Samsung UE55D6100 55-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D 200Hz LED SMART Internet Television, UE32d6100 review – Hope this is helpful

Awesome, amazing and affordable. I purchased the samsung led ue46d6100 to replace an old toshiba projector tv. >the 200 htz turns does make a big difference. I can’t fault picture quality. I have tested blu ray and it is amazing, this tv makes dvd’s look super. I also use tivo box and pic quality is wow. When researching i noticed some led tv suffer from bleeding. I have had this tv for over a month and i haven’t noticed any bleeding.

Samsung ue40d6100 40 inch led tv. One big down side for me, as i have hearing damage i rely on earphones. When i plug earphone into this tv it cuts out the main speakers which are needed for my wife and i to enjoy a program together. Any ideas how to overcome this?.

Samsung UE55D6100 55-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D 200Hz LED SMART Internet Television with Freeview HD

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    above to make sure this fits.
  • Ultra Slim LED TV
  • 3D Smart TV
  • 4 HDMI, USB 2.0 Movie
  • Ultra Clear Panel
  • PVR, Freeview HD

Samsung ue40d6100 40-inch widescreen full hd 1080p 3d 200hz led smart internet tv with freeview hd. I bought this tv after many hours of research on the internet. And after owning it for over 2 months i am very pleased with it. The picture on hd is superb on virgin. As is the blue ray picture on my samsung 3d blue ray player. As for any motion issues just set the motion plus to clear and it is faultless. Being a keen gamer i would also say using the gamer mode,which is in the settings menu makes for an excellent gaming experience. With the 3d, after watching the new puss in boots at the cinema yesterday the tv does as good a job as i saw yesterday. With any tv and more so an hd one, if the source of the picture is not great the tv will show up any faults.

Ue32d6100 review – hope this is helpful. This is my review for ue32d6100. After over a month’s research on 3d led tvs, and understanding my needs,i chose to go for a 32′ 3d tv and preffered something below 500 quid. To this date there are two models available satisfying these requirements1) this model2) lg 32lw450ui see that comet has an offer with this model. 1) 2 pairs of 3d glasses2) mega mind 3d movie ,when i compared rest of the features, i see that samsung is much better along with this offer becozpros:* excellent picture quality. Couldn’t belive my eyes* being an apple fan, when i looked at the smart tv functions and the ease of access and refinement, i fell in love with this tv. * with other models available at £200 more, the only things missing would be a web browser, skype and this 2d to 3d conversion. * internet connectivity is as simple as it could get. Just plugged in a ethernet cable and it picked up the connection and updated to the latest firmware. * social networking apps are good but it will be a pain to use with a remote.

Let me start off by saying how awesome this tv is. Designsince this is a samsung you expect this tv to look amazing and it does. It is very thin, measuring about 3cm thick. Looks better than anything in this size. Featuresthis tv has the lot. 4 hdmi ports, 3 usb ports, freeview hd, wifi ready and of course smart hub. I have a hama wireless usb adapter at the back and the internet features are great. Bbc iplayer was seamless as well as youtube. You can play almost any movie format from a usb hdd including side by side 3d mkv files.

Samsung UE55D6100 55-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D 200Hz LED SMART Internet Television with Freeview HD : This tv has broken my heart, i’ve only had it two weeks and i love it to bits however this weekend i found a major flaw with the 3d and have had to return it for a refund :(the functions were great the only flaw i found was that the pvr doesn’t record virgin or sky signals which are the only incoming tv signals i have as i live in an area that cannot receive freeview, picture quality was superb and in fact the whole build of the tv in general is top notch and the picture quality mindblowing. 3d :- ok distant and medium 3d is incredible everything looks so vivid and lifelike and really stands out, major effects however where the object is supposed to come right out of the screen at you just result in a blurry object. At first i assumed it was because these films are made for cinema and not for the home and so it’s just a limitation of the technology however on reading reviews of the two films i tried (piranha 3d and ocean wonderland) i see people raving about effects like a sea snake that comes out of the screen in ocean wonderland and almost hits you on the nose but all i see is a stunning snake coming towards you which then turns into a double edged blur and a piranha egg that’s supposed to do the same again just turning into a blurry circle so with much regret back it has to go. As the 3d effects are fine long and medium range i believe it is the tv model that is at fault and not the glasses however if anyone has these films and can confirm that they can see perfectly the effects i’m talking about please say so here so i can take an exchange rather than a full refund as the tv probably won’t be picked up until later this week.

