Samsung UE60JU6800KXXU Deals : Same series but smaller. It is good value for money.

Great tv – you won’t be disappointed.

It is good value for money. . I bought the smaller one of this series samsung ue55ju6800 55 -inch lcd 1080 pixels tv (electronics)i have some tips and i think it would be useful and not repeat the same mistake with me. I solely focus on the connectivity to mobile and internet application or casting content from my phone. I like all the picture quality of every brands in this price range, of course the expensive series from sony and panasonic look really good but i think samsung ue55ju6800 covers everything i need. Webos from lg is really tempting as it is so easy to use. Also added the tip about wall mount/wireless devices. Please below link to see the review[.

Firstly the delivery procedure was excellent, they phoned ahead. Firstly the delivery procedure was excellent, they phoned ahead, 2 men carried the package into my lounge, unpacked the tv and tested it. I’m a retired pro photographer so i look at image quality very critically. The detail and sharpness is amazing. At 8 feet from the screen, the correct viewing distance for this set, i see no sign of pixilation. The colour quality, straight out of the box is spot on – programs and films shot under controlled lighting conditions – the skin tones are perfect, and the tonal range is excellent. Sport is where it really shines, amazing detail and the action is sharp, no blurring at all that i could discern. And the faces in the crowd are amazing. It is better than going to the cinema, to watch a film – i have a high quality hi-fi surround sound system. Here are the specifications for the Samsung UE60JU6800:

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  • Nano Crystal Display
  • 4K UHD Resolution
  • Minimalistic Metallic Design

I bought a wall mounting kit and a camera. The camera installation was easy and skype now works on the tv. The sound lacks any real depth and therefore i would advocate hooking up a sound bar, the sound quality is now matches the picture.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Firstly the delivery procedure was excellent, They phoned ahead
  • Same series but smaller. It is good value for money.

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Sony KDL50W756CSU Deals : Misleading description of YouView functionality

Still waiting for you view firmwear update. I bought this tv in june, a very good picture, but poor sound quality at low volume and after a few weeks a line of pixels changed to permanent green, however sony came out quickly and replaced the tv. A couple of things i would point out – youview should have been available ‘summer 15’ as of october 15 it is not available i spoke with the sony help desk who advised it would be available by the end of the year but could not give a date despite their website still saying summer 15. Also the ability to record onto a usb drive is not yet available this will also be available as a firmwear update by the end of the year. Please note that if you select the ability to use youview you cannot use usb recording its either or which i think will be annoying. Given the delay i do feel sony should extend everyone’s warranty by 6 months as the whole reason i bought the tv was to be able to use youview.

Great sound & picture quality. We’re a month in – delivered faster than expected – and it’s superb. Great sound and picture quality. Some reviews mentioned that it was really slow – i haven’t found it to be at all. Very easy to add apps, very easy to add an hdd to record tv.

Very nice tv – good hd picture. I recently had this tv delivered – not from amazon because i needed it installing – but thought that amazon customers might appreciate some feedback. This is a very smart looking tv with a great hd picture. Sound is very clear and perfectly loud enough. I do not think that the set needs a sound bar. My only niggle is i think the black one 43w755 frames the picture nicely, but it was out of stock when i ordered mine. I am very happy with this tv. Here are the specifications for the Sony KDL-50W756C Smart 50-inch Full HD TV:

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  • X-Reality Pro: Experience high picture quality
  • Android TV: Seamless entertainment, intelligent search. All the personalisation, intelligence and entertainment of your smartphone, on the big screen. Use of this TV requires consent to Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Slim design: The elegant slim design seamlessly blends into any living room, even when mounted on the wall
  • Motionflow XR 800 Hz: Reduced blur and judder. Smoother images, whatever you watch
  • YouView*: The seven day scroll back TV guide brings together catch up TV from across BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand. *User interface may differ. Limited ITV content in Scotland and NI. Suitable coverage, broadband speed and aerial required. Terms and condition’s apply

Excellent tv, great sound and picture excellent connectivity, good for mirroring. . Looks beautiful and the picture is fantastic. Picture:the definition is marvellous, very sharp indeed. Sound: i don;t need my surround sound anymore, its amazing full, and plenty of volume. Ease of use: the tv is easy to mount on the stand and the remote is self explanatory. Lots of hdmi inputs so great. Smart: really good apps for amazon prime and netflix, infact the remote has a button that goes straight to netflix. Android: just log in with your google account and off you go, it knows all you preferences no messing,mirroring: works like a dream, easy to link up with my (miracast) htc one m9 and my nexus 7. Did find it couldn’t link to my phone one day but worked ok later- maybe a little hit and miss?overall: i am very pleased with this tv, it is stable, gook looking and quick.

