side the 2nd man on the other, all done and set up in less than 45 mins.

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Samsung PS51D6900 51-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Plasma SMART Internet Television, TV review

2d image quality using freeview hd or blu-ray is very good, having a picture that big makes a huge difference for me. Colour vibrant, contrast good, on-screen motion smooth. On-screen controls work well. Haven’t tried 3d or other bells and whistles, can’t comment on audio (i use a separate audio system). Have used bbc iplayer over wifi, very good quality. There is a tiny buzz (like many plasmas) but only if you get up close – not a problem. (i ordered the ps59d500 but sent it back, buzz was significant and screen reflection was a problem. )overall it feels like very good value for money.

For those of you looking for an in depth review of this plasma screen i recommendyou go to the avforum web site and read flash3d report, i pretty much agree with everything that is stated, for those of you who want a quick review here goes;having searched and searched the usual sites for a deal on this tv i ended up at amazon as it was the best deal at the time and included a pair of free glasses. The tv came on time, well packaged and was delivered by a decent delivery company. Before buying i was really concerned about the weight and size of the screen as i had to get it up and down a flight of stairs, however it is much lighter and more manoeuvrable than its predecessors of a few years ago and was not a problem. This tv really is brilliant, attractive slim looking frame, easy to setup, vibrant colours, deep blacks, the best skin tones although most of you will want to adjust the colour settings from the standard settings as they are little out, for my eyes at least, the 2d and 2d to 3d is stunning and having watched avatar in 3d i can only say wowi did not purchase this tv primarily for the 3d aspect but i have to admit you do find yourself looking for programmes or dvd`s to watch a lot of the time. When you consider this 59′ screen has all of the above and also includes smart tv with wifi connectivity, then you look at the price tag it really is a no brainer. You will notice i have awarded four stars and not five, well if the set didn`t have speakers it would have had five but the sound does let it down a little in my opinion, bear in mind though, i run mine with a 7. 2 bi-amped speaker surround sound system so my benchmark may be a little extreme (i also have an old 36′ panasonic crt tv and the sound is much better on that to). Remember, if you buy this screen make sure you buy an 1. 4a hdmi high speed cable as this will ensure both the highest quality of audio and video produced from your ancillary equipment.

Samsung PS51D6900 51-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Plasma SMART Internet Television with Freeview HD (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Ultra Slim Plasma TV with 600hz Subfield Motion
  • 3D (with 2D/3D conversion)
  • Smart TV with Wi-Fi built in
  • 4 HDMI, USB 2.0 Movie
  • PVR, Freeview HD

The samsung ps51d6900 represents great value for money. Like most samsung tellies looks great especially for a plasma,almost led in appearance. Very happy with the overall picture quality and cost. Bought this tv as a 2nd set to my samsung ue55d8000 and would have to say this tv does have the edge when it comes to style,level of detail and vibrancy of colours. Blacks are very similar but the plasma is miles better when it comes to picture uniformity as the led can shows signs of bleeding on certain broadcasts. The samsung ue55d8000 is a terrific tv but you’ll hard pressed to beat the ps516900 for half the price.

No bbc iplayer and no web surfing – beware. I didn’t buy this television, so this is really just an observation having researched the product via the web. The av forums is full of knowledgeable customers, many of whom complain that the system does not haveiplayer from bbc or the websurfer. Although samsung apparently claim these are coming they are not available at the moment on this set. In addition many of the customers have not received any 3d glasses. I highly recommend that you research this set carefully and read these opinions before purchasing. My impression is that samsung is making some promises that it is not delivery on yet.

Like others here i did a lot of research before plumping fot the samsung ps59d6900. My last two tv’s have been panasonic plasmas, and it was clear from my research and from the evidence of my eyes that plasma still provides a much more realistic picture than lcd, and that motion blur is still not handled as well by lcd screens. So the choice came down to samsung or panasonic. I’ve been very happy with the previous two panasonics, but this samsung represented such better value than the nearest equivalent panasonic that i went for this. I’ve had the set two and a half weeks now. Set up took no time at all, plugged in the network, hdmi cables, and mains cable and that was it. Picture quality is stunning. Like another reviewer on here i didn’t buy this for 3d, but have been surprised by 3d content from sky, and have found myself watching that.

