LG Electronics 43LF590V Review : Great tv for the money

Good price not quite as good as my samsung with gizmos(samsung voice control).

I love my new tv lovely clear screen and picture.

Good balance of colour was very surprised at the sound quality. (in a good way)i would normally buy a soundbar but see no need. 0 is very easy to navigate the tv itself looks great and was set up in 2 mins.

Key specs for LG 43LF590V 43 Inch Full HD Freeview HD Smart TV SMART TV IPS:

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  • LG
  • 43LF590V

Comments from buyers

“Great Picture – Like Many Other Comparable TV’s It’s Sound is Poor – It Needs a Soundbar! – Excellent Bang For Your Bucks Choice, Great tv for the money, Poor Motion Rate, but excellent picture quality”

Fab tv, even nicer than expected as the back and stand are white and my new tv unit is white so really pleased.

Great picture – like many other comparable tv’s it’s sound is poor – it needs a soundbar. – excellent bang for your bucks choice. Lots of television for your money. The prime consideration when compiling this revue was to directly compare ‘like for like’ and to consider the amount of ‘bang for your bucks’ as some might say.Be very patient and shop around for the best prices and then ‘pounce’ when you feel the time, and/or price is ‘right’ for you. We saved ourselves around 35% to 40% off ‘average’ listed prices at the time of purchasepro’s great screen, smart/internet/webos system opens up (far too many) options to explore. . Just look-up the specs for the details and to check out any specific individual requirements. Lots of hidden adjustments, settings and many features are not immediately obvious. Your time and patience will reap rewards.

Poor motion rate, but excellent picture quality. Seeing as this tv has a 400hz rate i thought i would be seeing a very smooth frame rate like the tv’s of today but not this tv, it does not feel like 400hz at all. The frame rate is abit jumpy and the worst of all is the blur, once you are watching or playing a fast paced scene you can see the screen blurs as it pans which is very displeasing for viewing experience. The picture quality is amazing, it is full hd but the blur and hz rate is not good at all.

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Hisense 50 inch Smart Ultra HD 4K LED TV, You get what you pay for

Spend a bit more for a better picture. . Looked at this in store and compared with samsung and lg the picture was not great. Went for a samsung £50 more but the picture quality is far superior. This hisense is not such a great bargain in reality.

Hisense 50 inch Smart Ultra HD 4K LED TV with 2 years warranty (Silver)

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  • Ultra HD 4K: Packing four times the number of pixels into the same screen sizes as traditional 1080p
  • Smart TV: Instantly stream from BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube
  • Freeview HD: Get the preferable TV channels in high definition
  • HDMI 2.0
  • USB 3.0

This is one if not the cheapest 4k tvs on the market. The price gives a huge hint what sort of tv you are getting. The picture image is very good quality which is what you would expect from a 4k tv. The main drawbacks are that the image quality comes is distorted by fast movement and media such as sports, games or movies get seriously affected. Another bonus is that the tv says it upscales the quality to 4k. I can believe this statement when the input is hd and it does look good however the sd quality is very poor on this tv. Great image qualitysome nice appsok soundeasy set up and easy to change settingscons. Bad with moving objectsbad lag for games and moviesawful for standard quality content.

Amazing tv nothing better for the price point. Great quality, lovely bezel great features. A little slow loading, but really unnoticeable in all honesty. Just wish there was more 4k content:-(.

Excellent picture quality but uneven backlight. Pros:excellent colour reproduction. Sound is good enough as to not make a sound bar essential. Minimal input lag on hdmi 2. Light enough to be easily wall mounted. Very responsive menuscons:contrast could be better, but is alright when dynamically adjusting. Not a major issue on light scenes but can be noticeable on near black scenesthick light an old style ccfl panel, may make it awkward wall mounting in tighter spots.

Hisense 50 inch Smart Ultra HD 4K LED TV with 2 years warranty (Silver) : Amazing tv cant fault it, picture quality is brilliant, highly recommended.