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Seiki SE50FO03UK Deals : Fantastic TV. Not so fantastic sound. May require a soundbar.

First of all, i didn’t pay the current price for the television (409). I bought it on special offer at £275. If you can grab it at that price, this television is fantastic. The picture is decent with nice colours. Contrast isn’t bad but could be better. I have no idea what the reviewers and answerers to the product questions who say that ‘the tv is not smart’ are talking about. The television has wifi built in and allows you on a few different internet streaming services such as netflix and youtube.

The replacement is still very good value. Design is slim and light weight. Despite having to return a defective t v after only a week which went smoothly, the replacement is still very good value. Design is slim and light weight, sound and picture quality are very good and all functions are easy to use.

Sons pleased to happy daysmy son’s projector broke so i was keen to get him a good tv at a good price for x-box, netflick etc. This tv comes with 3 hdmi sockets and 1 x usb socket so also perfect him his amazon fire stick. 00 for the 50′ to me this was a absolute bargain not to be missed. Tv arrived the next day and my 12 year old son set it up in a matter of minutes and i mean minutes. It was by all accounts super easy to set upthe picture on this is superb and so is the sound. The qwerty keyboard on the remote is a very handy indeed. A lot of buyers who have left a bad review seem mainly to be about opera tv store not being installed / working. I can not see anywhere on the description for the 50 that says opera is installed, so how can reviews say that they only bought it for opera, when its not mentioned???it says on the bullet point of the 50′ tv qhixh i purchased. Here are the specifications for the SEIKI 50-Inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV:

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  • Connected LED TV with Wi-Fi built-in, streaming your favourite music, movies and TV shows
  • Freeview HD to enable you to get access to over 50 TV channels
  • The remote control QWERTY keyboard allows you to easily enter any word, phrase or keyboard command to any application
  • Connects to video streaming applications such as Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, BBC News, BBC Sports, Toongoggles, Accuweather
  • 3 x HDMI connections,Slim, space-saving design

Well so far so good the picture is great. There were no reviews on here when i purchased this tv, so i went ahead and ordered as the special price of £274. 99, then the reviews started to be added and i was worried what i had purchased. . Well so far so good the picture is great, and i got on the wifi no problem at all via my iphone. The sound is a bit tinny and an adjustment and all ok.

There is a few not so good reviews but i got the 50 inch tv of this on bargen, dispite yodel taking a while to deliver, when it did come i must say for 270 odd pound this tv for me delivers for sure. Everything you need for so cheap, brilliant tv, the sound quality could be better but subwoofer always makes things better. Definitely worh every penny for me personally, unless you a real tech person this is a bargen.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Assembled in the UK, great picture and sound, internet streaming, bargain
  • It would be perfect if it had Amazon Prime app.
  • Fantastic TV. Not so fantastic sound. May require a soundbar.
  • well so far so good the picture is great
  • the replacement is still very good value. Design is slim and light weight

It would be perfect if it had amazon prime app. . I cannot understand the poor review son this tv. Yes, there are a few annoying glitches (sometimes wifi seems fickle, and the netflix app messes up with the screen size for some reason every now and then, requiring me to come out of the movie and back again) but it’s a great, cheap tv with built-in wifi, digital sound out (to connect my sonos system) and a few apps. I watch bbc and netflix on it, and that covers 90% of my needs. It would be perfect if it had amazon prime app.

Assembled in the uk, great picture and sound, internet streaming, bargain. Purchased for the bargain price of £275, on an amazon flash deal of the day sale, just as a kitchen wall tv i can use with my morning coffee. Have temporarily set it up in my lounge next to my 3 year old 60 inch lg which cost £1300 just to test it out before installing it properly. Comparing the two made me realise just what a bargain this 50 inch seiki is. Picture is bright and sharp, sound is crisp and clear, frame is quite thin and stylish. Set up and network access is simple and straight forward. The apps available, whilst other have noted they are currently limited to those listed, there is a note inside the box which states the manufacturers app store ‘opera house’ is currently unavailable and the tv will automatically update once available, so i assume its under development by this seemingly new manufacturer and once this comes online, additional apps might be available. However i will say just having the currently available bbc iplayer, youtube and netflix streaming is fine for me, and really at £275, are you really expecting every single app and game every created to be available?. You have purchased quite possibly the cheapest 50 inch tv on the market, and given the great quality picture and sound, any internet/smart functionality is just a great bonus really. Also this tv has written on the box at its assembled in the uk, which i think is great, how many other tvs could you find on the market manufactured in this country??.

