Toshiba 22D1333B 22-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LED TV, Good picture poor sound quality.

Very good small set, with good picture and adequate sound quality. Purchased this tv as a replacement for my 6 year old bedroom toshiba which had recently stopped working. The tv is quite minimal in appearance with a thin bezel – in fact it has more of a resemblance to a computer monitor than a tv. The unit comes with the stand separate in the box but this is easily attached to the main unit with the 4 supplied screws. On the back of the tv there are connections for hdmi, scart, vga and spdif for digital audio. Also on the back on a raised area are connections for 2 usb, headphone jack, a conditional access module interface and the slot for the dvd. Setup was painless, simply connect up the areal switch on and then follow the on screen instructions to tune in the set. Good pointspicture quality is a subjective thing, but i would describe the picture as adequate and good for the price – but i suppose as the owner of a series 9 pioneer kuro still regarded by many as the best flat panel tv ever made i’m a bit spoilt. It did need some tweaking of the picture controls but once setup correctly for my room the tv provided pictures that were enjoyable to watch. On many of the reviews on this site there has been quite harsh criticism of the sound quality on many small toshiba tv’s.

I bought this tv on behalf of a neighbour, and to say she is absolutely delighted with it is no exaggeration. The picture quality is excellent, and she was most insistent that there was a built in dvd – this tv met the bill in all respects.

Toshiba 22D1333B 22-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LED TV with Built-In DVD Player

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  • Toshiba 22-inch 1080p FULL HD LED TV & DVD Combination in Black – Dimensions (HxWxD) 35.8 x 51.8 x 16.3cm with Stand – Energy Rating “A”
  • TV with built-in DVD player with a slim, space-saving design and built-in Freeview
  • Delivers Full 1080p High Definition image quality with the convenience of a built-in DVD player
  • 1x HDMI, PC (VGA), SCART and 2x USB Ports for Media Playback
  • Includes built-in Freeview (UK) or Saorview (ERIE) digital TV access

Brought this tv for a bedroom,it was great value for money would recommend this item very brilliant and compact easy to set up.

Having just thrown away a very ‘old school’ bulky tv, i knew this type of tv would sound different , yes it doesn’t sound as basey or deep, but that doesn’t bother me, as i kinow most flat screens have this issue with the sound not being as deep (aka tinny) but to be honest if you turn the sound up, it doesn’t sound that bad, and for the cost of the tv being very reasonable it is a sacrifice , plus you could add surround sound speakers to it ifyou really want to, but this is my bedroom tv, so i don’t really want/need it very deep/loud. The picture is lovely, i added a pic on here to show u (the pic shows a very green still image of an advert, it’s meant to be that vibrant)dvd player is easy to use, although only tested that for a few mins, but so far, so good5 stars from me.

Superb picture, good sound and easy to set up with youview box. I am delighted with this tv. The picture quality is superb and the sound is fine. Not sure why other reviews have complained about the sound but it seems fine to me, especially after enabling the bass boost option in the audio settings menu. Also was delighted to discover that it worked perfectly with my youview box. I was able to quickly setup the youview remote control (huawei model) to control the on/off and volume on the tosh. Remember to order an hdmi cable if you don’t already have one. I got the basic amazon one and it worked perfectly.

Toshiba 22D1333B 22-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LED TV with Built-In DVD Player : Complete satisfaction so far. . Already got a toshiba 42 in my lounge so that is why i selected another toshiba. Quality of picture and sound is good and so far i am completely satisfied.

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LG 50LF652V Smart 50 Inch TV – Easy to set up and use

Remember to update the tv’s software. Bought this tv on the black friday weekend. I was excited to receive it but, on using it, i was so disappointed with the picture. I’ve been using a panasonic plasma for 7 years and i was surprised by the lg’s flaky, dirty screen look. Hd wasn’t as good as the old plasma and sd was awful. I was planning on returning the tv. As a last resort, i used the menu to check for updates to the tv’s software (it was already connected to my wifi). It took quite a while to install two updates but the result is amazing.

Couldn’t find bad thing to sayafter few hours setting up and upgrading software, i have tried smart tv features, playing videos from external hard drives and even 3d is awesome. My magic remote came almost the same day, as i bought it from ebay, and it very handy for browsing through the menus. I am really happy with my new tv.