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Hisense 75 inch Widescreen 4K 3D Smart LED TV, Good value but it’s no Samsung

This is a really good tv with great quality picture. If you’ve seen a samsung or sony 4k tv then don’t expect that quality, but there again you are paying way below their prices. This is a really good tv with great quality picture. The price for this is that you would expect to pay for hd but is much better. The sound quality is great, no need for a sound bar at all. Not perfection but well worth the money.

Perfect uhd tv for money. 4k uhd with hdr at a realy affordable price simple and easy to set up great picture , youtube nexflix and amazon on demand will certainly reccomend this tv for exceptional value and perfect visual superb value for money well worth the price.

Hisense 75 inch Widescreen 4K 3D Smart LED TV with Freeview HD – Black

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  • Ultra HD 4K: Packing four times the number of pixels into the same screen sizes as traditional 1080p
  • Smart TV: Instantly stream from BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube
  • Freeview HD: Get the preferable TV channels in high definition
  • HDMI 2.0 x 4
  • USB 3.0

Very good tv and amazing for value. You get phenominal clarity and very good built in speakers that are suprisingly very loud and clear. The remote come with a built in netflix button for convenience.

But could not help but give this a great review, sound is excellent compared to my 4k. Did not get it from amazon, but could not help but give this a great review, sound is excellent compared to my 4k panasonic which cost 3x as much, picture is great and plays any video format you can throw at it great buy.

Hisense h65m5500 4k uhd led. Not usually one for leaving reviews but thought i would leave one for this tv seeing as there wasnt lots of them for me to read when i ordered the tv. I just received it today and so far im impressed with the 65′ 4k uhd led hisense tv. My last living room tv was a 9 year old lg plasma which is still going but is a bit dated, once we replaced our bedroom telly with an led back lit one we knew the telly had to be replaced in the living room. So for anyone who is unsure about buying it because they havent heard of hisense i can tell you now its fantastic. It isnt taking up to much more space than our old lg as the top and sides bezels are about 1cm with the bottom bezel about 2 cm. So to sum it up, pictures amazing, sound is good and even better using a sound bar. Only thing to be mindful of is the position of the legs, they are about 131cm apart, odds are your old tv stand aint going to work. I picked a tv stand up for £150 with a tv wall mount bracket fitted on it so the tv just looks like it floating above the stand. Its the way to go if you dont want to put it on the wall.

Hisense 75 inch Widescreen 4K 3D Smart LED TV with Freeview HD – Black : Having been looking for a new tv for a while and hearing some good stuff about hisense i decided to take the plunge and ordered from amazon. The delivery was quick and on time and packaging was undamaged. The tv itself was very easy to place the stand on (although will need two people due to the size) setup was quick and easy with only a slight adjustment to the colour required and to turn of all the motion smoothing (personal preference some may like it)as far as the picture goes i am amazed by the gorgeous display crisp clear and great colour range. Netflix built in and 4k available on both netflix and amazon if you have the correct subscriptions. If you are looking for a very reasonably priced tv in a good size you will be hard pushed to find better than this.

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Samsung UE40JU6400KXXU Review : Bought as monitor

Great price superb tv ignore the bad reviews. For the price this tv is great. The picture in 4k is very impressive and the apps are great. All the apps i tried worked including bbc iplayer are working fine as i know some users have been down rating the tv because of this service alone wasn’t previously working. Anyway great tv for entry level 4k.

All the apps work now – iplayer etc. Remote control useless for going on the internet as you have to type each letter in individually which takes forever, so best to buy separate wireless keyboard and mouse if you’re going to use the internet on it. Bought logitech wireless keyboard and mouse but didn’t work on samsung tv web browser. Rang samsung and they said only samsung wireless keyboard would work on their tvs, and only certain models depending on model of your tv, but can’t buy model they suggested (vg-kbd2500) as only available in america and has bad reviews on american amazon anyway, and other model (vg-kbd2000) is old and can’t buy new. Had skype app when first got tv, so plugged in webcam to tv but didn’t work, so rang samsung and they said only a samsung webcam with a specific model number works with tv (vg-stc5000). Skype has decided to remove itself from all tvs now though, so it was removed from my tv in a recent update. Has no scart socket, so had to buy scart to hdmi adaptor to connect up old freeview recorder box, and this worked fine. Later discovered didn’t need this as could connect old freeview box to tv through scart on panasonic blu ray recorder.