Samsung PS51D6900 51-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Plasma SMART Internet Television with Freeview HD (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I spent weeks researching 3d tvs and finally settled for the 51 inch samsung as it seemed to represent the best value for money. The image quality is excellent, sound is great and 3d is fantastic. I have the tv hooked up to my ps3, and playing motorstorm apocalypse in 3d is incredible. The tv even does a good job of converting standard tv channels and dvds into 3d. I watched star wars (a new hope) on dvd in 3d and now don’t really see the need for the 3d releases we can expect in a few years. So far it has exceeded all of my expectations. My only regret is that i wish i’d bought it sooner. As stated in the full description, the only issue is that it doesn’t come with any 3d glasses.

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Sony Bravia KDL32V5500U 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV – If you want the best, buy the best.

After a lot of research i bought this tv as it was recommended by which as a best buy. I was so pleased with it that i bought another one for my parents for christmas. My previous tv was a much more expensive panasonic viera but after only a year i am having problems with it not turning on. So far i am very pleased with this purchase. Just a very minor point about the layout of the remote control. The increase and decrease volume control keys are right beside the keys to change the channel, so unless you are really careful you end up changing the channel instead of the volumeamazon, as always, were absolutely brilliant with both deliveries and they arrived in under 36 hours.

This tv is a truly magnificent piece of equipment. The picture is crisp even on lower resolution inputs such as the integrated freeview. When playing through a hd input with a 5. 1 surround sound system it gets even better. The new range of bravia are a lot more sleek than previous versions, looking great with the shiny but contemporary finished effect. The only downside that it attracts the dust, but reminds you to keep your product well maintained. The screen quality is great with none of this shiny screen nonsense to make it look quality i. E samsung, the colour is just sublime.

Well up to sony’s high standard. . Having now had this tv for over three weeks i am now in a position to make some realistic comments. I looked at a number of different makes before deciding on the sony however i already have a 32 inch sony lcd in another room so my experience of this tv was a major influence in making the final decision. In my opinion the kdl-32v5500 is a very good tv, the picture quality is good and although at first i thought the sound quality would have been better i suppose i have gotten used to it. I like the shiny black finish of the surround however it does seem to be a magnet for dust. The longest part of the initial set up process is the time taken to download the data for the guide plus+ programme guide and quite frankly it is a complete waste of time. The guide plus+ is totally over the top in terms of the layout – each channel has its own icon – and there is the added feature of advertising. Mercifully it is a simple process to turn this feature off and revert to the normal freeview guide. On the subject of freeview the inbuilt tuner works very well however please be aware that when the tv is turned off so is the tuner. I connected a panasonic vcr to the tv and i made the assumption that i could record direct from the freeview tuner.

  • Great TV. Buy with confidence.
  • Great all round TV
  • A couple of points to be aware of
  • Sony Bravia KDL32V5500U 32-inch
  • Staggering Sony!!!!!
  • Better than average TV – but not ideal for HD movie experienceFILM BUFFS PLEASE READ

Due to me and wife fight over who watches which progamme on tele. I decided to purchase another to solve the problem. Now i can watch big brother, towie and jersey shore in the spare room in peace and she can watch porn on her own.

I am very pleased with my sony bravia tv. One i have bought and it’s perfect. The colours are excellent and the hd connection makes it seem as if you are in the same room as the stars. I had my first set about 5 years ago and it hasn’t worn out. I gave it to my daughter and bought a new one. I think it has the best picture.

Features of Sony Bravia KDL32V5500U 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV with Freeview

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • S-Video
  • VESA 200 x 200

Edit: 08/02/2010big motion/trail issue. I upgraded from a 26′ philips hdtv. Ordered yesterday afternoon and got this morning. When i unpacked all i had to do is insert tv into stand and the tv was set up. It takes a bit of time setting up the freeview and going through the guide plus, but its only a set up that you do once. When it had found all channels i needed to tweak the picture settings a bit and once i changed the picture settings, the freeview looks good, even on older broadcasts like friends on e4. I also have a ps3 connected to it and that is just brill.I have diffrent picture setting for that because you can have diffrent picture settings for diffrent sources.

