Samsung Series 6 H6400 65-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D LED Smart TV, TV excellent. Delivery slight problem

Really good picture and looks really good hung on the wall. I thought it might be too big but its not. It hasn’t got all the bells and whistles of the more expensive version but too be honest it doesn’t really need them.

Picture good and sound far better than my recent equivalent lg. It does everything and a bit more than i expected to get from the budget price end of the product range. Picture good and sound far better than my recent equivalent lg. Very good low frequency range considering the depth of the set. All the main smart functions still available, just a bit clunky and not so intuitive compared to the lg. The additional 2nd hand control ‘wand’ box is a masterstroke. Makes the need for a usb keyboard redundant and very easy to use. I think for the money, this rates as a very good purchase. Now, if i could just have the lg user interface, with the samsung sound and wand, it would be a 5 star.

Samsung Series 6 H6400 65-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D LED Smart TV with Freeview HD

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  • Powerful Quad Core processor for faster performance
  • Powerful optimisation for enhanced picture quality
  • Easy touchpad and motion control for your TV
  • Your TV understands whole sentences of speech

Probably a good tv damaged by amazon warehouse deals poor service. This might be a very good tv but amazon warehouse deals delivered one that had either been damaged in transit or was always faulty. From what i can see the tv is probably good value in terms of size vs picture quality. I can however see some of the dirty screen effect that blighted the samsung 6200 i briefly owned and this effect is well away from the damaged area. The tv looks good with a narrow bezel, has great smart abilities and remotes. I have not tried the 3d as the tv has to be returned due to serious panel issues. So the tv is probably great but watch the dirty screen effect. However; watch amazon warehouse deals (and this was direct from amazon and not third party). I was either sent a tv that never worked or the set was damaged due to the very poor packaging. I suspect that the tv was bent in transit.

Excellent value for money and delivery was fast.

Samsung Series 6 H6400 65-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D LED Smart TV with Freeview HD :

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Samsung UE48H6200AKXXU Review : Couple of sound glitches but a GREAT TV

Great television for the money. . I bought this tv a week ago at a local store and having got to see what it can do i would like to give my thoughts. Firstly it looks really stylish with its chrome effect stand and thin bezel around the screen. The tv has freeview hd and it looks really crisp and clear. The sd picture needs a few tweaks in the settings menu to get to a good quality picture as out of the box it seemed a bit washed out though there are plenty of picture options so it’s just a matter of personal preference. The sound quality out of the box is actually quite good for a flat screen tv though i use a soundbar i would be ok with the sound if i didn’t have one. With it being a smart tv there a quite a number of apps and various other things in the smart hub and it connects to wifi very easily. Gaming is very good also with this tv and there is no problem with lag if you turn off motion plus in the settings. Even with it on i have only noticed a slight bit of blurring on the ball when playing fifa 15 as the ball is fast moving but once turned off then problem solved.

Excellent tv, but, a niggling doubt. Cannot fault the tv or it’s performance. The one misgiving however is that an eu version(ue48h6200akxxh) was delivered not the uk version i ordered (ue48h6200akxxu), it may have an identical specification, but, i have been unable to confirm this. Other than that, i cannot fault the tv.

Love it no problem connecting to the internet the tv basically does it all for you good sound/picture. Had a philips smart tv and there was a software issue, it kept force closing google etc so returned it and bought this tv have never looked back and this model was cheaper.

Key specs for Samsung 48H6200 Smart Full HD 1080p 48 Inch Television:

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  • Quad Core Processor – faster access to Smart features
  • S Recommendation – get viewing recommendations tailored just for you
  • Samsung’s Smart Hub – the industry’s reference platform just got better
  • Games Panel – discover a variety of fun games instantly on the largest screen in your home
  • Full HD 3D Ready – get closer to the action, discover the best 3D experience from every angle

Comments from buyers

“Great television for the money., Great looking TV with brilliant SMART functions, Highly recommended, Great picture but!, Top quality picture, sound and service, Very annoying pop-ups”

Bought this to replace aging 42′ lg from 5 years ago. This tv is outstanding once i wall mounted it in the bedroom. Colours are vibrant and crisp. Sound from the speakers are more than adequate for the tv we watch and setting it up on the wifi and installing the apps was a breeze. Now easily streaming plex and netflix plus all the terrestrial catch up channels like iplayer, 4od etchighly recommend.