The quality of the picture is fantastic and features of the tv are perfect for what we need it for (screen casting, usb, tv, apps, games). Really love the slick ui as well. So easy to use and loads fast.

Key specs for Samsung Series 6 JU6400 4K Ultra HD Smart LED 40 Inch TV (2015 Model):

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  • Immerse in a perfect UHD experience with 900 PQI
  • Enjoy UHD streaming, catch-up and games services
  • Enhance your viewing with UHD
  • Upscaling Experience for more accurate and natural colours

Comments from buyers

“Great TV, smoothness of images with blow you away. Make sure to have HD TV package from your provider to fully enjoy this TV!, Bought as monitor, Great price superb TV ignore the bad reviews!, A good first impression but ultimately disappointing., good picture quality & simple to setup, excellent product and great picture”

Crystal clear viewing and all the apps and on demand services you need.

Bought this as a 40′ monitor. Has hdmi 2 and so supports 60hz 4:4:4 colour. Use it with a free screen divide software called win split revolution to split screen into 3 columns. Very natural way to read web pages and odds and to write documents.

I am quite happy with the tv easy to put on the wall. I am quite happy with the tv easy to put on the wall, the stand is quite large but very secure once is holding the tv. Sound not the best and because this i suggest to buy the sound bar. The ports behind are a lot and they cover all so you will not have any problem to connect your devices.

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LG Electronics 27MT93V-PZ Deals : Could be one of the best 3D TV at this price

Good tv great picture great sound very pleased with tv. Good tv great picture great sound very pleased with tv.

Could be one of the best 3d tv at this price. This could be one of the best 3d tv at this price, got my tv the 2nd day. Only drawback is it dont have vga/dvi port.

Has pretty much everything you can ask for in a tv. . Has pretty much everything you can ask for in a tv and the magic remote is a godsend. There’s nothing else like it in the market at that size. I think the model has been discontinued so catch while you can. Here are the specifications for the LG 27MT93V-PZ:

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  • Full HD Smart TV with IPS LED panel
  • Full HD 1080p, 1920*1080 resolution
  • Picture in Picture
  • Cinema 3D
  • 2 x HDMI
  • 2 year warranty

Extremely good tv and pc monitor. I wanted a 27 inch 1080p smart tv that looked good and could use as a monitor for a mini pc. Luckily, this lg fits the bill perfectly, as other brands don’t offer the right size or features. Streaming from t’interweb or nas drive, immediate with minimal fuss. Menus, interface and tv guide are functional and easy to use. Screen resolution good enough for up close computer use. High def freeview channels look very good, although slightly ‘washed out’ in my opinion compared to my sony tv, even after changing picture settings. The bezel is tiny, the stand is discreet.

We already had one of these tv/monitors in the bedroom and, after my pc monitor decided that it no longer wanted to work, i just replaced it with another of these, and was especially delighted that, when i decided to go ahead and buy it, it was on a lightning deal which saved me quite a few quid. The picture quality on hd channels especially is quite excellent and, as a pc monitor, i have no complaints at all.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Extremely good TV and PC monitor
  • has pretty much everything you can ask for in a tv
  • A very good buy.
  • Could be one of the best 3D TV at this price
  • Thoroughly recommended.
  • Good TV great picture great sound very pleased with TV

Would recommend anyone looking for combo monitor tv to consider the lg. A small niche market well served.

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LG 4K Ultra HD 43 inch TV – ultra tv that says it all.