I bought this to replace my 3 year old non-hd sony 23 inch lcd tv. The clarity of the picture is superb – colours balanced with no motion blurring that i have noticed. Watching the ‘sarah connor chronicles’ on virgin 1 via freeview, the picture is touching the cinematic with the light and hues well reproduced. Seeing ‘revenge of the sith’ on dvd was like watching a new movie again. I could see the intricate patterns and textures on characters’ clothing, and the opening battle is given full justice. All this without even trying hd sources (which i do not yet own). This is a huge improvement on my old sony which suffered from blurring when showing fast moving objects. The set is future proof (for now) with all the connections you need, including a pc input and new networking standard for devices, called dlna. Though there is a usb socket for showing your photos and video on the tv, only sony cameras and camcorders are compatible, so i can’t hook up my ipod or a usb memory device (except sony microvault).

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Samsung LE32C580 Review : 32-inch

4 years on problems with the sound blaring out costs. 4 years on problems with the sound blaring out costs a lot to sit on the phone to try to get through to samsung.

My son loves this tv for using with his xbox. The hd picture is brilliant even with a small portable aerial.

Another good set from sammy. Another good tv from samsung, easy to set up, smart as any other out there and very good picture, slight grey in deepest blacks but to be expected for this technology. I do not agree that the tv has poor sound as some have said, it is a nice rounded sound and does have some bass, for a thin tv you cannot expect it to do much more than it does. Hd pictures are superb and hardly any of the gremlins that normally exist on freeview transmissions are visible, very good motion tracking, smearing is almost non existant and blocking is not evident, very good tv indeed and at a good price, i really don’t think you need all the picture processing that some tv’s include if the manufacturer gets the basics right from the off and this tv seems to be one that is just such a set, 100hz is not needed here, have not tried it with blue ray so cannot comment on that but our standard def dvd player looks very good when being used in 1080i only get the ocaissional judder on action moving at speed across the screen but that may even be down to our quite old dvd system. To sum up this tv does a good job on sd material/channels, very very good job on hd material/channels, buy with confidence.

Comments from buyers

“another good set from Sammy, Excellent TV with all the inputs you could want for, The search is over, Samsung LE32C580 32-inch, Quality Bargain Samsung 32″ TV LE32C580, Samsung LE32C580”

Easy to set up, the picture quality in sd and hd mode is superb, the refresh rate for games consoles is spot on and it looks stylish too. What more could you what for the price your paying.

Bought this tv after many months of research and checking out best buys. Have to say we weren’t disappointed. Bought to go on the wall in the bedroom, it was easy to set up and the picture quality is fantastic, the sound quality is excellent too. We’re not fully hd yet as bought it in preparation for sep, so cant comment on that but if the current picture quality is anything to go buy the viewing will be unbelievable. Well worth a buy – can highly recommend this tv for the price, which was considerably more elsewhere.

After a lot of research i finally took the plunge and bought this hdtv. Well it certainly does what is says on the tin. For this price i would challenge anyone to find a tv with a better picture quality and with the available features.In fact i was so pleased i have bought another two for my mother and mother in law – masses of brownie pointssound quality i think is pretty good – set the sound to normal and put the virtual surround sound to on and you will hear the difference. Samsung seem to top most of the award charts for their tv’s and i can see whyhighly recommended.

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Toshiba 40RL953B Review : Good quality of product

I bought the 40′ version of this tv to replace my 1-year-old-but-just-dead samsung 40′ lcd. My review is based on my experieces with these two tvs. Note that the samsung was the no1 product (by far) here on amazon last year (2011). I went for toshiba because the replacecement samsung model for 2012 was a shame (2 hdmi ports, no hdmi-cec, no dlna). My backgroud: i use the tvs mainly with xbmc and for occasional internet browsing. I am a cs guy but with no particular background/interest on image processing. I bought the tv for $425 (the old samsung was £385). Summary:buy the tv, it’s just fine. The difference over the last year’s most popular lcd is obvious even to the non-trained eye.

Great picture but not all that smart. I bought this from currys because currys is across the road from where i live. I use this as a television and as a monitor for a laptop. As a monitor it’s great, all external inputs look fabulous. I’ve even hooked up an ipad and it looks grand. I’m not convinced about resolution+ but i’ve never been a big fan of upscaling. It worked with a tplink wireless-n dongle i had kicking about, so great connectivity, can’t complain at all. The firmware was really buggy, it crashed often, menus got stuck on screen. You couldn’t use the hd freeview channels because the it couldn’t decode both the audio and hd content at the same time and so the audio would cut in and out. Iplayer would stutter too and the remote control didn’t control iplayer reliably.