All what i can say ignore everything under 4 stars is not true. I use this tv for everything especially gaming. I have the it in the living next to a huge window but no problem at all with the image qualityrecomand 100%.

A modest-sized tv that gives you an excellent picture and sound and, connected to the internet, all the services you’d expect from a smart tv.

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Panasonic TX-50CX680B Deals : The best TV we have ever owned

Panasonic viera 50′ smart tv. Beautiful television, excellent picture and facilities that come via the smart programmes.

With slight hearing defect- but the picture is very good. . I only give a rating of three as the volume on full does not high enough cover people with slight hearing defect- but the picture is very good.

Great picture, but some sound integration issues and a poor manual. This tv replaced an older 37 inch panasonic variant that alas due to licensing issues no longer would play youtube videos. That tv was fine, it’s just that panasonic didn’t pay the codec license to continue. The picture is fabulous, but there are a number of niggles, which is disappointing given the price point. This tv does support various applications through a freeplay interface using firefox. It is easy-ish to use but does have an annoying netflix button on the handset just above the centre ok button (which is a bit easy to keep pressing when navigating menus). It supports audio to a sound system via the hdmi2 port (threre are three), but you need an hdmi 1. 4 or higher cable (not documented). The manual is poor in my opinion as many features you have to go and find and does not advise it’s better to download the manual from panasonic.

Great tv but needs settings tweaking. The default settings give a fair amount of motion blur so you do need to change these – which is fairly easy and i found a number of youtube videos and websites suggesting the right settings. Overall this took about 30 minutes and i was able to remove a substantial amount of the blur. The sound is great, but i would recommend a soundbar for those of you who want to maximise the benefits of hd.

Superb picture quality in 4k or 1080p – if you like a softer, plasma like image quality then this will serve you well. . Before i purchased this tv i was a complete samsung fanboy. But from now on i don’t think i will ever go back. The black levels on this tv are almost plasma like, the image quality in 1080p is pretty awesome. Games look fantastic on this tv (ps4/wiiu) and movies really look cinematic and in 4k everything just looks as close to life as you have ever seen onon screen. The sound is also surprisingly good on this tv and the user interface is very simple to navigate – allowing you to pin the apps and inputs you use most on the tv home screen. If you are heavily into apps then this probably isn’t the tv for you. But if you just need the basics and want a 4k tv with superb image quality and brilliant 1080p up scaling you can’t go to wrong for the price. Note that anything under 1080p will not look too great. If you have no desire for a 4k tv then just go for a full hd led set as the up scaling is great but not quite like a tv made for 1080p.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Superb picture quality in 4K or 1080p – if you like a softer, Plasma like image quality then this will serve you well.
  • Great TV but needs settings tweaking
  • The best TV we have ever owned
  • Panasonic Viera 50″ Smart TV
  • Great picture, but some sound integration issues and a poor manual
  • with slight hearing defect- but the picture is very good.

Reds are too bright and ‘blueish’ unless colour temperature is set to maximum ‘cool’.

The best tv we have ever owned. The best tv we have ever owned. Fantastic picture doesn’t do it justice. It really feels like the action is in the room with you. Great user interface, simple connectivity (allowing us to watch video content from our house media servers). Sound is poor as you’d imagine from a 4. 7cm depth tv, so you really have to use external speakers. 1 pc speakers and it’s absolutely fine ([.

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LG Electronics 49LH541V Review : LG 43LH541V 43 inch 1080p Full HD LED TV with Freeview (2016 Model) – Black

Super picture and fantastic sound. This is certainly a nice looking tv. The slim metal edging really does look crisp and smart. It is very light (under 10 kilos) and slim, even compared to my existing 43” tv which i bought just 5 years ago. How times have changedit has an a++ rating, which is very good in terms of energy consumption. At 51 kw per year i can get the energy needed to run this from my solar panels in about 15 hours. (it doesn’t work like that, i know, but you get the idea. Just screw the two feet to the back of the set and you are good to go. If you already have a satellite box or freeview box, just connect the hdmi or scart cables as shown in the instructions.