Excellent smart tv, just missing itv player and 4od apps to make it perfect. . I am very pleased with this tv but have given it 4 stars rather than 5 for three reasons: 1) there is no itv player app; 2) there is no 4od app; 3) the netflix app stopped working after a few weeks (i managed to get it working again by changing the dns server setting in the tv to use a specific dns server in the usa, although that provides the us netflix service rather than the uk netflix service and there are some differences in content, such as uk tv shows). To be fair, the netflix problem is probably not lg’s fault: the web is littered with posts by owners of smart tvs from various manufacturers that suffer from the same problem. To get around the lack of an itv player app and a 4od app i connect my laptop to the tv via an hdmi cable and use the players in a browser on the laptop. But apps on the tv itself would be much more convenient. The bbc iplayer app is a real boon, and i have never watched so much catch-up tv. Apart from those three grumbles, the tv is excellent. The initial set-up of the tv after taking it out of the box was an absolute doddle. There are quite a few apps (free and non-free) which you can install from the remote lg content store accessible via the tv menu. Apart from netflix, there are apps from other media providers such as now tv, amazon, google play movies & tv, blinkbox, spotify, etc.

Picture is really good even on freeview. Personally i couldnt tell a difference between normal hd and the ultra hd upscaling setting unless i am steaming 4k. Looks great with xbox one, netflix and even my android box. Only gripe is that i didnt get a bigger size as 43 isnt big enough to show of the screen quality.

1080p to 4k – yes you will see the difference. We’ve been using samsung lcd tv for about 10 years now, and having used some lg computer monitors i was impressed with their image quality. So when this 4k beauty came up in the black friday sales i chucked it in the basket before spending 10 minutes measuring the gap it needed to fit into. As far as picture and sound. Even the built in speakers are reasonable, although i do have thx certified 2. 1 speakers plugged in to the tv we tend to use the tv sound for day to day viewing (the external speakers go into standby and don’t always wake up). It’s replaced a 3 year old 32′ samsung smart tv. The old tv was 1080p and had a good picture, but the increase in size and the 4k of the lg knock spots off the sammy (we still have the sammy as a bedroom tv).

  • This LG 40” smart TV is an impressive piece of kit
  • I have had it for a few days now and it runs great, games look amazing at 4k with no lag
  • Excellent smart TV, just missing ITV Player and 4oD apps to make it perfect.
  • Excellent 4k UHD TV!
  • Almost perfect TV
  • This TV is Exceptional value for money!

Brilliant tv, stunning picture. . I have been buying lg smart tvs for ages now and prefer them over the more common samsung by a mile. Easy to use and beautiful picture. Sound as always is pretty rubbish, but if you are going to buy a tv of this quality, you need to buy an equally high end sound bar or external speaker of some kind. The smart features on this are different than my other lg’s. The user interface is a bit awkward, but i am getting the hang of it. I also bought the magic remote as you really do need a cursor for ease of use. Chuck the batteries it comes with as they are useless. This remote is much better that previous ones i have. Uk/dp/b00y2nxvz2/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_20.

Brilliant picture quality another lg success.

Features of LG 4K Ultra HD 43 inch TV

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    above to make sure this fits.
  • Smart TV with webOS
  • Ultra clarity index
  • Ribbon plate stand
  • This model is LED-edge lit

The picture on this tv is stunning and i can honestly say that this is the first ever television i’ve owned where i haven’t had to tinker with the picture settings. Netflix 4k, youtube 4k and amazon instant video 4k are jaw droppingly sharp. My husband, who always said he couldn’t see any difference between sd and hd said the picture ‘looks real’i initially had an issue getting the amazon app to open or update, but a quick chat with the amazon help service solved the issue- if you have the same problem, go into the tv settings and delete the advertiser cookies, switch tv off, then back on. I had an issue with the set losing the wifi connection after being on standby, but a quick search reveals that it’s the router settings causing this. Rather than alter the router i opted to plug an ethernet cable straight into the set. The only downside to this tv is the speakers, but that’s a pretty common issue with slim bezel designs. Don’t expect the neighbours to be banging on the wall to turn the volume down. The magic remote is great too, with voice control and a sort of air-mouse style cursor. All in all, possibly the best tv i’ve ever had.

Bought ours to go on a stand in a meeting room at the office for connection to computers. We don’t really use it as a tv so i can’t comment on any of the tv features, but it looks to have everything you could ever want. Having the 4k resolution makes training sessions much easier as we can get two full resolution browser windows side by side. The miracast / widi screen casting just doesn’t want to connect to any of our computers though. I have a sony bravia at home which does this no problem, so i assumed the same would be true of the lg. It’s not a deal breaker for us though. Tv looks good and the wiimote style point and click remote control is useful. The voice control is a bit gimmicky and not something i can see us using.