Beware of the claim to record onto a hard drive, not true. Toshiba 32rl953b 32-inch widescreen full hd 1080p led smart tv with freeview (new for 2012)this is an excellent television but, it does not record, direct onto a hard drive, contrary to what is written, on its specifications, here and to be honest elsewhere. I bought this model, to do just that, and was disappointed to discover the statement is not true, and the user manual, on the subject is vague but does say, in respect to the remote control , that the ‘record features’ were not available on this television. However, and in spite of that, it is a superb, economical television and great value for the price.

Key specs for Toshiba 40RL953B 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LED Smart TV with Freeview HD (New for 2012):

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    above to make sure this fits.
  • 1920 x 1080 Pixel Resolution
  • AMR100 100Htz Refresh Rate
  • 40″ LED SmartTV Screen
  • Freeview HD

Comments from buyers

“Hello Tosh got a Toshiba, Great TV, but not perfect, Great TV, Great Price, Feature Packed Budget Slim Smart TV, Beware of the claim to record onto a hard drive, not true!!, OK, but nothing outstanding”

Good value tv for the price, 32inch nice size for our room, very good quality picture, colour excellent, dissapointed with the sound to quiet.

Firstly, the same telly in currys is £379 so great saving. I bought this 32 in addition to the 47 fitted in the lounge and very happy with both units. The best feature for me is the freeview hd terrestrial tuner. I have sky hd on both tv’s but if the wife wants to watch sky one while the football is on, i can still it watch in hd and in my opinion terrestrial hd is better quality than satellite hd. Most slimline tv’s struggle with sound. . Although the main body is slim, the bottom section cleverly curves out at the back to create two speaker sections which rather than throwing the sound to the wall, distributes it downwards. The remote is sleek, elegant and easy to use.

Very good tv with good speakers and high definition.

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Toshiba 40RV753B 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Digital LCD TV, Its good and poor

I have had this tv for over 2 months now, we have used all feachers. Hd play station, dvd, free view etc and the results are brilliant. Good clear picture wherever you are sitting. I first bought this in a 32 inch for the lounge, was so impressed went and bought a bigger one and put the 32 inch in the kitchen.

It was the cheapest one i could find with the quality going with it. I did look at lot of internet sites and been to shops to find out which one to buy and what price i pay. I must say this one was the best.

Toshiba 40RV753B 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Digital LCD TV with Freeview HD

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Freeview HD- Built in Freeview HD is the easiest way to enjoy terrestial HD broadcast for free
  • Resolution + – Provides sharper, clearer images with improved edge detail and better textural content of the final image
  • DLNA- Connect your TV via a USB dongle to your compatible Windows 7 laptop. Stream content including videos and music
  • Eco Panel- Consume upto 45% less power than a conventional LCD TV wihtout compromising on picture quality
  • Dolby Volume- provides a full and consistent sound experiance at all volume levels, even low volume.

Good value low end freeview hd telly. Happy for the price i paid, but not blown away – the cheapest 40′ with freeview hd i came across from a half decent brand+ves: price, freeview hd, decent set of connections, program guide is one of the best i’ve used with lots on view, intelligently thought out and resonally responsive (but not perfect, e. You cant get rid of the shopping and paytv channels). Also light enough at 15kg to lift onto wall myself (i am quite big though) unlike some of the plasma monstrosities at 30kg+neutral: picture quality is about what i’d expect at the price for the brand. That said, i’m a bit unclear if it really does have resolution + and activevision as it claims, as a lot of options for these are greyed out in the settings menus. I consider myself fairly technically savy and i cant work out how to get it switched off (or on) for my pc connected via hdmi. Certainly the upscaling if it exists isn’t as good as an old sanyo projector i had about five years ago, albeit that was very high end. -ves: channel switching a bit slow (esp on hd). Lazy manual, settings/guide feaures pages – clearly toshiba re-use the software for these with the rest of their tv range, so it has a lot of features that are either greyed out, or even worse just not supported on this model, but still shown.

We finally took the plunge and decided to scrap our old gigantic toshiba tv which must be 10 years old and is still working well. So, we ordered a 40 inch rv753 from a leading department store complete with 5 year guarantee, for under £400. Sadly, they phoned me the next day to say they were out of stock and didn’t know when or if new stock of this model would be delivered. So, we went elsewhere, paid a bit extra and got just a 3 year guarantee. Better than someset up was a piece of cake, the set looks great and the picture in full hd is excellentbut. And its a very big but, the audio is terrible . The highest level of possible sound is achieved at a setting of 50 on a progress bar that goes up to 100. Between the two, the volume level neither goes up or down. I have thoroughly worked through the audio menu and nothing i do makes any difference.