At first i was very cautious about purchasing this android 43’sony w75xc (silver)android tv not only because of its size in my front room but mainly after reading the adverse reports about its reliability. I like android devices as i have several by amazon and some the latest reports seemed to hint that sony had at last cured the faults and indeed the tv was a reliable buy. I have had the tv for a week now and i am amazed at its content. The picture is amazing especially in vivid mode. Standard mode is more realistic,but of course this depends on the viewer. The sound i have through my 3 small speaker’s used on my last sony 32′ tv is very good i found the tv very easy to set up. ‘just follow the instructions on the screen’. The instruction book is of limited use but the additional blue folded leaflet is useful for checking connections sect. The controller is the usual sony style with a dedicated football button.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Misleading description of YouView functionality
  • Amazing picture!
  • Great tv, shame it doesn’t have a sleep function on the remote.
  • Excellent TV, great sound and picture excellent connectivity, good for mirroring.
  • Still waiting for you view firmwear update
  • My best buy! I am so impressed with the picture

Misleading description of youview functionality. I bought this tv as i wanted a television with:1) youview – the ability to pause, rewind and also catch up a week’s television2) amazon prime3) plex4) a decent image for a reasonable price and a minimal designthe good news is that the tv achieves items 2, 3 & 4 pretty well. The problems however, pertain to the youview functionality. Prior to buying the set, i was encouraged by the fact there was usb recording. I understood that i could not record youview, but what wasn’t clear is that if you choose to enable the youview functionality of this tv then you essentially wave goodbye to the ability to be able to record anything (on freeview), and also the ability to pause or rewind live tv. This is a fairly major crippling of functionality. So it’s very much an either / or. Either you don’t allow the tv to utilise the 7-day on demand catch-up functionality of youview and maintain the ability to record live tv to an external hdd, or you enable the youview functionality and disable the ability to record anything. The inevitable outcome is that the only workaround is to end up doubling up: i. Having to buy a youview+ box for your 7 day historic catch-up and ability to record / pause / rewind live tv, and then use the sony tv for amazon prime, plex, etc. At some stage some bright spark will think to integrate youview+ technology into the tv. Sony trot out nonsense about licensing issues preventing recording – which is spurious as the hdd you record to on the sony tv is encrypted so can only playback on that tv. So in that regard no different from a youview+ box with its encrypted internal hard drive.

Great tv, shame it doesn’t have a sleep function on the remote. . Very good tv – the android os can be a little slow and unresponsive at times. The reason for only 4 stars is that there is a not a sleep button on the remote control – something i use daily as i have the tv on before falling asleep. This means it has to be accessed through the settings which takes about 30 seconds – this is not a major issue, and may be insignificant to most, but it is not something that is apparent. The tv itself is fantastic and produces high quality images from different sources – i would highly recommend this tv.

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Sony KD-49X8005C 49 inch 4K UHD Widescreen Smart TV, monitor due to the number of complaints about the smart features. However they work really well

Great picture, sound as expected and a quicker processor than some of the reviews suggest. We received out tv last week as we were looking for a reasonably sized entry level smart 4k tv. A number of reviews accuse the tv of being slow and hanging frequently. However we have found the set to be fast and stable with no issues. I suspect people complaining about performance have yet to update the android operating system. Picture quality on uhd streaming is brilliant and ups scaling also works very well on standard hd or blue ray inputs. A very good entry level set for the size.

Great come back by sony with the power of android. . Great deal at an unbelievable price. Android tv is great and had no problems so far with the firmware. The tv updates itself when you turn it off so it will keep improving all the time. I think sony have done something absolutely right here moving to android. There is no doubt about it, it will be the best supported tv os it’s only a matter of time. I have sky hd so don’t really use youview , but i use amazon video and kodi and they both run seamlessly installed in minutes straight from the app store. Streaming 4k from amazon prime and youtube is amazing. So much so it makes my bluray look poor. Tv sound is adequate for my needs , but as its such a thin tv, you will not get a world beater here.