Pros:- picture quality is great and has good depth and colour range. – the menu is intuitive and responsive. – the sound is fantastic for built in speakers, very impressed, especially with the clarity of the bass. – option to have two audio outputs simultaneously is great- looks gorgeouscons:- lg’s implementation of webos is laggy and the lg store lacks content, can’t even get 4od- very slow boot and unresponsive ui- 3-pin power socket in back of tv does not grip the lead very welloverall a very good tv, but if buying for the smart features do yourself a favour and get a sansung tv. If buying for a decent tv for cheap (to attach ps4/tivo/sky to handle your content) then you really can’t go wrong.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Great priced great specced tv
  • A brilliant and intuitive television
  • Remember to update the TV’s software!
  • Excellent Picture – packed with features
  • Why does it have a shiny screen?

She was very pleased with it. Ibought the lg tv for mydaughter,she was very pleased with it. My only consern i did not receive an invoice of purchase for the grarentee.

Elegant, great colour and picture, lovely smart functions. Bought it elsewhere for the additional 5 year warranty, but a great tv, very simple to setup – walks you through it step by step – however a few idosyncracies – the freesat box i plugged in is not listed in the manufacturer list and there is no option for that – you have to pick another and pretend that the remote works – and then carry on using your box remote separately. But the colour is great, 3d is good, tv is very light and elegant – easy to assemble the stand – webos2 is great. Sound is typical of thin tvs – okay, but not impressive – pair it with a soundbar to transform the sound.

Compared to samsung model i was considering this is over £100 cheaper. Has a built in tuner for both freeview and freesat, so was able to get all my favourite satellite channels tuned in. Putting the screws in the stand was harder than other tvs i’ve installed before, and needed a 2nd attempt after i saw the tv was leaning forward a bit. Once done the setup was very easy and user friendly. Tv has plenty of smart tv options, which are very easy to use. Only lacking itvplayer and all4 at the moment – but that’s easily sorted with roku or a now tv box. Only criticisms so far after 2 weeks are the build quality is slightly cheaper than my last 2 samsung tvs, and the tv is a little slow to bring up tv guide and channel listings – not sure the cpu is up to the job.

Delivery took 7 days so don’t expect quick service, its always like that lately . Delivery took 7 days , a week , so don’t expect quick service from amazon these days , was promised 3-5 days, but. Its always like that lately with amazon .No protection but the original box which was a bit ripped in 2 places. Just 4 stars because of this. Tv is great , very good sound for a tv , great 3d , no battery glasses , no buttons to connect them, just put them on and enjoy great lg 3d. Didnt like the stand in the pic , but its a nice metallic one , looks better in reality.

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Samsung UE22H5000AK 22-inch Full HD LED TV, Very flat for a box

A nice little tv with all the hallmarks of samsung quality. The samsung ue22h5000ak is a nice little tv, which i bought to accompany my samsung home security system (sdh-b3040). I already have several other samsung tv’s in the house and all have performed exceptionally well. Upon opening the ue2h5000ak, i could see the resemblance to my larger tv’s – the build quality was good, the styling was fresh so i expected great things. The size of the tv is nice (51cm wide x 31cm high excluding the stand x4cm deep), personally i do not like a large bezel surrounding the screens on my tv’s and this model kept that to a minimum. Like most new tv’s it is very light weight which would mean that wall mounting would be a simple task if thats what you wanted to do with it – there are the usual vesa standard mounting holes on the back of the unit to attach it to a bracket. These holes are for m4 size screws. Also on the back you will find; 2x full size hdmi ports, 1x scart, 1x component input, l & r audio input, 1x optical output, 1x headphone output, 1x powered usb (which is only 0. 5amp), digital / analogue coax input, power input, 1x common interface port,the menu system on the tv is exactly the same as other samsung tv’s but without the smart features obviously. The picture is sharp and very clear, and the freeview hd tuner work very well.

Very clear picture, ideal size for the bedroom,guide easy to read.