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LG 49UB850V 49-inch Widescreen Ultra HD Smart TV – Decent picture, but not great! Fantastic sound capabilities.

Picture quality is excellent, especially netflix 4k which is the only real source of 4k tv in the uk at the moment (requires the £8. 99 netflix subscription, still only a handful of shows in 4k also). The smart tv side of it (webos) is simple to use and works well with the magic remote. I’m using an xbox one on this tv and even though there is no increase to 4k resolution, x1 and ps4 are not capable of 4k, it still looks sharper and smoother on this tv compared to my 1080p, 100hz samsung. There is a slight increase to input lag, but i can live with that.

Decent picture, but not great. Fantastic sound capabilities. . Had an lg tv before hand, the slow moving images on the lg 49ub850v are beautiful, but it struggles to cope with fast moving images when upscaling 1080i or 1080p images. Overall not as good picture as my previous lg tv on full hd. However the sound is excellent, broad range of frequencies and a loud punchy delivery are out of the box. Take your time to set up your tv to your taste as the stock picture settings,dont cut it. Same with sound, fine tune it to your own taste and every tv programme or film will sound and look rewarding.

A couple of tweaks away from perfections. Out of the box the tv worked perfectly apart from trying to get netflix to show me a 4k stream, initially i couldn’t update as the button required to do so was greyed out, this was fixed by changing the tv to think it was elsewhere (“greece”) and then do a full firmware update. Problem resolved and netflix then loaded, my only issue then was that after 5 seconds the picture would go green and the 4k content struggle. A restart of the entire tv the next day seemed to fix the issue and i have happily viewed most of the netflix 4k content and also youtube content without issue since. This is very impressive and you’ll be left disappointed having to view some sd content. Initial setup was a breeze, with coaxial cables plugged in from the house aerial and direct old sky satellite dish the tv found some 500 channels for tv and radio, this took about 10 minutes, the on screen animated character during all the setup screens for home network and so forth is a breath of fresh air, displays beautiful crisp imagery showing off your new tv whilst getting you used to the new magic remote. The remote controls, and yes there are two…. The magic remote is capable of mimicking several other remotes with sheer simplicity built right in, you tell it what device your wanting to assign to a hdmi or component input for example and then it gives you a couple of choices as is manufacturer and device type, for each there are a few remote control pairings but for everything i tried it was correct initially so no messing around. Using the standard remote control did lack a little switching from bbc 1 to bbc 1 hd, the pressing of the buttons was slower than using the webos interface and i feel like i really have to take my time not to rush the input else it doesn’t cope. Tv channel switching once selected is very quick though, there’s no lag or black screen for a few seconds as other tv’s i’ve had seem to suffer with.

  • Great tv if you have the patience to set up properly.
  • A couple of tweaks away from perfections
  • Picture quality didn’t look that good, when the picture was moving from left to
  • much more tv than the price would suggest, great sound and picture!!!!!!, we were very impressed!!!!!
  • Perfect picture and 3D!
  • 4K with a great upscaling algorithm that I’m enjoying on a lot of

Great tv if you have the patience to set up properly. . I recently purchased this tv after seeing it running in a shop and was blown away by its crystal clear picture. . However i was fooled by the old shop window display technique. I know 4k tv is not available as such at the moment but all the blurb states that it upscales regular hd tv to a near 4k picture, so i thought at £1250 it must be pretty good, i couldn’t have been more wrong. Picture quality is actually worse than my old lcd from 5 years ago that cost £500 back then. I watched football on a hd channel and it was almost unrecognisable as hd. I ran sky through my tv and pretty much every channel had a grainy look to it. 3d viewing is passive 3d which unbelievably had ghosting, which is usually a problem for active 3d not passive 3d. The smart tv side of things is probably the best feature about this tv hence the 2 star score. I was absolutely gutted about this tv as it took me quite a while to save for it, i only purchased it 2 days ago and i’m definitely pushing to exchange it for another tv.