Not so smart…this tv is very neat to look at with very minimal surround. The feet are at the extremity of the set so you need a very wide table/stand if you are not using the wall mounted option. Setting up is very easy and the set automatically tuned all of the freeview channels in a matter of minutes. The picture quality is excellent particularly for hd channels and in a relatively small room the sound is perfectly adequate however the addition of external speakers may be of benefit in a larger space. The rear panel contains the bare minimum of input/ output sockets and as this is not a smart tv only 2 hdmi sockets results in swapping of sky/chromecast/amazon fire/ games machine which could become tedious. There is an ethernet socket but the only functionality is for engineers to update software, although it quickly found the home network. There are 3 built in games which are below mobile phone standard although others can be downloaded to a pc and transferred by usb stick this is not a function i would use. The quick menu option on the remote allows quick access to all picture and sound settings and there are a good number of options in set up. I have had lg sets in the past and have found them very reliable so have great hopes for this model.

This non-smart 43′ tv is a good choice for anyone requiring a basic hd set. On the rear panel are the following:1 female antenna cable connector. 1 satellite lnb connector1 hdmi connector1 in/out scart connectorcomponent/composite video phono connectors and l/r audio phono in connectors1 ethernet connector1 power connectorthe small side panel has an additional hdmi connector and a usb input. It was very easy to set up on initial installation but i did use my thx tune-up app to make some very minor picture adjustments. The factory picture setting options should be ok in most viewing environments however. Once customised the picture quality is very good and quick adjustments can be made via the qmenu button on the remote if the source material requires it. Freeview hd pictures are excellent and freeview sd pictures are amongst the best we’ve seen. As with most modern tvs the speakers in this tv are only really acceptable when listening to speech. Analogue audio out is available from the scart socket and digital audio out should be available from the hdmi connectors although we have not tried this option.

Key specs for LG 49LH541V 49 inch 1080p Full HD LED TV with Freeview (2016 Model) – Black:

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  • LG LED TV, matching advanced picture processing with virtual surround and a modern, cutting edge design.
  • Generating fives times the resolution of standard definition, Full HD 1080p delivers incredible clarity and vibrant colours.
  • Advanced image processing provides Triple XD power to the colour, contrast and clarity of your screen. Reach higher levels of picture quality with a dynamic and amazing image.
  • Dynamic colour enhancer reproduces true life colour.
  • Picture Wizard allows you to easily adjust picture elements such as black level, colour, tint, sharpness and backlight at the touch of a button.

Comments from buyers

“LG 43LH541V 43 inch 1080p Full HD LED TV with Freeview (2016 Model) – Black, Excellent Picture Quality, Good value for money and excellent performance, with a couple of drawbacks, Super picture and fantastic sound”

Lg 43lh541v 43 inch 1080p full hd led tv with freeview (2016 model) – black. This tv was ideal for my parents, they are both in their sixties and wanted an easy to use tv that doesn’t compromise on picture quality. The stand for the tv has feet set very wide apart, so beware of this if you are using a stand rather than wall mounting. This tv is lacking in hdmi ports (only two) so you may need to purchase a splitter. I set up a blu-ray player, now tv box, freesat box and sound bar to the tv. I have not used the ethernet cable port but you can use this will allow you to use lg webos 3. 0 which gives you access to bbc iplayer, demand 5, netflix, now tv, amazon prime and more. The speakers aren’t great, but this is what has happened to most tvs now they are so slim, but the addition of a sound bar will boost this for watching movies, for normal tv the sound is adequate. The tv was easy to set up out of the box, it is incredibly light.You will need a screwdriver to attach the two ‘feet’ of the stand but this is simple to do.

Good value for money and excellent performance, with a couple of drawbacks. I have been dithering between 3 and 4 stars for this 43′ lg full hd set, but have finally settled on 4 stars. Ideally i would have awarded it 3. The deciding factor to go up to 4 rather than down to 3 is that it has dropped £50 since release (original list price £400) at at £350 i think it represents good value. The look of the screen is good with decent build quality. There is a slim silver bezel, and a small standby light below the logo in the middle at the bottom. One word of warning – the (plastic) feet are set at each side of the screen meaning you need a wide rack – it will need to be at least 1m wide (to a depth of around 30cm) to take the tv. The remote is a standard plastic affair which works fine. You get two hdmi inputs (one rear, one side) and a range of legacy inputs.