Sony KD-49X8005C 49 inch 4K UHD Widescreen Smart TV with Freeview – Black

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  • 4K PROCESSOR X1: Watch everything with stunning clarity, colour & contrast.
  • ANDROID TV: All the personalization, intelligence and entertainment of your smartphone, on the big screen.
  • Motionflow XR 200Hz: Reduced blur and judder. Smoother images, whatever you watch.
  • YouView: Catch up TV from BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5. Easily search for the shows you love with the seven day scroll back TV guide.
  • Playstation Now: PS3 gaming on your TV, No Discs, No Consoles, just connect a PS4 controller

Best 4k budget big brand tv. Got the 55x8005c on amazon lightning deal. And what a fantastic tv this isdid a lot of research prior to buying this set and sadly there is little in the way of professional reviews for this set online. Was in the market for a decent 4k 50inch+ on a tight budget.Looked across all the big 4 manufacturers:samsung – previous sets all been excellent/reliablesony – family members own this, also excellent/reliablelg – increasing popularity, with some strong sets and great passive 3dpanasonic – previous viera sets have been superb, strong black levelsin the end it came down to either the samsung or the sony. Based on reviews and personal experience, sets from these 2 brands typically have great response rate (less motion blur) and strong up-scaling capabilities, which is essential as 4k content is still very thin on the ground with the majority of content still on 1080p or even sd. Went for the sony in the end, due to better pricing and with android tv, a higher feature set, which i will describe later in the review. For those who don’t want to read the full details, here is a short summary:pro’s- excellent picture (strong blacks, great colour, excellent motion handling, 4k resolution)- good sound quality (clear dialogue, decent volume without distortion)- great connectivity (4x hdmi2. 0, twin freeview/freesat tuner, lan+wifi, built in chromecast +miracast)- android tv (future proof)- nice design- sony brand- value for moneycon’s- plastic bezel, looks less premium than others- no 3d capability- no hdr- missing usb recording function- android tv (some slow down)overall, the best budget 4k big brand tv. Aesthetics:the tv is all black, with a glossy slim bezel. (think piano black)looks nice, but some may prefer a metal/aluminium frame. The sony next range up x830 and x850, has an alu frame. Still the tv seems well built.

Monitor due to the number of complaints about the smart features. However they work really well. I bought this expecting to use it as a monitor due to the number of complaints about the smart features. However they work really well. All of the catchup services are on there incl. The sound is brilliant in my opinion. Picture is fine although at this size i think 4k is not necessary. Superb prime delivery from amazon.

When you get your telly make srure. When you get your telly make sure you perform all the software updates to get the most out of the tv. The 4k upscalling is amazing, cant recommended enough. Android runs smoothly after the upgrades. Majority of apps are available via the play store. If you need additional storage you can add a usb stick.

Sony KD-49X8005C 49 inch 4K UHD Widescreen Smart TV with Freeview – Black : This is a review for the 55″ tv. First off, these sony tv’s get a lot of stick for some issues they may have had in the past. I’ve been using this tv for the past few months. Out of the box, android is a bit long to set up but it’s definitely worth it. If we start with software, which seems to get the most stick:it’s actually awesome. The android interface is slightly laggy but not so much as to stop you what you’re doing. Netflix and amazon instant video work pretty much perfectly and even though the tv is literally at the furthest point in the house from the router, 4k streams perfectly. There is a huge lack of 4k content (netflix and amazon are probably the best source for tv) but anyone in the market for a 4k tv probably already knows this.

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LG Electronics 55UH770V Review : Every Second Watching This TV Reassures You That It Was Worth The Impulse Buy!

Bought this television 2 weeks ago. Been absolutely fantastic, 4k upscaling on hd content is incredible, the web os is amazingly intuitive and easy to use and i’ve had no issues whatsoever. It was easy to set up, recognised my sky+hd box and set it up to work through the magic remote.

I came perilously close to returning this set. I was blown away initially and then spotted that there was some kind of issue with the way dark scenes are handled. It resulted in two vertical black bands about 6 inches wide shifting left or right on the screen and appeared to be linked to the lighter parts of predominantly dark scenes. I started turning off every signal processing option and eventually discovered that the problem is caused by the local dimming option. Turned that off and all is well. As you would expect with a smart tv it does run into some issues now and then. Right now my amazon instant video app is hung on a black screen. Think i will have to delete and re-install. Wish there was an option to ‘bounce’ open apps.