4k with a great upscaling algorithm that i’m enjoying on a lot of. It comes with all the bells and whistles – 49 inches, 4k with a great upscaling algorithm that i’m enjoying on a lot of non-4k content, a smart os that natively supports a netflix app (and i strongly recommend the upgrade to netflix 4k – whether or not you’ve seen house of cards or breaking bad, you’ll want to watch them again) and comes with all sorts of fancy bells and whistles. Long gone is the day where you needed an extra upnp device to plug in to your tv to stream to it, the tv itself now replaces the raspberry pi that i used to use to do that exact jobthe lg49ub850v has a few cool features i want to mention. The base is extremely well designed compared to bases i’ve used on tvs previously, and feels excessively stable. Trying to ‘wobble’ the tv in situation had no give in it and i feel confident that this tv isn’t going to drop and fall on its face at any point. On top of this, it has an ultra-thin bezel at the edge, giving a really immersive cinematic experience. It ships with polarisation (i. Passive) 3d out of the box too, and the 4k is really immense. 1 surround sound home cinema system too which i will review once i’ve had the chance, and will update on that as well. Personally, i’m stunned by the lg49ub850v – the picture quality isn’t just amazing, its unprecedented. Equally mind-blowing is the fact that this tv is available for less than £1000, when 4k tvs were more than double that just a few months ago. Cutting edge tv at a not-cutting edge price. The only feature you could want on top of this is a curved tv… but they are restrictively expensive.

Features of LG 49UB850V 49-inch Widescreen Ultra HD Smart TV with Freeview HD (discontinued by manufacturer)

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  • LG ULTRA HD 4K TV – The best picture quality there is, with four times the detail of Full HD wherever you sit to watch.

Great to watch television,very pleased with it.

While aesthetically good looking tv with nice picture quality this tv had. I think this tv is overrated by customers. While aesthetically good looking tv with nice picture quality this tv had problem with the responsiveness. I am not sure if it’s just my set but found a lag even when turning the volume up and down. Is the same when using smart features. I had problems updating the firmware and after reading another review changed the country to germany and was able to update the firmware. I would not recommend this to one who is looking for tv with good responses to button presses. I have returned mine and instead bought a samsung because i think a quad-core processor would handle things better. The 3d quality of this tv is amazing with passive technology though and i might miss it with the samsung’s passive technology but the overall package with damaging would be much better as comparef to lg and even sony which is also not very responsive.

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Samsung 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Quad Core Wi-Fi Smart 3D LED TV, This is a great TV, it has an Intelligent control that makes

Use the set up on the reviews its even better and the 3d is very good wached judge dread. What a tv dose what i says on the box if u use the set up on the reviews its even better and the 3d is very good wached judge dread in 3d the chin is right in your face lol i only watch netflix and other sites so can not comment on the tv reception from an areal.

This machine deserves to have at least one star removed because of the ghastly stand it came with which is horrible to look at,difficult to fix and nowhere near strong enough. – because the tv itself deserves 6 or more. I followed the lengthy recommendations of another reviewer for the picture settings and found them excellent, giving a stunning result. A delightful surprise is the built in pvr and i have yet to play with the voice controls. 3d very good, 2d to 3d not bad and the epg is the best that i have seen to date. It has all of the other gubbins, bbciplayer and suchlike which i can’t comment on as i have absolutely no interest in them.

Samsung 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Quad Core Wi-Fi Smart 3D LED TV (discontinued by manufacturer)

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  • Full HD 1080p 3D LED TV
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Smart Hub – BBC iPlayer, Facebook, twitter
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Wide Colour Enhancer Plus

It was so easy to set up and the picture is great. I have it up on the wall and it really looks nice. The black frame is unobtrusive and the ‘smart’ aspect of the tv was easy set up and use.

I did not buy the tv from here. But all i can say its an excellent peace of kit the picture. Quality is out of this world. Tv settings cheers billy for sharing them for all us to use. Ps4 gaming is exerlent on the tv.

Excellent tv for price sound is average but good enough picture of very high quailty if your looking for a full hd tv would highly recommend this model.

Samsung 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Quad Core Wi-Fi Smart 3D LED TV (discontinued by manufacturer) : The tv is very good, it looks great and the picture quality is. Deliberately sought out this discontinued version as it had everything i needed. The tv is very good, it looks great and the picture quality is in my opinion, wonderful. We found it to be bright, clear and with no loss of black even when playing standard definition sources. We have watched some hd content and despite being on a hd tv previously this still looked to be a substantial improvement on that. Set up was simple, and on turning the set on you are walked through the initial configuration. The most complicated bit was putting in the wi-fi password. It connected up seamlessly, and it scanned and found our sky box. Once that initial set-up was done and it had checked for any updates to the software we were able to sit back and watch tv from all our sources with the greatest of ease. The smart remote makes using the menus very easy and it also worked out how to control the sky box.