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Panasonic TX-48C300B 48 inch Full HD 1080p LED TV, looks great on the wall and works well

Looks great on the wall and works well. Lovely picture, looks great on the wall and works well. The remote is a bit bizarre but it’s a great tv.

Exceptional value for the price. . I bought this panasonic 48′ tv last week and must say i’m thoroughly impressed for what i got at the price. It’s a very nice and simple tv, no clunky and unresponsive smart tv functions (i have a chromecast) and exceptional value for the price point. The quality of the screen is superb, with nice contrasts and colours, and as since i sit quite far away from it, i cannot really notice the difference between this and a 4k screen.

Panasonic TX-48C300B 48 inch Full HD 1080p LED TV with Freeview HD – Black

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  • High contrast for deep blacks, bright whites and vivid colours
  • Media player – plug a USB memory stick and enjoy content on the vivid Viera screen
  • Low power consumption using LED power saving
  • 200 Hz for fast moving action and sports
  • Built-in Freeview HD tuner – you can access UK’s favourite TV channels, also offers full reign on a wide range of radio stations

Picture superb sound is good now have soundbar which adds to quality pic would recommend.

Great tv, the quality is fab as this tv. Great tv, the quality is fab as this tv is mainly used for gaming. Would recommend this to anyone on a budget looking for a quality tv.

It’s good value for money, if you looking for good audio, go for soundbar or some speakers.

Panasonic TX-48C300B 48 inch Full HD 1080p LED TV with Freeview HD – Black : Cant see anything being better apart from maybe a 4k telly. But even standard definition is good. If you add a soundbar the optical cable slot doesnt work. You need to plug an audio cable into the headphone socket then 2 audio into the soundbar. Then you can control the soundbar sound with your tv remote which is handy. Fiddle around with the picture settings to get the best picture. Colour/contrast/brightness etc. I was surprised by the picture having read all the negative reviews. Maybe they hadnt adjusted the colours properly. Football and the olympics were stunning. They say its not really a panasonic but looks like one to me.

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Sony KDL-43W756C Smart 43-inch Full HD TV – Excellent TV, great sound and picture excellent connectivity, good for mirroring.

Exceptional picture, far superior to samsung. I would really recommend to anyone.

Excellent tv, great sound and picture excellent connectivity, good for mirroring. . Looks beautiful and the picture is fantastic. Picture:the definition is marvellous, very sharp indeed. Sound: i don;t need my surround sound anymore, its amazing full, and plenty of volume. Ease of use: the tv is easy to mount on the stand and the remote is self explanatory. Lots of hdmi inputs so great. Smart: really good apps for amazon prime and netflix, infact the remote has a button that goes straight to netflix. Android: just log in with your google account and off you go, it knows all you preferences no messing,mirroring: works like a dream, easy to link up with my (miracast) htc one m9 and my nexus 7. Did find it couldn’t link to my phone one day but worked ok later- maybe a little hit and miss?overall: i am very pleased with this tv, it is stable, gook looking and quick.

Great sound & picture quality. We’re a month in – delivered faster than expected – and it’s superb. Great sound and picture quality. Some reviews mentioned that it was really slow – i haven’t found it to be at all. Very easy to add apps, very easy to add an hdd to record tv.

  • Misleading description of YouView functionality
  • Amazing picture!
  • Great tv, shame it doesn’t have a sleep function on the remote.
  • Excellent TV, great sound and picture excellent connectivity, good for mirroring.
  • My best buy! I am so impressed with the picture
  • Still waiting for you view firmwear update

Still waiting for you view firmwear update. I bought this tv in june, a very good picture, but poor sound quality at low volume and after a few weeks a line of pixels changed to permanent green, however sony came out quickly and replaced the tv. A couple of things i would point out – youview should have been available ‘summer 15’ as of october 15 it is not available i spoke with the sony help desk who advised it would be available by the end of the year but could not give a date despite their website still saying summer 15. Also the ability to record onto a usb drive is not yet available this will also be available as a firmwear update by the end of the year. Please note that if you select the ability to use youview you cannot use usb recording its either or which i think will be annoying. Given the delay i do feel sony should extend everyone’s warranty by 6 months as the whole reason i bought the tv was to be able to use youview.