Every second watching this tv reassures you that it was worth the impulse buy. Havent purchased one, but am looking into buying one, just maybe waiting for the price to drop a bit, but this tv is definitely a fantastic product, i have several friends who own it and have no faults against it, hands down the best tv they’ve ever owned. I came across this model in selfridges and fell in love with. Got to have one, will have one.The quality is just phenomenal.

Key specs for LG 55UH770V 55 inch Super Ultra HD 4K Smart TV webOS (2016 Model) – Silver:

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  • From the pixels to the pedestal LG SUPER UHD TV is the pinnacle of LCD television. An IPS 4K Quantum Display integrating a 10-bit panel generates a billion rich colours, producing bright, vibrant images that make everything else fade to grey.
  • An advanced 10 bit panel expands the colour spectrum that you can see, unlocking over 1 billion hues and shades on your screen.
  • Ultra Luminance will create brighter whites and darker blacks.
  • ULTRA HD 4K resolution is four times that of Full HD producing brilliant clarity and vivid details that amaze, even when viewed up close.
  • HDR Super offers flexible access to HDR content by supporting HDR10 and Dolby Vision, the latest HDR standard from a leader in picture mastering and production.

Comments from buyers

“I’d definitely recommend this product, Great with a few tweaks, Every Second Watching This TV Reassures You That It Was Worth The Impulse Buy!”

I’d definitely recommend this product. I haven’t encountered local dimming issues with this model. I have to say it wipes the floor with 2 other sets i bought ,but had to send back – samsung & panasonic, both in a similar price range. I’d definitely recommend this product.

I have owned the 55 inch model for a couple of months and havehad a chance to get to know it’s capabilities. I know some are some complaints regarding dark moving bands on dark scenes. This is a result of the local dimming feature, but can be switched off if you don’t like it. This is not a fault, but rather a limitation of the ‘edge-lit’ technology used on this type of panel. The feature attempts to improve black levels in dark scenes by dimming the backlight in specific areas of the screen in real time. ‘edge-lit’ panel technology can not achieve the same quality of local dimming as the more expensive and refined ‘full-array’ dimming found on higher end ‘direct-lit’ models. However i have found the picture remains excellent with it switched off, so no big deal at this price point. Top tip is try using the cinema mode.

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Sony Bravia KDL40EX403U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Internet TV, Excellent TV at a great price

Would recommend to a friend. Was advised to buy a different brand because of official reveiws, but after my visit to currys the picture quality compared to other reputable brands just didn’t compare. I am happy with this tv and am very grateful to amazon for the price tag. Quality sound and image priceless.

Excellent tv at a great price. I did quite a bit of research before buying this tv, and it has lived up to all the good reviews i have seen. The first thing i noticed about it, is how relatively light it is. It’s much lighter than the 26′ sony bravia i was replacing that i bought 4 or 5 years ago. Inputs wise, it has plenty, including an rj45 ethernet connection, which i have used to connect via a mains network adapter to my router. You can also use a wifi usb dongle, but apparently it has to be the sony one at around £70. The menus have been updated since my old tv and are much clearer and aesthetically pleasing – the old ones were really clunky. You can control a huge range of functions. Picture quality is superb when playing bluray and pretty good when using freeview, although i can’t receive freeview hd in my area. Sound quality is really surprising.

Sony Bravia KDL40EX403U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Internet TV with Freeview HD (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • High Definition at a comfortably low price
  • Watch subscription free, High Definition TV with Freeview HD built in
  • Access YouTube™ and Catch Up TV with BRAVIA® Internet Video
  • Enjoy full High Definition 1080p picture quality
  • Easily connect to Blu-ray players, games consoles and more via 4 HDMI and BRAVIA® Sync