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Samsung UE50H5000AKXXU 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Slim LED Television, Great TV – fab picture!

Brilliant television with amazing picture quality and sound. Very thin compared with other large screen tvs that i have had and one thing i like about this is that the edge of the tv compared with the edge of the screen itself is very small,probably not much more than 1/2′ so you don’t see much else other than the screen when watching it. Televisions have come along way and i am not very good with all the added features of tv’s but i have a console, in one hdmi,a sky box in another hdmi and a scart cable for my dvd. I would recommend people take a good look at this television as an option if you are interested in getting a 50 inch tv.

Super fast delivery:)lovely telly:).

This tv is all about a great picture, also very impressed with the blacks. With no ‘smart’ or 3d’ frills, this tv is all about a great picture, also very impressed with the blacks, no spotlights from the corners. Very happy and would recommend.

Good product – value for money. Good product – value for money.

Samsung UE50H5000AKXXU 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Slim LED Television with Freeview HD : Great tv simple and all you need when hooked up. Great tv simple and all you need when hooked up to sky plus hd and apple tv. Great picture and lovely thin frame edge. Must go for the full hd over hd ready as screen far better quality.

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LG Electronics 24MT48S Deals : Sneaky TV – it “calls home” about you.

Great tv for my bedroom, picture very clear and use subtitles which are also very clear. Have it connected to my humax box to watch recordings as well as live tv, can’t fault it, setting up was easy, great buy.

This set is great because it was £80 cheaper than a 32′ tv. Had some issues with the delivery, ordered a set, which went missing with the courier. Took a while before amazon declared it missing, but when they finally accepted it missingthey had one delivered out the next day on an am carrier. This set is great because it was£80 cheaper than a 32′ tv, which seems to make a significant difference in the price. As far as the set goes, it is brilliant. Great color and resolution, takes up next to no room onmy sons small bedroom desk which he uses for his college work and the inevitable gaming. Highly recommended as this being the ‘smaller’ unit, offers much better value for money withgreat connectivity allowing usb and hdmi connections aplenty.

Fantasticit has an aerial socket , scart, 2 hdmi’s & a usb (to play usb pen media)i have now been using it for a couple of weeks, its a perfect size for the bedroom & thus far the quality is excellent. I would get the larger version for the lounge when the time comes,there was some debate in the ‘question & answer ‘section about what sockets it had. . So hence the model no & socket count above. Here are the specifications for the LG 24MT48S 24 inch Smart TV 1080p Full HD:

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • 250 nits brightness
  • 178/178 viewing angle
  • GTG 8.5 ms response time
  • 10 W x 2 stereo speakers

Another quality product from lg. I bought my 28′ lg 28mt48s tv on prime day for £139. 00 it was delivered today by arrow xl deliver slot allocated on the day which was very helpful. I didn’t do my normal read 5,000 reviews simply because i had an lg plasma which lasted 10 years (plasmas have a short lifespan). My main tv is an lg and i have an lg phone. Their products are good value for money and do the job. What i do wish they had was a manual to refer to for more advanced features. Thats my only negative feedback. I connected via wi-fi and my router is downstairs connected immediately.

Ordered 2 of these tvs one birthday present the other a christmas present. Tv is excellent and picture and inbuilt apps work fine. My daughter is very happy with it. Second tv is xmas pressie but packing was busted in the corner and on inspection tv looks ok but will only know for sure on xmas day. Amazes me couriers chuck or pile heavy items on tvs.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Another Quality Product From LG
  • A very good TV for the price
  • Sneaky TV – it “calls home” about you.
  • 22″ non smart TV is excellent value
  • Best buy ive had in ages.
  • Excellent 24 inch 1366×768 TV/monitor. Does not output HDMI 1080p for computers.

I bough this lg as it stated that it was full hd. I wrongly assumed that it would have freevie hd. Plrase updated your description amazon. Also there is only 1 hdmi socket on a 2016 tv, come on. Had to purchase a splitter from amazon. Sound is not brilliant but on the other hand the picture is superb. No instructions however only a cd rom. All in all it is a very good tv which i use in my static caravan.