Fantastic picture, but you will have to buy a. Fantastic picture,but you will have to buy a sound bar for this tv,as sound on tele is not very good.

Really happy with the picture quality of the tv. Really happy with the picture quality of the tv. Unfortunately the sound is pretty weak. I’d suggest getting a soundbar if this is to be your living room tv.

Very nice tv – good hd picture. I recently had this tv delivered – not from amazon because i needed it installing – but thought that amazon customers might appreciate some feedback. This is a very smart looking tv with a great hd picture. Sound is very clear and perfectly loud enough. I do not think that the set needs a sound bar. My only niggle is i think the black one 43w755 frames the picture nicely, but it was out of stock when i ordered mine. I am very happy with this tv.

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LG 55LF652V Smart 55 Inch TV, Well worth a buy great value for money

Couldn’t find bad thing to sayafter few hours setting up and upgrading software, i have tried smart tv features, playing videos from external hard drives and even 3d is awesome. My magic remote came almost the same day, as i bought it from ebay, and it very handy for browsing through the menus. I am really happy with my new tv.

Well worth a buy great value for money. Wow i researched tvs and read the other reviewsall of which seemed to be positiveanyway i decided to purchase as my old tv had finally given upit arrived today and it is fantasticeasy to set uppicture abs sound are greati tired the 3d setting and that to was fantastic i have never watched another 3d to to comparebut from what i’m watching it is greatthe tv is a lovely colour it’s very stylish and has all you need in one tvlots of ports in back of toreally am happy with the tv.

LG 55LF652V Smart 55 Inch TV with webOS (2015 Model)

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  • Magic remote ready
  • Smart TV with webOS
  • Multi channel speaker system
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

This is my dream tv; straight out of the box i was connected to the internet via a powerlink plug to my router. I was able to dust off a small wireless logitech keyboard with usb dongle and control the tv and type from the sofa. The 3d was better than i imagined, the tv is bristling with settings and features if you want to tinker, and the picture quality is superb. Plays all kinds of video formats from an external drive, and is thin, not too heavy and stylish. If you value your multimedia experience you could do a lot worse. Arrived 3 days after ordering too, which was a bonus. Sound is fine, though i have an optical sound bar for a better effect. Not keen on the remote, and would have liked some quick buttons for often used features instead of navigating menus – but these are minor quibbles in an otherwise superb piece of kit for under £400. Addendum, spetember 30 – just bought a replacement compatible remote from ebay for £11, and it fills the gaps in the original remote beautifully.

It came the next day spot on for my husband’s birthday. Easy to set up although i shall take a minute to read the booklet which came with it, to find all the other things i can do such as access the web.

Very good value, fast delivery, picture is fantastic, sound not bad either, i would recommend this product and seller.

LG 55LF652V Smart 55 Inch TV with webOS (2015 Model) : Picture and colours are great, hd is much better than my previous full hd telly. This is the first 3d telly i’ve had and spent a good few mins marvelling at how good that is watching some of the 3d offering on sky. Very simple to get all set up with my sky box, only hitch was spent searching for the ‘joystick’ mentioned in the instructions, before realising it is below the front edge of the tv. As i’ve seen mentioned on a couple of other reviews the screen is more reflective than my previous tv, but that is simply solved by shutting a curtain or door.

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Sony KDL-50W807C Smart 3D 50-inch Full HD TV, fabulous darling

My old tv was starting to play up, so after searching a decided to stick with sony and then saw this tv as part of amazons lightning deals and got it for a great price. It looks so much better built than my old tv and although it’s 6 inches bigger, it doesn’t take up much more room thanks to the tiny surround around the screen. It came with a tether but when i put the tv on the stand and tried to wobble it, it seemed more than secure enough, you would only really need it if you had young children running around but even then, it’d take quite a lot to topple it. The picture and sound is excellent.