Great tv, dlna perfect & bbc iplayer is definitely coming. Excellent tv, setup was easy, i love the ps3 type menu systems. The remote is also compatible with a ps3it connected to my router (via ethernet cable) without having to fiddle with any settings whatsoever. For those who have made comments saying they are hopeful for bbc iplayer, i can confirm it is definitely coming to this set, as my menu has it listed with a ‘coming soon’ title, so an upcoming update will fix this. As stated, to make this set wireless you would have to purchase a sony dongle (not a problem for me as router nearby, but maybe for others, that’s why i have docked 1 star). I’ve also tested the dlna functionality, it works great with my mpeg2 movies which are supported by this tv, however i have a lot of movies in different formats so felt a bit let down. However after a search on the net, i found some cool software called mezzmo which converts all movie types on-the-fly into any compatible formats your tv can handle (in this case mpeg2). The software is a joy to use and i really wasn’t expecting it to work, but it does, flawlessly. It found my dlna tv instantly, the interface is easy to use and most importantly, the streaming worked absolutely fine with the tv set. All in all i’m really impressed with this tv, the colours do need a bit of manual tweaking but other than that, this is the best tv i’ve ever owned by far.

I have been using my sony bravia kdl40ex403u for a few months now. I upgraded from a sharp 32′ and i think the 40′ is just the right size for my living room, i have it connected to sky+ hd, a sony blu-ray player, xbox 360, and a sony a/v system. One of my favourite features is the fact that i can use the sony tv remote to control my sony a/v system and blu-ray player. Picture quality is good, although standard definition sources are not great, but this is expected on a large screen. The menu layout is easy to understand and this is the same for any sony device, such as ps3 and blu-ray players. Also another great feature is the on demand video through the tv set, as it comes with a network point on the back, it can connect to the internet, which is great for watching bbc iplayer, full screen. Don’t know much about the sound quality, as i turned it off as soon as i got it set up, i highly recommend getting a surround sound system, with a sub woofer to really get the most from this tv set when watching blu-ray or other high definition sources. In conclusion, i think that this is a great full hd tv set from a manufacturer you know you can trust. I would recommend this to anyone.

Beautiful tv looks good – picture fantastic – came next day as promised cant fault anything.

Sony Bravia KDL40EX403U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Internet TV with Freeview HD (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I purchased this tv at the weekend and after our first few days of use i can honestly say that i love it. I’ve done a lot of research and decided on a short list of models but nothing can compare to actually standing in front of a bunch of tvs and seeing the picture quality. This was by far the best picture in our price range. The build quality is excellent and the image quality is fantastic, especially for the price. Remember that you do get what you pay for so you won’t get the same picture as you would if you were spending £1000+ but for everyday use and hd playback it’s fantastic. The internet side of things is a great feature. Streaming content from youtube is nice but it doesn’t stream the hd content from youtube, so hopefully that will come in a future update. Overall i’m really pleased with the picture and build quality. It’s excellent, so much so that my siblings have both bought exactly the same model.

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Samsung UE60H6200AKXXU Review : excelent pic and lots to explor just had it for

Excelent pic and lots to explor just had it for. Excelent pic and lots to explor just had it for cpl weeks now give me time and i will do it again.

Great picture and works well with the broad band connected via ethernet. I find the sound quality is not what you would expect however with an additional sound bar i feel that can easily be managed.

The clearness of the screen is amazing and it was exactly what i was looking for. I have no words to describe this phenomenal piece of technology: the clearness of the screen is amazing and it was exactly what i was looking for.

Key specs for Samsung 60H6200 60-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Smart LED TV with Freeview HD:

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  • Enjoying Smart TV is now easier and faster
  • Clear Motion Rate minimizes motion blur
  • Updated Smart View connects your TV, devices and content
  • See your mobile content on a large TV screen quickly and easily

Comments from buyers

“Absolutely fantastic best TV I have bought so far wouldn’t go , the clearness of the screen is amazing and it was exactly what I was looking for, Excellent. Replaced an older version with this model and , excelent pic and lots to explor just had it for “

Absolutely fantastic best tv i have bought so far wouldn’t go. Absolutely fantastic best tv i have bought so far wouldn’t go past samsung now and delivery was super fast .

Great price, good picture off air and from a pc.

Replaced an older version with this model and. Replaced an older version with this model and more than happy with it. It cost approx half the price of a 4k tv with the same spec.

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Goodmans G48227T2 Deals : Good Low Budget Buy

Had it since christmas, as yet can’t fault it.

Good picture good sound very pleased.