Just follow the onscreen instructions and the tv is good to go in a matter of minutes. I was instantly wowed by the clarity of the picture. I have an lg 22′ tv already but this is such a step up in quality. It’s also a great size for our apartment; i wouldn’t want anything bigger. The amount of features blew me away; i just wasn’t expecting them. There are integrated apps such as amazon prime instant video, netflix, iplayer, etc and the streaming quality is flawless (although i guess this would depend on your wifi connection) but seriously – hd streaming that never drops. Even though my last tv was also hd, i’ve never seen stuff look so good. Even the detail from 30, 40 year old tv and films that isn’t necessarily remastered had a lot of detail and clarity.

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Panasonic TX-P42GT30B Deals : It got 5 stars because I can’t give it 6!

Cinema quqlity with flawless result compare to any lcd or led. Forget about the other tvs, trust me, this is the one you want.

I thought long and hard and read every review that i could find before deciding that this was the tv for me. When it came up as a ‘lightning deal’ i could no longer resist and made the purchase. Suffice to say that it has lived up to and a little beyond expectation. Hd will not be available in my area for another three months but even without it the freeview picture quality is fantastic. It’s too soon to comment objectively on the 3d especially as in my opinion it is far too expensive to subscribe to a 3d tv sky satellite package. However, if future blu-ray offerings are to be as good as avatar and the prices drop, then it is a worthwhile investment. The only thing i can criticise about the tv is that there is no sound or ‘picture in picture’ when using the guide. Delivery was swift, in fact a day earlier than expected, but it was left with a neighbour. The product was bought as part of a package including a 3d blu-ray player and 3d active shutter glasses, each item delivered separately.

After spending weeks searching for the right tv for my needs i eventually settled on this 1 and what a tv it is. 42′ flat screen that rivals any of the leds out there. I bought this tv to go in my bedroom, specifically for watching films on at the weekend. I wanted a cinema experience & i truly believe i’ve got it. The clarity of the picture was amazing. I tried the freeview hd channels just to have a look and wow i felt like i was there, not watching it through my tv. The detail shown was fantastic, i could see individual hairs, waves crashing and blades of grass – (small things i know, but i was impressed). I have only tried 1 3d film so far and that was ocean wonderland. Here are the specifications for the Panasonic Smart VIERA TX-P42GT30B 42-inch Full HD 1080p 3D 600Hz Internet-Ready Plasma TV:

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • 3D compatibility
  • Built-in speaker(s)
  • Child lock
  • Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)
  • Handheld remote control
  • LED indicators
  • On/Off timer
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Power LED
  • Sleep timer
  • Stand-by LED
  • Teletext (1000 pages)
  • Teletext function
  • Yes

The best 46′ plasma on the market. As per awayze’s review, i whole heartedly agree- it’s the best 46′ plasma on the market. The contrast ratio is amazing, it really handles black very well. Colours are amazing too, compared to other plasmas i’ve seen. I’ve upgraded from a four year old panasonic viera tx-32lxd70, the difference in sd and hd on the tx-p46gt30b is amazing. It was something i didn’t expect. Without going into detail, (see awayze’s excellent review) a few points i’d like to add. It looks the business – it has good looks, it’s a thing of beauty2. Pc streaming via network – connects to microsoft media player and streams great.

Fantastic tv – all you’ll need. Had this tv for a week now and very happy with it. City link is as useless as always and just left the tv on the kerbside leaving me to haul a heavy tv into the house (30+ meters) but other than than that very happy. The good:those wonderful blacks you’ll never get on an lcd tv. Not a murky blue you’ll get on a lcd but true black. The picture is not as bright as some lcds but personally, i find those super bright tvs tiring on the eyes. If you’re used to those sorts of pictures you may not feel at home with this tv but if you want a cinema experience at home, this is pretty much as good as you’ll get at home. Wonderful colour, not noticed any image brightess fluctuation reported by other viewers. Really easy to set up and so handy to be able to pop in a usb hard disk/sd card to get instant playback and pvr functionality. Scales up standard def content nicely but truly shines with high def content (such as blu-rays). Great range of inputs including 4 hdmis, freesat, freeview hd, ethernet and usb slots. Sd card slot is very handy and seems to play any file i’ve managed to chuck at it without problems. Looks fantastic with games consoles.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • If using with PC read this
  • Stunning Picture Quality if you get a good one!
  • Superb Television and Great Value too
  • An excellent television.
  • Some advise – don’t just follow the LED hype
  • The Best 46″ Plasma on the market

Others have written very good technical reviews which i used to make up my mind and i’m not technically competant enough to add to the technical niceities beyond a comment below on sound. For me this tv is absolutely stunning and fantastic value for money – i’ve seen the vt and there’s no difference in picture quality for the extra £500. My old tv was a samsung 40′ plasma that was hd ready, the picture on that was good but this is a quantum leap forward. Colours are brilliant and the depth of the black field is astounding. 3d is eminently watchable, although you really need 1. 4a hdmi cables to get the best out of it. My only criticism is sound quality which seems to be the sacrifice you pay as sets get thinner (and for a plasma this is thin). Why they just don’t do away with even attempting to put speakers in a tv and have the speakers in a seperate soundbar may be a question that manufacturers need to be asked; i’m thinking my next purchase is likely to be a soundbar. Its not that the sound is bad, its just not great.