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SEIKI SE39UY01UK 39-Inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV – I love the TV and is fantastic when playing on the

Very good value for money very pleased with it. Read the reviews about this tv and i nearly put me off buying. But at the price had to buy as needed a new tvit arrived yesterday 17 dec 2015easy to assemble just the base to fit. Very easy to set up have to say the picture quality is really good the sound quality is good as i will only be using this a tv have to say really pleased with it. If you want to use it as a monitor for games then you really should spend more money on a tv that’s designed for games. Put my tablet on there this morning and was using netflicks no problem will get it linked to the internet soon.

Uk not 4k ready yet, i’d wait. Decent tv for the money but the 4k ability is extremely restricted. Most 4k tvs rely on their smart functionality to stream 4k content. This isn’t a smart tv, so i am yet to find a source for 4k content in the uk that can be used on it.

But content limited and not 2. 0 hdmi speed. . Great product for the price. You get what you pay for and this is entry level 4k and it’s great for the price. Gaming isn’t ideal but the picture quality is stunning. If you want a good tele and you have hd channels available.

  • Lag when gaming or using as a monitor
  • Excellent but not as a TV
  • Great budget 4k TV and Monitor
  • I love the TV and is fantastic when playing on the
  • but the screen quality is alright pictures and movies looks amazing. But I have to wait until their 40″
  • Very cheap good 4k TV

Ok so the reviews on this are ridiculous. First of all it doesnt matter if people need 4k, they buy it because they want it you absolute tool. The’gamers’ if you are looking at a 4k tv for having you are also idiots as consoles don’t support 4k and why the he’ll would you have a 39′ tv as a monitor?.The gtg response times are terrible on all tvs, colour reproduction is poor compared to a decent monitor and it’s a tv not a monitor. There is some serious idiots on here. This is a budget tv giving you what other companies are overcharging you for. It is a decent size and decent price. I use this tv on my bedroom mainly for 4k videos/movies from netflix/youtube.

An adaquate tv but no more than that. . We were aiming to upgrade our 32′ samsung when this 39′ seiki became available on amazon. I don’t normally go for brands i don’t know but with the way the chinese electronics industry is now the world leader i expected great things. That was a bit silly on my part. Don’t get me wrong, as base 39′ tvs go it’s acceptable but having read the company’s glowing self reviews i expected better. The set looks good, is very, very slim and unbelievably light, needing the heavy glass base to keep the thing stable. You can actually pick the thing up with one hand although i don’t really recommend it. Fitting the base was the first snag i hit upon as the screws really needed a powered screwdriver to drive them all (5) home tight enough for safety. You also need two people as someone needs to hold the tv vertical while someone else fits and screws up the base.

Features of SEIKI SE39UY01UK 39-Inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV with Freeview

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • 4K Ultra HD TV with cristal picture quality
  • Freeview to enable you to get access to over 50 TV channels
  • Built in slim, space-saving design
  • Audio Connections: 1 Stereo Mini Phono Jack Input (3.5 mm) (VGA Audio), 1 RCA Input (R & L), 1 Headphone: Stereo Mini (3.5 mm), 1 RCA Output (R & L)
  • 3 HDMI Input, 2 USB Input (JPEG Pics and MP3 Audio Only)

At first there was some lag from sound to picture but after playing around with the settings you can remove that. It is a bit jumpy in parts but that’s with higher resolution because it has a low refresh rate. Overall great product for the price £220.

After shopping around with a fixed budget in mind i decided to plump for a seiki. Although the name is new to me i decided to take a chance and i’m glad i did. My sons love the screen for gaming and when i can tear them away from their games i love the picture quality for dvds and tv. If you are not technically minded buying electrical items can seem like a lottery, but i am very pleased with this purchase and i feel it offers good value for money.

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Panasonic TX-55DX600B Deals : You won’t regret buying this

You won’t regret buying this. Amazing to, great picture and quality unit. Hd and 4k content looks totally amazing :).