Delivery arrived promptly too. This is really easy to setup. Here are the specifications for the Goodmans G48227T2 48-Inch LED T2 Full HD TV:

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    above to make sure this fits.
  • 48 Inch LED TV
  • HD Ready 720p
  • Built-in Freeview tuner
  • Soarview approved
  • 3x HDMI USB ports

Good price for the size – picture good as per specbad – sound quality is terrible – i’m buying a sound bar as not good enough on its own.

Bought this for my son who was struggling with an old 32 inch samsung. I looked around a vast array of various models for some time and settled on the goodmans, persuaded by the price and through having purchased goodmans products in the past, which i found solid and reliable. The tv setup was a piece of cake and my son was mightily impressed by the picture quality. He hooked the set up to his windows 10 media box and 2. Watched an action clip of the hobbit which was awesome. My son had a grin on his face like a cheshire cat. Ok the set does not have all the bells and whistles of higher priced models, but as a basic tv it does a more than adequate job. I have one happy son relishing the prospect of going through his movie catalogue.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good Low Budget Buy
  • Cracking TV for the price!

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Sony S8005C Series 55 inch 4k Ultra HD, I’m happy with the TV please make sure you update android

Great tv, perfect for android users. I have had this tv for a couple of months now and have to say i am thoroughly enjoying iti know it is towards the lower end of the sony 4k line-up but i have to say for the average user this is plenty good enough. It has a fantastic picture quality, very good sound for inbuilt speakers and a good selection of smart features. With it having android built in, you are able to download apps from the play store or even able to load apk’s (note i have found it easiest using the remote manager feature within ‘es file explorer’, which sets the tv up as an ftp so you can easily transfer files from your pc or phone. )the tv is not too curved, but gives a great viewing angle; i have found i can now sit more to the side which surprised me. Very good for casting things straight from your phone too. Overall a great tv and android does work very well.

Now fixed: there is a significant problem with sony 4k tv 3d playback:. Final update: sony have now patched this tv enough for most of the bugs to have finally been ironed out. It’s still flaky at times (freeezing crashes etc) but i don’t regret the purchases. So up to four stars for me, but i cant in all conscience give it five due to all of the problem this tv suffered from for so long. I fervently hope that sony’s 2016 tv’s are released in a better state. Update 3: now fixed, the february firmware update has fixed many of the problems this tv had, so i’m bumping up my score. Android tv is still buggy though, so three stars only at the moment. Update 1: there was a update to the android firmware in the first week of december, but it hasn’t fixed the problem. The problem has also spread to the us, with american customers also complaining it, so this may force sony into taking it more seriously. Sony say their next update will be on 24th december, so fingers crossed.

Sony S8005C Series 55 inch 4k Ultra HD, 3D Curved screen with Android – Black

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • 4K PROCESSOR X1: Enjoy movies and TV shows boosted to near 4K Ultra HD clarity, with greater colour and contrast
  • ANDROID TV: All the personalization, intelligence and entertainment of your smartphone, on the big screen.
  • THE PERFECT CURVE: Whatever you watch is now more immersive and more natural. The gentle curve means the whole family can sit and be entertained.
  • Motionflow XR 800Hz: Reduced blur and judder. Smoother images, whatever you watch.
  • TWIN TUNER: Watch one TV show and record another at the same time onto a separate USB hard drive.

Think the picture not quiet has good has the 46 inch samsung we had. To use the tv for the max capability. One needs un limited broad band. The remote takes some getting used to. Purchased the thing for the 55 inch screen, that fitted our base unit stand. Which doubt we will ever use. Plus the glasses and head aches. Think the picture not quiet has good has the 46 inch samsung we had.

The response for opening apps / streaming amazon prime videos streaming is instant with no crashing or reboots needed like some. Managed to pick this up on a amazon lightening deal at £925 last week and that was the cheapest price on the net. Wow what a tv plugged in a ethernet cable switched it on and the tv set itself up automatically within 20 minutes. Make sure you have a google mail set up before hand as this is needed for the android app side of the tv. The response for opening apps / streaming amazon prime videos streaming is instant with no crashing or reboots needed like some of the older models running android i have read reviews on so its seems sony have got around this definately with this model. Assembley wise you will need 2 people to sit the tv on the stand as its heavy but once on its solid. Only niggles are the sound is not that good compared to our old panasonic plasma with bass levels pretty much non existent so a soundbar is a must after purchase. Shame no 3d glasses are included too but again non sony ones can be picked up at a reasonable price. Picture wise you’ll find it hard to get a better panel at this time for the money.