Shoddy software, spam spoils solid sony hardware. I have had this tv (kdl-43w807c) for a week and have been testing it extensively and would like to share my findings and experiences. Good points:- some android apps can be installed and work well (e. Kodi, vlc)- tv itself is good quality in terms of picture quality- sound quality is very good with good bass, noticeable much better than my previous 32′ sony. – satellite tuner works, just plug in the antenna cable (no sky box needed) and it picks up the channels and sorts them very logically with all hd free channels like bbc, itv at the top of the list followed by sd channels later. Alas epg is poor, see below. – many hdmi and usb inputs with options like cec and arc etc. – bluetooth and wifi built in. The are many bad points1: slow response from the interface- for example switching hdmi inputs or opening the epg takes really long to load.

Sony KDL-50W807C Smart 3D 50-inch Full HD TV (Android TV, X-Reality Pro, Motionflow XR 800 Hz, Wi-Fi and NFC) – Silver

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  • X-Reality Pro: Experience high picture quality
  • Android TV: Seamless entertainment, intelligent search. All the personalisation, intelligence and entertainment of your smartphone, on the big screen. Use of this TV requires consent to Google terms of service and pivacy policy
  • Slim design: The elegant slim design seamlessly blends into any living room, even when mounted on the wall
  • Motionflow XR 900 Hz: Reduced blur and judder. Smooth images, whatever you watch
  • YouView*: The seven day scroll back TV guide brings together catch up TV from across BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand. *User interface may differ. Limited ITV content in Scotland and NI. Suitable coverage, broadband speed and aerial required. Terms and condition’s apply

Excellent tv from sony at a reasonable price. You expect high quality from sony and this tv delivers. The active 3d is amazing and picture quality is superb. Android tv is cool and there’s a good range of inputs and customizable settings.

Absolutely fantastic item for the price. Absolutely fantastic item for the price. If you are wanting to run this instead of having sky boxes etc simply insert a diablo cam into the back of it and sorted.

Really good tv and plenty of features on top. Having fast b band and amazon prime means plenty of free films too.

Sony KDL-50W807C Smart 3D 50-inch Full HD TV (Android TV, X-Reality Pro, Motionflow XR 800 Hz, Wi-Fi and NFC) – Silver : Sony and android in one bundle, what’s not to love. Brilliant piece of high-tech, a bit pricey but if, like me, you’re an early adopter of all things tech then you’ll enjoy playing around with this smart tv. The android tv has it’s limitations but that’s understandable.

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Sony KDL55W805CBU Review : excellent tv quality i fantastic but the andriod os is

What can i say other than incredible, picture is flawless build quality is excellent and even the sound is pretty good for a flat screen, only drawback is you don’t get any 3d glasses in the box.

Good tv – works with samsung 3d glasses. Very pleased with my purchase of kdl-43w805c and pleasantly surprised that the samsung ssg-5100gb/xc 3d glasses (which are significantly cheaper than the sony ones) work with this tv. (note there is no confirmation/indication that the 3d glasses work, but switch them on when 3d content is playing and they work.

Highly recommend this tv picture quality is excellent has a wealth of other which i have still to explore for the price it is a brilliant item, amazon dispatched it immediately but the courier arrow xl took exactly one week to deliver having been chased up no less than three times by amazon and once by myself arrow also posted that i requested delivery change which i did not the only thing that i consented to change was my telephone number, however the delivery men were very nice polite gentlemen left it in room of my choice this was followed up by a telephone call to check item was delivered safely overall i would rate item 5 star plus amazon service 5 star plus delivery gentlemen 5 star arrow xl 2 star.

Comments from buyers

“Sony has won me over with this TV, Good TV – works with Samsung 3d glasses, The picture quality is insane with great black levels – just make sure you adjust the , Good but not yet perfect, Stunning TV the perfect partner for the PS4, HD image quality is the best I’ve seen on a television”

Works for what i wanted – but watch how some functions get disabled depending on your choices. Overall pleased – seems to have a reasonable range of features and image quality is good. The good* picture quality is good (note it’s not 4k tv). * 3d ok – bit of ghosting on high contrast but younger users seem happy – note you need to buy glasses – recommend the excelvan universal* set up easy but takes a while to tune freesat and upgrade of firmware can take a long while too – be prepared for a wait. * good range of inputs (4xhdmi, 1xsat, 1xaerial, composite, digital audio etc etc – see elsewhere for details). * ability to change lots of sound,picture settings,bluetooth, etc. * apps for netflix, youtube, amazon, google etc all good. * smart phones connect with an app to give a remote and tv explorer function. * can add a hard disk for recording (see below though)things to look out for:* hard disk – note it’s only a single digital + sat tuner – so if recording you’ll need to be watching a different input to watch something else* satellite (freesat) epg doesn’t populate until you tune to that channel bit annoying. * if you enable youview (nice epg etc) you disable other things – the hard disk recording and the freesat and you need to reset to get rid of it.