I bought this to replace a five-year-old 42” panasonic vieira plasma that had developed flaws. Those plasmas were top drawer and much loved by av enthusiasts; exceptional black levels, fantastic colour tone and no motion judder. I was reluctant to abandon plasma for led because five years earlier plasmas had been so obviously superior, but given my budget and the lack of new plasmas, i decided to take a leap, and chose another panasonic due to my hope they might have brought some of their skills to the led market. The set i got is a 49” and first impressions were good. Massively lighter, thinner and with a less intrusive bezel, the tv’s aesthetics are great and the stands curving/straight legs can be set to taste. It took no time to set up and the tv will walk you through a quick set up and guide to its features. The smart tv feature were not something i was too fussed about (i use xbox one most the time) but they work well so i cannot complain and it saves me switching on my xbox all the time. The apps store cover most the basics you might need (netflix, amazon, bbc. ) tv guide is miles better than the awful one on the plasma and you can access many of the catch-up apps via the guide which is a nice time saver.

Upon arrival i thought it looked huge. It was never going to fit into the space i’d allocated for it. On opening the box , however, i found the stand was packed alongside the tv making it seem larger. Just plug in aerial and power and enter wifi router code. Not too many useful apps available but the main ones are there. All catch up as well as amazon and of course netflix which the remote has a dedicated button. Sounds are good, though bass is a little weak even with boost on. Still, the sound is clear enough for my slightly hard of hearing ears not to need subtitles quite as often. Picture quality is great especially in 4k. To me though there is a major problem. Looking at anything grey, such as sky, when the camera pans so the picture moves, strange marks are noticeable. These marks appear as darker grey scale blobs. Maybe it’s just the high picture quality showing camera lens marks or there’s a fault with the led system, but it can be quite distracting at times. Here are the specifications for the Panasonic TX-55DX600B 55-Inch 800 Hz 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV:

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • 4K Ultra HD – Delivers Four Times the Picture Resolution of a Normal HD TV
  • my Home Screen 2.0 – Customisable Home Screen for Easier Content Access
  • Quad Core Pro – Comfortable Operation of Smart Functions with High-Speed Processing
  • Delivers Both Deep Blacks in Dark Scenes and Plenty of Punch in Bright Scenes with Adaptive Backlight Dimming
  • Freetime with Roll Back TV including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, Demand 5

Nice face, shame about the legs. Previously owned a panasonic 42as740 which has an ips panel. This has a va panel (40′ size only) so the contrast is hugely superior, but the viewing angle is very tight. If you sit more than 30 degrees off to the side the image loses contrast and gains a milky sheen. For this reason we had to rearrange our sitting room. I think this is probaly the case with even top end (non oled) sets from other manufacturers and is a limitation of the technology. Of course it has to upscale even hd content to uhd, but it does this perfectly and sd doesn’t look too bad either. It has a fast quad core processor which probably helps with the image processing as well as making the interface very snappy. We have watched netflix and amazon 4k content and because we sit close the difference is obvious. We have 16mbps broadband (max) and if i press the ‘info’ button while on netflix i can see that although most of the time it shows i am watching 2160p, this drops to 1080p or 720p as the line speed fluctuates.

Usb recording) a bit basic and inconvenient to use. .I’ll add updates as i discover them. [update: doesn’t like dts soundtracks on mkv files which is a tad annoying as your uhd media will likely be in this format. the basic functions of this tv are good; the quality of the picture is pleasing (surprisingly so in sd) and the tv guide is clear (see pics). The remote is mostly fine but the guide button is adjacent to the power button which is daft. But it loses a star for fiddly secondary functions (like usb recording) as well as other annoyances/limitations like not being able to zoom-out. The stand has feet which toe-in on one side. ]

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Panasonic 49″ 4K LED
  • Good picture and sound. Web and DNLA work well. Other features (eg. USB recording) a bit basic and inconvenient to use.
  • Nice face, shame about the legs!
  • Wow. Time to upgrade your TV!
  • The Panasonic TX-49DX600B 4K Ultra HD does almost everything I want
  • Amazing Difference

Replacing my 8 year old led samsung this was a bit of a wake up call as to how far tvs have come on. Surprisingly light it was up and on its stand within ten minutes of opening the box. Plug in the sky box through one of 3 hdmi ports and connect to wifi (as easy as putting in your network password) and i was up and running. A quick 5 minute download to update the software and then invite the family in to experience the picture quality. Nothing short of astounding. There’s not a huge amount of 4k programming to watch, but i found some on amazon video (no need for the amazon fire tv anymore – the signal comes straight through the app) and the detail and colours are just astonishing. That said, even standard hd programming looks miles better than it did on my samsung. Sound is great, the user interface is super easy (kids love the dedicated netflix button on the remote).