An overall good buy, i’m glad i purchased this tv. The picture quality is second to none, i was amazed how different the graphics look on my ps4 compared to my previous full hd 1080 sony tv. If you play games on the ps4 you’ll definitely notice the difference in the quality of color’s and detail and overall smoothness of the refresh rate. 4k content such as netflix 4k is what it’s expected to be, i was watching breaking bad in 4k and looked at walter’s mustache and could see every single little hair and the color of each one. The curve of the screen is well balanced and isn’t a problem when watching from a different anglei haven’t tried the 3d feature yet as it doesn’t come with glasses and my previous sony one’s don’t work, but i’m sure it’ll be an experience to rememberpleased with the desgin over all 10/10 from me.

Sony S8005C Series 55 inch 4k Ultra HD, 3D Curved screen with Android – Black : Fantastic tv husband and i love it got on black friday so glad we did.

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Cello C40227FT2 Deals : Great picture quality

Tv working fine picture/sound great considering the price. Also arrived super quick with no probs from the sellor.

Would definately recommend this to anyone. Wow i am so impressed with my new telly. I ordered it on friday and got today, tuesday. Being an oap i was worried about setting it up but no problems even with my sky box. I had it set up and tested in 30 minutes. Would definately recommend this to anyone.

Excellent value for the money paid. Here are the specifications for the Cello C40227FT2 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LED DVD Combi:

  • Enter your model number
    above to make sure this fits.
  • This slim line 1080p Full HD TV is and asset for any living area
  • Watch your Freeview programmes on the 1920 x 1080 resolution screen including all T2 Hi Definition Freeview channels
  • Connect your external devices to the 3 x HDMI ports, you can also record TV, play music and video files or show photos and text files by connecting a USB Device to the USB port on the TV

Right size for our living room, clear picture, dvd option works well, no issues so far.

Nice tv but not full hd on freeview as stipulated. Received call regarding this but accepted as it was for a gift.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Tv. I love the HD when ever i
  • Crystal clear HD, very high quality for its price and size. highly recommended.
  • Very pleased with this item
  • Would definately recommend this to anyone
  • Great picture quality
  • set up and did phome help line who were brilliant!!

Why is there a picture of a kettle when this is supposed to be a tv. Why is there a picture of a kettle when this is supposed to be a tv i am very confused and a little afraid to buy the product encase i get a kettle ?.

Very pleased with this item. Very pleased with this item, the seller is very prompt and it arrived before i expected it, lucky my neighbour was in and took it in for me. All works brilliant, good picture, fantastic colours and dvd to boot. Cant fault this seller and will definitely buy from this seller again.

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Samsung T24D391 24 -inch LCD 1080 pixels 50 Hz TV – small screen success!

Nice design easy to install along with good picture and sound, came with uk 3 pin plug.

Samsung small screen success. 99 currysi was looking for a replacement of a 5 year old 17′ toshiba lcd. I wanted a vesa socket for wall mounting and two hdmi slots for freesat and blu-ray. So this narrowed the field significantly and meant that i was forced to look at 24′ screens if i wanted a major brand. My previous experience with samsung tvs were that they had been easily surpassed by lg. However after a lot of research i opted for this model and i am certainly not disappointed. This comes with 75×75 vesa mounting holes which is on the small side but fortunately my existing mounting arm can fit 75×75 or 100×100. As well as the 2x hdmi it also has a d-sub socket which is the older style computer monitor connection. It is easy to get adaptors that allow you to connect from a dv-i socket but it is more common now for pc video cards to have their own hdmi output.

Supplied with a two-pin plug only. It’s a nice-looking television and having a stand is a lovely touch. However, it only came with a two-pin plug so i had to replace the cable before it could be used.

  • Samsung small screen success!
  • Supplied with a two-pin plug only

Love them, better than any other i have bought.

Good quality good price arrived in good time.

Features of Samsung T24D391 24 -inch LCD 1080 pixels 50 Hz TV

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  • Energy Class:Class A
  • Horizontal Viewing Angle:178
  • Native Resolution:1920 x 1080
  • Weight:3.9 kg
  • Aspect Ratio:Widescreen

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