Great tv all-round – 4 stars from me. I bought this a few weeks ago, its very nice. The picture is good, only 50hz but i didn’t particularly notice motion blur during the world cup final which was a nice suprise. The volume doesn’t go very high and the speakers are poor. Apart from that the tv is great, nice remote, good epg, bbchd, itvhd, channel4hd and bbc1hd. It takes a few secs for hd channels to appear but apart from that, the sound quality and volume level problems its great. I’ve tried bluray on it, freeview hd and it works nicely. Uses quite alot less power compared to most brands which is nice. Seperate speakers would eliminate the poor sound and remove the relatively low volume problem. Will save up for some decent 5.

Toshiba 40RV753B 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Digital LCD TV with Freeview HD : Just took delivery of the tosh – i decided on it based on the very helpful reviews written on here by other owners – one of the great features of buying through amazon. Delivery was fast – as per amazon’s usual high standards. We also have 2 samsung 19″ lcds that have performed well but tales on the web of screen shading over time on their larger screens and samsung’s apparent indifference to this put me off going for samsung. I am very pleased with the toshiba which was up and running with all channels scanned within 10 minutes of opening the box. For me the picture looks great. Hd is obviously nicer than standard definition – but standard is still very watchable. To me the 50hz refresh rate works fine in hd and while it may not be “state of the art” – 100hz or more would be better perhaps – but at a much greater price. To me the picture looks sharp and natural for normal everyday viewing and if there is a slight motion blur in hd i don’t notice it. I do agree with other reviewers who have said that the sound is not very loud even at full volume (and also that there is no noticeable increase in volume above the half way point) so i used the headphone socket to connect to my audio system and that works very well and gives all the volume i need.

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Toshiba 40TL963B Deals : excellence 3D smart t.v and excellence picture.

This is my 3rd toshiba tv from amazon. They are high quality products. This has a fantastic picture in hd and very good sound quality. Its a shame it didnt come with any 3d glasses like a lot of the competition do and they are expensive to buy. Also to set up the smart tv you need to buy a dongle or a home plug so there is a fair amount of money to spend on top of the initial purchase price.

I bought this tv from amazon, in time for my 86th birthday, (24. 1926), since then i bought a wi-fi dongle for it and hooked up to my broadband router. I have not fully checked all the extras i am able to obtain yet but what i have so far, have been very easy to work out, plus the setting up of the tv was made very simple and was no problem to tune in. All in all i am very happy with this tv, it has a very good picture whether using it’s own freeview, my sky box, freesat, or humax freeview pvr. , all these extra boxes being easy to set up as well, due to the number of hdmi and scart connectors available. I have also connected my lap-top and am able to show dvd’s or slide shows with no problem, i have not tested out the 3d facility yet as so far i have not yet purchased any of the glasses required. I wear glasses for reasons of double vision, (built in prisms) so i am not sure if the 3d glasses would be compatible. However despite not having checked out the 3d facility i am very pleased with this television.

Bought it last week and have bee playing with it to discover more about it. Good points:image quality is very good. Unlike some comments saying the sound isn’t that good, i found it quite well. Media streaming from laptop to tv (dlna) wirelessly is really fun. The internet via dongle is pretty good (quite limited possibilities though)beautiful slim design. Bad points:it’s a bit slow to boot and to change mood. The tv guide is a bit slow too. I think the remote isn’t sensible enough either. Here are the specifications for the Toshiba 40TL963B 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LED 3D Smart TV:

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Stunning Full-HD 3D and 2D images
  • Upscales normal 2D video content into 3D
  • Smart TV with built-in access to BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Acetrax movies, Facebook and more via Toshiba Places
  • LED technology delivers stunning colour and brightness with an elegant design and a super slim brushed silver-line bezel
  • Built-in Freeview HD plus a 7 Day EPG

We have had this tv a couple of months now and it has been great. We have been delighted with the picture and range of connection options. The 4 hdmi slots have been really helpful. The sound is better than our last toshiba but we still decided to connect it to a sound-bar. We haven’t used the 3d function yet but everything else has been great. For the money, so far it has been a great investment and we have been problem free. It’s out 4th toshiba and we haven’t had a problem yet and hopefully it will give us many more hours of trouble free viewing.