Samsung UE22H5000AK 22-inch Full HD LED TV (2014 Model)

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  • HD Ready
  • Freeview HD

Outstanding samsung television. This television really is quite typical of a samsung product – excellent quality all roundi only needed a small television for my bedroom, and so brought the 22′ inch version, which was ideal for my needs. I would happily pay much more for a larger version for the sitting room. Once you’ve read through the instruction booklet included, this television is easy to set up and features a variety of simple settings that you can adjust to your needs. Previous purchasers have commented on the sound quality, which made me weary, but i was actually pleasantly surprised by the sound performance, and couldn’t understand why others were dissatisfied. There are several sound options to suit your audio needs, including an ‘amplify’ setting, which really blew me away – the television was loud even on a low volume on the low volume of sixteen, so this would really be a good purchase for people who are slightly hard of hearing; the remote with the television is also easy to use and features large, clearly visible buttons too. The picture quality was more that adequate and in high definition as stated; very crisp with great clarity and bold colour display; remarkably good all in all, considering the price of the television. Overall, i am very pleased with my purchase, and would highly recommend this television to you – not matter what size you are thinking of buying, you certainly won’t regret you purchase i assure you.

Would of been 5 but for dongle needed. Superb picture and the angle picture is great for when watching in bed easy to install set up in secondsonly one thing i found with this to update online you have to purchase wireless dongle. Excellent tv great picture just worth mentioning more clearly that you need to purchase a wifi dongle to get the full features.

Great small tv with freeview, usb playback for a great price and a known manufacturer. . Bought this as a tv just for freeview and for the odd playback of films/tv series via usb stick. Overall i was looking for the cheapest tv at a small size from a reputable manufacturer and to purchase from amazon. I could have gone for a cheaper tv from some not well known manufacturers, but i know that’s a false economy. Overall freeview and usb playback of mkv, avi and mp4 files worked perfectly. Basically i believe at this price, this tv is the king of price/performance ratio in the uk.

Samsung UE22H5000AK 22-inch Full HD LED TV (2014 Model) : After the months of wanting to buy this but not going ahead with it, i can safely say that i’m super glad i finally went ahead with it. This tv is slim, stylish and at 22-inches, a bit bigger than i originally anticipated. Ports, ins outs etc:it has (from top to bottom) a 3. 5mm slot for headphones/speakers etc, 2 hdmi ins, a digital audio out (not too sure what that’s for, sorry) a usb port, an av component in, a common interface slot, an ext rgb out and lastly, an ant in air/cable slot (for your tv antennae. Setting up:out of the box you get the tv in a plastic sheet/cover, the stand in a plastic bag and a remote, some screws and the power cable in a separate plastic bag all together. There are two booklets, one with the instructions on how to put the stand on, and (i’m yet to read it) but an owner’s manual booklet. With the stand, the holes where you screw it into are pretty tough at first, so get a good screwdriver with a good grip to help you screw it on. Once the tv is stood upright and plugged into a wall socket/multi socket adapter and is powered up, you will go through the set up for the tv which only takes about 5 minutes. It goes through everything such as, your time zone, language, (if you have an internet adapter bought separately) a network set up, and of course, tv channel tuning (which it’ll go through automatically).

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LG Electronics 49LH604V Review : Thrilled with this TV

Bit of a problem as the tv arrived one week early and was left with a neighbour who lives on the first floor. I also live on a first floor so had to carry this ‘parcel’ down one flight of stairs, walk 2 blocks and carry it back up my own stairs. I would have been at home if it had been delivered on the day i was advised of. Apart from that, the tv is great.

My previous tv was a 40′ sony which, whilst being a great bit of kit, had a thick, glossy black surround that was an absolute magnet for dust. So, when it came time to replace the set the first thing that caught my eye with the lg was the very slim bezel. Okay, there are smaller out there but for the price this set looks very slick, the two-legged stand is quite retro looking but at the same time it still feels very modern. The set is well made and there are a plethora of connections at the back, usb, hdmi, component, aerial, scart, the whole shooting match. This tv has the smart tag, which means it cannot to your wi-fi network and stream tv from the internet. Sounds like some kind of amazing deal but, to be honest, there is really nothing to get me frothy here, i have sky tv which has all the stations you could ever want (and hundreds more besides) and the smart bit here doesn’t seem to do anything beyond bbc iplayer and other generic internet tv stations. This is no criticism, its fine it is there but the whole smart thing is no usp as far as i can see. Anyway, set up is easy, took me all of five minutes from turning it on to searching for freeview channels. It all went very seamlessly.

Comments from buyers

“‘LG = Life’s Good’, Great television, Thrilled with this TV, Fantastic mid-priced TV, TV is excellent great picture, the tv is great.”

Great quality, smart fearures work really well and fasy.

Very easy to set up and assemble. Very quick delivery, 2 days from order. The box was slightly damaged on arrival but the contents were undamaged. Very easy to set up and assemble. Brilliant picture and sound.