Panasonic freeview / smart television. . Excellent hd freeview picture. The smart television side is also easy to set up and use. The unit it’s self is a pleasure on the eyes.

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Samsung UE60JU6800KXXU Deals : Same series but smaller. It is good value for money.

Great tv – you won’t be disappointed.

It is good value for money. . I bought the smaller one of this series samsung ue55ju6800 55 -inch lcd 1080 pixels tv (electronics)i have some tips and i think it would be useful and not repeat the same mistake with me. I solely focus on the connectivity to mobile and internet application or casting content from my phone. I like all the picture quality of every brands in this price range, of course the expensive series from sony and panasonic look really good but i think samsung ue55ju6800 covers everything i need. Webos from lg is really tempting as it is so easy to use. Also added the tip about wall mount/wireless devices. Please below link to see the review[.

Firstly the delivery procedure was excellent, they phoned ahead. Firstly the delivery procedure was excellent, they phoned ahead, 2 men carried the package into my lounge, unpacked the tv and tested it. I’m a retired pro photographer so i look at image quality very critically. The detail and sharpness is amazing. At 8 feet from the screen, the correct viewing distance for this set, i see no sign of pixilation. The colour quality, straight out of the box is spot on – programs and films shot under controlled lighting conditions – the skin tones are perfect, and the tonal range is excellent. Sport is where it really shines, amazing detail and the action is sharp, no blurring at all that i could discern. And the faces in the crowd are amazing. It is better than going to the cinema, to watch a film – i have a high quality hi-fi surround sound system. Here are the specifications for the Samsung UE60JU6800:

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Nano Crystal Display
  • 4K UHD Resolution
  • Minimalistic Metallic Design

I bought a wall mounting kit and a camera. The camera installation was easy and skype now works on the tv. The sound lacks any real depth and therefore i would advocate hooking up a sound bar, the sound quality is now matches the picture.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Firstly the delivery procedure was excellent, They phoned ahead
  • Same series but smaller. It is good value for money.

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Sony KDL50W756CSU Deals : Misleading description of YouView functionality

Still waiting for you view firmwear update. I bought this tv in june, a very good picture, but poor sound quality at low volume and after a few weeks a line of pixels changed to permanent green, however sony came out quickly and replaced the tv. A couple of things i would point out – youview should have been available ‘summer 15’ as of october 15 it is not available i spoke with the sony help desk who advised it would be available by the end of the year but could not give a date despite their website still saying summer 15. Also the ability to record onto a usb drive is not yet available this will also be available as a firmwear update by the end of the year. Please note that if you select the ability to use youview you cannot use usb recording its either or which i think will be annoying. Given the delay i do feel sony should extend everyone’s warranty by 6 months as the whole reason i bought the tv was to be able to use youview.

Great sound & picture quality. We’re a month in – delivered faster than expected – and it’s superb. Great sound and picture quality. Some reviews mentioned that it was really slow – i haven’t found it to be at all. Very easy to add apps, very easy to add an hdd to record tv.