This tv should be rated a ‘best buy’. Good picture quality, any problems are down to the weak signal in our valley. Good facilities built in, easy to use. The narrow frame around the screen means we could probably have bought a slightly larger set without it dominating the room i would recommend potential buyers to consider that. We have looked at flat screen tv’s for over six months and this is the first one that we immediately considered good value for money, with all the facilities we are likely to need for some time to come. The smart facility has already got me out of trouble with iplayer and only required a mains linked ethernet cable to enable it in our very old house with very thick walls. Haven’t had the chance to try out the 3d facility because we shall have to save up for the active 3d glasses at around £50 each but at that price i understand why toshiba didn’t want to price themselves out of the market by supplying them. We already have dvd players and recorders by toshiba and their after sales technical service is second only to hewlett packard (most of our computer equipment is hp). Overall a very good buy, we are delighted with it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good TV – Excellent UK support
  • Superb True HD 3D television
  • Quality tv but not without some minor flaws
  • Good Panel Let Down By WiFi and Smart Services
  • Toshiba 46″ 3D TV 963B

Delivered on time and in one piece. I cannot comment on the level of difficulty in the initial set-up as being a relative knuckle-head in these matters, i got a man in to set up and fit the new toshiba tv (plus sound bar, sky box and a ps3). I would have to say that it is real quality. The picture quality is ace and adjusting the system parameters is very user-friendly. The only minor grouch is that to access the smart features, you have do buy a seperate dongle (wlm-20u2) which costs anywhere from £30. It doesn’t appear to mention this anywhere.

Bought this 46′ tv to replace our 42′ philips tv. The slim aluminium effect frame really makes the picture jump out at you; the frame on the philips was so thick that the overall size of the toshiba is smaller than the philips even though the screen is 4′ bigger. I haven’t tested the 3d – i bought this tv for all its other features and the toshiba reputation, and it hasn’t disappointed. Neither have i used the net tv / smart tv function because i feed everything to this tv through an xbox 360 acting as a windows media centre extender, so the xbox performs all the broadcast and net tv functions i neeed. Toshiba quality / price ratio can’t be beaten.

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Toshiba 39L4353DB Full HD Smart LED TV, Good television with a good picture

The tv is good, the internet is rubbish. As far as the tv goes this is a good set with excellent picture and certainly adequate to good sound. However i cannot get to grips with the internet side and tried to watch some streaming video but couldn’t get the correct version of the programme to allow me to watch it or even find out how to download it. I bought the set for this feature and was very disappointed when it didn’t work for me. I haven’t been in contact with toshiba yet as i work away from home and am waiting until i get back. I’ll update the review if i have any success with that.

Tv is very stylish and lightweight. Added to my home wifi network and sky tv box in minutes. Great access to streaming tv(netflix) with no buffering and great reception. Free view hd is also excellent. Text input via the remote is a bit clunky, however pairing to a tablet solves that small hiccup. Sound is very good and adjustable to suit. Overall a great smart tv from a quality manufacturer at a budget price.

Toshiba 39L4353DB Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview HD

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  • Toshiba 39-inch FULL HD SMART LED TV – Dimensions (HxWxD) 59 x 89.1 x 20cm with Stand – Energy Rating “A+”
  • SMART TV with access to Toshiba New Cloud TV Portal. Access Apps like Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer and much more.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for connectivity to your home network and access to Toshiba’s Cloud TV Portal and the many Catch-up / On-Demand and other services.
  • 4x HDMI (Supporting ARC & MHL Connectivity), PC (VGA), SCART, Optical Digital Audio Out and 2x USB Ports for Media Playback
  • Includes built-in Freeview HD (UK) or Saorview (ERIE) digital TV access

I am good heart, didnt get it but got the refund.

So, there are two downsides to this tv. The first is that the tv takes a long time to respond to the remote control. You have to weight for ages. The second is that the whole toshiba cloud tv thing is a real pain in the backside to set up. They are the only downsides and i am giving this 5/5 because for the price, it’s a steal. The picture quality is excellent – as good as my (3 year old) samsung. Some people complain about the sound, but we have it wall mounted as a second tv and it is absolutely fine. Easy to mount, easy to operate, and a fantastic price.

Great television didn’t realise it hadn’t got itv 3 and. Great television didn’t realise it hadn’t got itv 3 and 4od etc as research are only available on samsung.

Toshiba 39L4353DB Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview HD : The price was really good for what it allows me to see.

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