Big change from old hd tv’s. A very real upgrade on a 10 year old sony bravia, after 10 years of happy viewing this tv has a far clearer and sharper picture. Sound is also slightly clearer. Changing channels or looking at the tv guide takes a while and is taking some getting used to. Channel hopping is a thing of the past as it takes some time for the change to happen, a straight change from hd to standard channel takes just under a second ( a long time), from standard to standard or hd to hd is quick enough. Looking at the epg (programme guide) is slow to come up and slows viewing down either a lot or a little depending how you bring it up. Web enabled stuff is understandably slow it start up. Webos 3 is good, clear, and fairly easy to use but this transition to a new tv is taking some time and to really understand all its abilities will take a whilei still have a computer with duel tv tuners and microsoft media centre installed and connected with ease to the new web enabled tv and it will continue to be used as the main recording device. It’s graphical interface also shows much more clearly on the lg 43lh604v. For every day viewing the actual tv has so much more to offer than media centre and the old tv.

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Samsung UE40J5100 Review : Top class, picture, sound, and set up

Good picture but only two hdmi ports.

I am making it a smart tv by using the hdmi slots using chromecast and a firestick.

One end looked like it had been stood in a puddle & the. Arrived a couple of days earlier than the quoted delivery date. Was a bit worried once i got the box in the house, one end looked like it had been stood in a puddle & the cardboard was starting to disintegrate. However, all was well inside the packaging. This has replaced a 32′ samsung & is a nice bit of kit. The sound is particularly impressive with no need for a soundbar.

Key specs for Samsung UE40J5100 Full HD 1080p 40 Inch Television (2015 Model):

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  • Excellent picture quality experience with Full HD – 200 PQI
  • Wide Colour Enhancer Plus for colour brilliance
  • ConnectShare enjoy your favourite content on the big screen
  • A huge variety of channels for you to enjoy with Freeview HD

Comments from buyers

“one end looked like it had been stood in a puddle & the , BEST BUY! 48 hour delivery, Top class, picture, sound, and set up , Perfect purchase”

Awesome one of the best in market and happy with the price good bargain.

Easy to set up and picture quality good.

Having bought 50′ hitachi before this is by far better quality. £289 well spentperfect size for bedroom tv.

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LG Electronics 32LF5610 Deals : Great TV, easy setup

It might help you to know that there is no vga input on this tvthere are two hdmi inputs. So to connect your pc to this tv , you may need to buy a vga to hdmi converter with sound. You may find , like me that the converter gets rid of any noise/interference when using the 3. 5 mm audio socket ( from your pc ) for outputting to a amp etc.

Fast delivery, quality picture and soundcheers.

This is my third lg tv and i absolutely love the quality of the picture on this one. I never buy less than 1080p. I am very disappointed with the epg on this tv compared to my others. When you press the ‘guide’ button the sound cuts out and you can’t ‘page up’ or ‘down’ the program guide list, which i find very annoying.

This is not a freeview hd tv. You need a 32lf561v to get freeview hd. The tv itself is great, good appearance, picture and sound, but i need a freeview hd tuner to get all the channels.

Bought as a tv for our static caravan. An attractive device when off and, when on, the picture is very good. The sound is good enough for us to dispense with the extra speakers we used to use. On some channels the sound is a bit low even on maximum volume but this may be due to transmission issues rather than the tv.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great TV, easy setup
  • Attractive and good tv
  • A Pleasant Surprise
  • I use this screen for gaming. Superb picture quality, highly recommend.
  • A great tv at a good price
  • Great apart from EPG

Very pleased with this tv, in spite of my bias towards lg and their sometimes lacking build quality i was pleasantly surprised at how nicely this thing is put together. The picture is crispy and i can’t begin to say how much i don’t miss smart tv functions.

Lg always delivers a grade quality. . Typical lg tv, brilliant build quality, great response time for gaming and very deep and vibrant colours.

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Samsung UE32J4500AKXXU Deals : Great tv for the money

Love it, my wife is into all the aspects of the smart tv, brilliant picture and sound.

Although this has a good clear picture i am unable to get bbc iplayer – not compatible apparently wish i had known this before purchase.