Firstly a massive thank you to amazon, i have used their service many times but my order of this television was a perecft example of how excellent the customer service is. I have had 2 of these televisions the first of which arrived was faulty, a loose connection on one of the internal speakers which resulted in a loud buzzing / vibration noise everything the volume was above 20%. I reported this to amazon and within 15 minutes of the phone call a second item was on order on my account and i had received all the details required in order to return the original. The replacement arrived less than 48hours after i had reported fault. A*the tv itself is a very good example of panansonic’s investment into plasma technology. I have so far only used the out of the box settings, sky hd picture is excellent (football and sky 1 / atlantic channels viewed so far) blu ray play back is also superb with excellent nature colour and deep blacks. The set feels very well made and has an excellent finish. There are many connections to suite everyones needs. 1 small negative point would be that the hdmi ports could be slightly better placed.

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Bush LED24970DVDFHDW Review : new bush white 24 inch tv+dvd combi

New bush white 24 inch tv+dvd combi. A great new white bush 24 inch full hd freeview l. D tv and dvd combi just seen on a another tv shopping channel for £169 pound which on here is cheap going and its in full h. D great sound and picture one scart and one hdmi scart and one usb port all in all five stars out of five great in a bedroom or any room for that with the white frameing around the tv goes well, as does the great dvd movies or watching great tv shows on freeview like tv soaps corrie or eastenders and classic quiz shows on challange tv like tna wrestling and family fortunes and bullseye and play your cards right and catchphase and wildlife shows as well bringing them back to life in full h. D is amazing to watch, overall one of the best t. V’s outthere at this time being.

Works well if you can stick with it.

Picture quality is very good and works against the sunlight without glare being thin. Picture quality is very good and works against the sunlight without glarebeing thin though the speakers can only be as good as the space they can take up, so the sound quality is. Adequate to watch the tv with, but music and films are a bit restricted in power and depth.

Key specs for Bush 24in Full Hd 1080p Led Tv/Dvd White:

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  • 1080p
  • Digital Freeview
  • Built-In DVD Player
  • USB

Comments from buyers

“new bush white 24 inch tv+dvd combi, picture quality is very good and works AGAINST the sunlight without glare being thin “

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Panasonic TX-32DS500B 32-Inch 720p HD Ready Smart LED TV, Big TVs require HD

For less than £500, this is a lot of tv for your money. It is certainly a big tv and so make sure that you have enough room to enjoy it. That said, it’s surprisingly light for its size and moving it around to find that perfect spot in your home isn’t going to be too much of a hardship. It is easy to set up (especially if you have kids in the house) – just follow the on-screen prompts and you’re on your way. The ‘my home screen’ interface makes it very easy to navigate around all the options and provides quick access to the apps. Needless to say, it has all the usual connectors, including via aerial, scart, hdmi and usb. The acid test is, of course, the viewing experience. Just how clearly does it display your favourite tv shows and movies?.While i am not very technically minded and cannot quote you resolutions and other specifications, i was blown away by the depth and details while watching eastenders on bbc1 hd and even more so while watching my blu-ray copy of the lord of the rings.

Easy to set up, good sound && picture quality.

Very very pleased, now connected to wifi. Roll on olympics and football season. If you want a good tv at a very reasonable price this panasonic 40inch is highly recommended so 5 stars.