The picture quality is insane with great black levels – just make sure you adjust the. This tv, and android tv are incredible. The picture quality is insane with great black levels – just make sure you adjust the picture as soon as you get it, as for some reason the contrast is set to the max value – some tinkering will sort this out. Cons: this tv neither comes with and 3d glasses (not that i’d have used them), or the smart remote (rmf-tx100), although there is an android app with the same functionalityedit: after prolonged use, i stand by my initial review but can add some long term info. The software is quite buggy – menus can take ages to appear, and the remote actions can take ages to respond. A hard reset (turned off at the plug) fixes this, but this can happen too often. Turning the tv off can be annoying too – at first it may seem as though the tv hasn’t responded, and can instantly return on.

Hd image quality is the best i’ve seen on a television. Hd image quality is the best i’ve seen on a television. However, the whole thing is let down by constant freezes between menu selections, slow response times between channel selecting and the only tv catch up app available being bbc iplayer.

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Sony KDL75W855CBU Review : Fantastic TV but don’t feel qualified to submit a full

This tv has taken a long time being launched and it was well worth the wait my previous tv was an lg 60 inch with an excellent picture and i was apprehensive with changing to led as all other led tv’s i have seen never seem to be able to replicate the smoothness and realism of a plasma tv. And the picture is absolutely stunning and i was surprised how well sony’s reality pro improves the quality of ordinary tv broadcasts and despite being 75 inch the picture quality is better than a smaller screen where you would think blowing it up to 75 inch would degrade the picture. This tv isnt 4k though the depth of the picture and smoothness would make you believe it was. I cant see the benefits of paying nearly double for the 4k version when there is so little content available and unless you have fibre optic with minium speeds of 22mb you will find it hard to stream 4k anyway. The sound quality is surprisingly good for a flat panel, to be fair i have mine linked to the recommended sony accessory wireless subwoofer which requires no separate controls and links automatically to the tv and adjusts accordingly to the normal tv remote volume inputs. I also have it lnked to a new sony blu ray and again this can be controlled from the tv remote. Having just one remote for everything really makes viewing an effortless and enjoyable experience.

I went with this type because of the weight. Note: they do not come with 3d glasses and very tricky to find. Do not buy the excelvan or the sony tdgbr250 glasses. I have ordered the tdgbr500 but do not know if they wirk.

Don’t be fooled this is a big tv and the picture is stunning. I cant find a fault with it other than its that big i had to re position my furniture further away. The youview has definitely made the sony tv’s better>the guide is now a lot easier to navigate and because it runs on android its lightning fast too.

Comments from buyers

“Wow!!! better than expected., Incredible picture quality. Brilliant TV., GREAT TV.BUT HAS REAL ISSUES YOU NEED TO THINK ABOUT., Its Excellent piece of equipment with, Great tv for the price, Absolutely amazing!!!!”

We had the older model 55 inch version of this tv and had to replace it after my daughter accidentally broke the screen. We knew it would be a good tv but it has exceeded all our expectations. Although at 65 inches you’d expect it to be overpowering in the room, it’s actually not. The bezel is very thin so almost the full size of it is screen (if you know what i mean). Setting up and connecting it to the internet was incredibly straightforward and it has plenty of hdmi slots for any components you wish to connect. We also bought a sony wireless soundbar with the sub woofer and the combination of the incredible picture and rich, clear sound makes viewing a truly immersive experience. The software makes navigating very easy and there are loads of apps such as youtube, amazon prime and netflix already available to use. On the subject of netflix, the remote has an actual netflix button on it which takes you straight there. This is brilliant as we watch a lot of netflix and being able to go straight to it is much more convenient than we would have imagined.

Fantastic tv but don’t feel qualified to submit a full. Fantastic tv but don’t feel qualified to submit a full review as i have only had the tv a couple of weeks.

Superb television clear crisp picture well recommended.

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