Absolutely superb tv for the price,excellent for the bedroomconnected to wifi in seconds – can also be hardwiredhappily buy 3 more. Here are the specifications for the Samsung Series 4 UE32J4500 32-Inch Widescreen HD Ready LED Smart Television:

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • Use the latest and best on-demand apps to access your favourite services like Netflix, Amazon and a whole host of other apps and catch-up services.
  • Excellent picture quality experience with Full HD – 200 PQI
  • Enhance the colour of images on your TV to get the best vibrancy out of your content with Wide Colour Enhancer Plus
  • Without any additional boxes or connections get a huge variety of channel options
  • Without having to connect your laptop use a USB stick to display movie content or images on a much bigger screen for all the family to see.

Easy to set up very happy with it.

Got this tv for my son for xmas as its has built in wifi and a good smart tv as i already have another samsung and very impressed by the picture i am however disappointed as all the advertising shows bbc i player however after along call with support engineer it appears this so called modern tv is not compatible if you require i player then stay clear if not it s a good buy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • No iplayer be warned. !!!
  • most disappointed, as it was purchased as a gift who
  • Not quite so Smart!
  • Smart looking and smart working
  • Fab telly, light as a feather, good picture.
  • Good value for money but has limitations

It s a very good quality and a very nice tv.

Fab telly, light as a feather, good picture. . This is a great telly but light as a feather. Not that it makes any difference to the viewing, just can’t get over the fact it feels the same weight as my tablet. Great for mounting on the wall though.I haven’t got the hang of using the menu yet. It’s not very straightforward.

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Samsung UE48J5500AKXXU Review : A Great Mid-Range TV

Good tv for a respectable price.

Fantastic tv – though the restriction of attached peripherals (webcam. Fantastic tv – though the restriction of attached peripherals (webcam for example) to propietary devices is a little dispappointing as previous samsung smart tv worked very happily with my logitech c920 webcam. Apart from that is a great tv – a+++.

Really pleased with the picture quality.

Comments from buyers

“A Great Mid-Range TV, great tv and price recommend, Excellent purchase!, Lovely picture and performance, Excellent TV! Super glad I bought it, Really great t.v. for a great price !”

What a cracking tv , very impressed.

The 48 inch is a great size, and i don’t actually know how i was getting by without a smart tv before haha. It’s making me want to watch all my favourite box sets again (previously watched using netflix on a laptop) so i can appreciate them properly. Yes, the picture quality isn’t as amazing with the non-hd channels, but i assume that’s because the tv is so big, and you get used to it anyway – the picture is incredible on the hd channels and also when i watch netflix/amazon prime. In fact, it’s making me want to watch all my favourite box sets again (previously watched on my laptop) so i can appreciate them in all their glory. My only actual complaints are that the remote control sometimes has a bit of a delay which can be frustrating if you’re impatient like me, and that the remote doesn’t have a ‘light up the buttons’ button like my old samsung one did. Also, the stand the telly comes on is a bit flimsy for such a big screen, but that’s not a problem if you intend to wall mount it. Those are only little niggles though, and on the whole i’m very happy with it and wish i’d gotten one soonerp.

Picture quality is stunning.

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Sony KDL55W756CSU Review : Really happy with the picture quality of the tv

Very thin and well designed. Great screen quality with an easy setup. Many smart features though not using any as my apple tv 4 is better than anything, like always with apple products.

Fantastic picture, but you will have to buy a. Fantastic picture,but you will have to buy a sound bar for this tv,as sound on tele is not very good.

Really happy with the picture quality of the tv. Really happy with the picture quality of the tv. Unfortunately the sound is pretty weak. I’d suggest getting a soundbar if this is to be your living room tv.

Key specs for Sony KDL-55W756C Smart 55-inch Full HD TV (Android TV, X-Reality Pro, Motionflow XR 800 Hz, One Click Entertainment, Wi-Fi and NFC) – Silver, 2015 Model:

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • X-REALITY PRO: Experience stunning picture quality with better clarity for anything you watch.
  • ANDROID TV – Seamless Entertainment, Intelligent Search.All the personalization, intelligence and entertainment of your smartphone, on the big screen.Use of this TV requires consent to Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please visit,
  • SLIM DESIGN: The elegant slim design seamlessly blends into any living room, even when mounted on the wall
  • Motionflow XR 800Hz: Reduced blur and judder. Smoother images, whatever you watch.
  • YouView *Available Summer 2015The seven day scroll back TV guide brings together catch up TV from across BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5.** **User interface may differ. Limited ITV content in Scotland and NI. Suitable coverage, broadband speed and aerial required. T&C’s apply, see

Comments from buyers

“Really happy with the picture quality of the tv, Fantastic picture, but you will have to buy a “

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Sony KDL-43W755C 43 inch Smart Full HD TV – Too many problems after a few months of ownership.