When my faithful old panasonic tx-24dx1 passed away after 15 years of faultless service, i decided to replace it with the tx-32ds500b. An impressive tv, with a wide variety of features and at a good price. Hd freeview pictures are pin-sharp, but standard definition really shows up the variable quality of such channels. Non-hd sky and dvds look fine through the single scart input in rgb; vhs vcr is acceptable in pal through the av2 composite 3-phono plug input. Originally i tried using the 2 hdmi inputs and a pair of scart-to-hdmi converters, but wasn’t happy with the results as they had something of an artificial look. But although the tv uses less than half the power of the old 24′ crt tv, i find that the picture isn’t as bright as i would have expected, no matter how much i fiddle with the picture menus (in ‘custom’ mode, these can be adjusted for each input). However, bbc iplayer hd is very good indeed; wireless connection to my router was immediate using wps. External audio output is optical, but a simple optical-to-phono converter solved that and allowed connection to my av amplifier. There is also an analogue tv mode, so if necessary it’s possible to connect older peripheral devices which rely on rf connection.

Great tv, but it was advertised as being able. Great tv, but it was advertised as being able to link with an ipad/mac book/iphone and for the life of me i cannot figure how to do this.

Panasonic TX-32DS500B 32-Inch 720p HD Ready Smart LED TV with Freeview HD (2016 Model) : This is a large tv which dwarves our previous 32 inch samsung tv by a lot. So make sure your viewing room is big enough for you to sit back and enjoy. I think you need to be sitting at least 10 feet, and ideally 14 feet from the screen to give your eyes enough distance. Despite the size it weighs less than 20kgs so you can lift it in place really easily. Just screw in the 6 screws for the stand and you are away (screw driver not provided). Setting up the tv for viewing is really easy as you just follow the onscreen instructions. It will require your wifi password. The quality of the screen is very good and the extra details you can see brings an increased dimension to sporting events, but it can alsohighlight dodgy soap opera sets. You really do see the benefits of choosing bbc1 hd over your standard bbc channel.

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Sony KDL-65W857C Smart 3D 65-inch Full HD TV – Great tv for the price

Don’t be fooled this is a big tv and the picture is stunning. I cant find a fault with it other than its that big i had to re position my furniture further away. The youview has definitely made the sony tv’s better>the guide is now a lot easier to navigate and because it runs on android its lightning fast too.

Great tv highly recommend this. Excellent ,looks fantastic thought it was going to look hideous ,for once my husband made a great choice lol.

Tv not working properly need help to send email to amazon.

  • Wow!!! better than expected.
  • Incredible picture quality. Brilliant TV.
  • Its Excellent piece of equipment with
  • Great tv for the price
  • Absolutely amazing!!!!

Absolutely amazing, 1st class service ordered this tv came within 48hrs. Got this as a christmas present for my family.

Excellent connectivity options. Stunning looking tv, excellent connectivity options, beautiful picture.

Features of Sony KDL-65W857C Smart 3D 65-inch Full HD TV (Android TV, X-Reality Pro, Motionflow XR 800 Hz, Wi-Fi and NFC) – Silver

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  • X-Reality Pro: Experience high picture quality
  • Android TV: Seamless entertainment, intelligent search. All the personalisation, intelligence and entertainment of your smartphone, on the big screen. Use of this TV requires consent to Google terms of service and privacy plicy
  • Slim design: The elegant slim design seamlessly blends into any living room, even when mounted on the wall
  • Motionflow XR 900 Hz: Reduced blur and judder. Smooth images, whatever you watch
  • YouView*: The seven day scroll back TV guide brings together catch up TV from across BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand. *User interface may differ. Limited ITV content in Scotland and NI. Suitable coverage, broadband speed and aerial required. Terms and condition’s apply

Great tv. But has real issues you need to think about. . I bought this tv to replace my old 50′ plasma which i’v enjoyed watching and playing my computer games on very much for the past eight years and i will admit that like other purchasers of this tv i too am truly amazed at the superb picture quality whilst watching a select certain type of media. The fact is this tv absolutely loves hd blu ray movies and will make all of your new generation computer games look absolutely stunning. Unfortunately this is where the problem starts. This tv truly hates anything broadcast in sd quality and in fact nearly all of the lower quality sd channels are sometimes virtually unwatchable (blurred and washed out). Also older games consoles and in fact any game prior to the ps3 or 360 era look really crap on this tv. So please beware all future purchasers of this tv. If all you watch is the hd channels and blu ray movies and all you play is the new generation games on the latest consoles then this tv is perfect in every way. On the other hand if all you like to watch is sd channels old dvd movies and older game systems i seriously advise you to look elsewhere or to keep your old trusted plasma just in case.

I went with this type because of the weight. Note: they do not come with 3d glasses and very tricky to find. Do not buy the excelvan or the sony tdgbr250 glasses. I have ordered the tdgbr500 but do not know if they wirk.

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