Very nice tv – good hd picture. I recently had this tv delivered – not from amazon because i needed it installing – but thought that amazon customers might appreciate some feedback. This is a very smart looking tv with a great hd picture. Sound is very clear and perfectly loud enough. I do not think that the set needs a sound bar. My only niggle is i think the black one 43w755 frames the picture nicely, but it was out of stock when i ordered mine. I am very happy with this tv. Here are the specifications for the Sony KDL-50W756C Smart 50-inch Full HD TV:

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  • X-Reality Pro: Experience high picture quality
  • Android TV: Seamless entertainment, intelligent search. All the personalisation, intelligence and entertainment of your smartphone, on the big screen. Use of this TV requires consent to Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Slim design: The elegant slim design seamlessly blends into any living room, even when mounted on the wall
  • Motionflow XR 800 Hz: Reduced blur and judder. Smoother images, whatever you watch
  • YouView*: The seven day scroll back TV guide brings together catch up TV from across BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand. *User interface may differ. Limited ITV content in Scotland and NI. Suitable coverage, broadband speed and aerial required. Terms and condition’s apply

Excellent tv, great sound and picture excellent connectivity, good for mirroring. . Looks beautiful and the picture is fantastic. Picture:the definition is marvellous, very sharp indeed. Sound: i don;t need my surround sound anymore, its amazing full, and plenty of volume. Ease of use: the tv is easy to mount on the stand and the remote is self explanatory. Lots of hdmi inputs so great. Smart: really good apps for amazon prime and netflix, infact the remote has a button that goes straight to netflix. Android: just log in with your google account and off you go, it knows all you preferences no messing,mirroring: works like a dream, easy to link up with my (miracast) htc one m9 and my nexus 7. Did find it couldn’t link to my phone one day but worked ok later- maybe a little hit and miss?overall: i am very pleased with this tv, it is stable, gook looking and quick.

At first i was very cautious about purchasing this android 43’sony w75xc (silver)android tv not only because of its size in my front room but mainly after reading the adverse reports about its reliability. I like android devices as i have several by amazon and some the latest reports seemed to hint that sony had at last cured the faults and indeed the tv was a reliable buy. I have had the tv for a week now and i am amazed at its content. The picture is amazing especially in vivid mode. Standard mode is more realistic,but of course this depends on the viewer. The sound i have through my 3 small speaker’s used on my last sony 32′ tv is very good i found the tv very easy to set up. ‘just follow the instructions on the screen’. The instruction book is of limited use but the additional blue folded leaflet is useful for checking connections sect. The controller is the usual sony style with a dedicated football button.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Misleading description of YouView functionality
  • Amazing picture!
  • Great tv, shame it doesn’t have a sleep function on the remote.
  • Excellent TV, great sound and picture excellent connectivity, good for mirroring.
  • Still waiting for you view firmwear update
  • My best buy! I am so impressed with the picture

Misleading description of youview functionality. I bought this tv as i wanted a television with:1) youview – the ability to pause, rewind and also catch up a week’s television2) amazon prime3) plex4) a decent image for a reasonable price and a minimal designthe good news is that the tv achieves items 2, 3 & 4 pretty well. The problems however, pertain to the youview functionality. Prior to buying the set, i was encouraged by the fact there was usb recording. I understood that i could not record youview, but what wasn’t clear is that if you choose to enable the youview functionality of this tv then you essentially wave goodbye to the ability to be able to record anything (on freeview), and also the ability to pause or rewind live tv. This is a fairly major crippling of functionality. So it’s very much an either / or. Either you don’t allow the tv to utilise the 7-day on demand catch-up functionality of youview and maintain the ability to record live tv to an external hdd, or you enable the youview functionality and disable the ability to record anything. The inevitable outcome is that the only workaround is to end up doubling up: i. Having to buy a youview+ box for your 7 day historic catch-up and ability to record / pause / rewind live tv, and then use the sony tv for amazon prime, plex, etc. At some stage some bright spark will think to integrate youview+ technology into the tv. Sony trot out nonsense about licensing issues preventing recording – which is spurious as the hdd you record to on the sony tv is encrypted so can only playback on that tv. So in that regard no different from a youview+ box with its encrypted internal hard drive.

Great tv, shame it doesn’t have a sleep function on the remote. . Very good tv – the android os can be a little slow and unresponsive at times. The reason for only 4 stars is that there is a not a sleep button on the remote control – something i use daily as i have the tv on before falling asleep. This means it has to be accessed through the settings which takes about 30 seconds – this is not a major issue, and may be insignificant to most, but it is not something that is apparent. The tv itself is fantastic and produces high quality images from different sources – i would highly recommend this tv.

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