Keep with it and you’ll get there. Great start:bought on january 1st 2016, especially attracted by the android smart facility. Initial setup was very straight-forward. Connected to virgin media’s digital subscription box via hdmi and to internet via ethernet cable (or wifi). ‘screen cast’ facility from android phone worked great, though some devices only cast from specific apps due to their own restrictions. Downloading apps and using smart features is also straight-forward…although be warned, it seems you’ll be stuck with opera web browser. Tried to download chrome but couldn’t find it on google play store. It may be a restricted or ‘sony’ skin on android. Temporary hiccup:did software update on 2nd january and casting facility stopped working. Spent days looking for solutions.

Really happy with this tv, easy to setup, installed software updates straight away and i’m blown away by the android os, very slick. Comes pre-installed with netflix, amazon prime tv etc. Picture is great out of the box, though the latitude for customising is huge. Sound is surprisingly good too. The actual tv is stunning as well, as usual sony have produced a very good looking unit.

It was a tough time deciding if i should upgrade my 40 inch sony lcd tv. Amazon had a lightning deal on so i decided to take the plunge. I did think twice about getting a hd rather than a 4k or curved tv. I ruled 4k out as i expect you need to still really close to anything less than 60 inch to appreciate the picture. Curved was ruled out as we view the tv from more than one seat. After having the tv for a few days, i’m really impressed with it. I bought a sony soundboard a week before and they work really good together. I’m glad i upgraded from the previous set.

  • Great Picture, not so smart though. (Updated) Improving!
  • Great looks but most definitely not Smart.
  • Great picture, great interface, great build quality.
  • A very good unit (You can tell a lot of effort has been put on it)
  • Too many problems after a few months of ownership.
  • Sony KDL-55W755C for £579 – very good smart TV

Great picture, not so smart though. Short and sweet version, the picture quality is great, android tv less so. I have been watching the new sony sets for a while and was torn between ordering a new version sony device or stay safe with the older models. In the end i decided to jump and buy the latest model. The picture quality is great at this price, though as other reviews have already noted the remote is very cheap feeling compared to other sony remotes i have used. Android however is disappointing, its network function is flaky and at times slow. I hate having to reboot my telly because the software has crashed and no longer allows me to change input again. I have applied the latest version of the software but for the moment that makes it no better. Streaming films from my synology box is hit and miss because for the moment it is not always ‘visible’ in the videos app.

Fantastic picture quality, highly recommended. The android feature is brilliant, i have not had any problems with it. Easily able to install kodi. The only downside to this tv is that the remote feels a bit flimsy. Additionally, the sound is not the best, however this is the case with the majority of new tv’s.

Features of Sony KDL-43W755C 43 inch Smart Full HD TV – Black

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    above to make sure this fits.
  • Motionflow XR 800 Hz and X-Reality PRO for a high picture quality
  • Sony’s signal-to-sound-architecture for enhanced sound quality
  • Massive range of Smart content with the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN)
  • YouView: The seven day scroll back TV guide brings together catch up TV from across BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, etc

Decided not to spend the extra money on 4k as didnt think it was worth the price yet as 4k isn’t used enough to warrant the price. My internet is only about 10mb/s which isnt good enough for streaming 4k content. Looking through reviews it seemed to be one of the best non 4k tv out there and the picture quality if very clear. I dont use the android features much as i have it connected to my xbox one and sky which does nearly everything i need it to do anyway. Would definitely recommend this tv and it is a fantastic price compared to others.

According to those in the know the w755 range is as good as full hd will ever get and with my. After reading numerous expert reviews on the bewildering array of new tv’s and new technology i realised i don’t really need a curved screen, i will never watch 3d (can’t wear glasses) and there is nothing to watch in 4k. According to those in the know the w755 range is as good as full hd will ever get and with my limited knowledge i agree with everything they said, including the wobbly stand and speech getting swamped when there’s lots of background sound. I even followed their setup advice and can not fault the picture quality – apparently it’s so good it could be mistaken for 4k. To be honest i don’t really need a 55′ screen either but it is nice.

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