Panasonic TX-L50E6B Deals : Tweek this masterpiece to perfection.

Great solid picture – which is nearly all i wanted. Oh yes bright solid picture which as being led wont fade like old cfc lcd tv’s – ie any lcd tv 5yrs+ will start to fade , energy efficient and extremely thin. Smart tv function is great but have an android box which is better then any tv’s smart features.

Best small led panasonic have ever made . Please dont listen to the numpty who has given this tv a 1 star rating. Do your own research on proper websites, who review tv’s for a living :), and you’ll soon see this tv is worth every penny. I work for an independent tv shop who specialize in installing panasonic and sony panels. The e6 range at its price point is a no brainer,brilliant calibration control, amazing networking features and gives hands down the best picture performance a small panel panasonic lcd/led has given to date . I have 10 years experience day in day out installing tv’s and have probably owned well over 30 screens of all shapes and sizes in the last 8 years or so( currently a pioneer plasma , panasonic projector,panasonic led and sony led ) and im currently using the 39e6 in my conservatory as a monitor for a high end pc, ps3,xbox 360 and a wii u , and im very pleased with the results, infact i love this budget tv . Aesthetically very pleasing as well 🙂 2 features i like from an installers/enthusiast point of view are, firstly the tv will now boot to last input instead of booting to ‘no channel found please check aerial etc etc ‘ if you dont have an aerial, and you only have av equipment and your av equipment is currently off, that is what you always see on any panasonic tv before 2013. I know it sounds anal but its much nicer to see a blank hdmi screen when your tv comes on, rather than your tv saying you need to check aerial and start auto setup . And secondly the 2013 panasonic range finally support full range rgb as upto now all panasonic tvs have only supported ltd rgb range. As a gamer and pc user i much prefer the option to use the full colour spectrum, and rinse every last detail out of my graphics .

Stop thinking about it and buy one. I bought the 32′ version of this tv from john lewis this last weekend for the same price as is currently on amazon – £399 – the only advantage being the 5 year warranty supplied by john lewis. I haven’t experienced any of the issues experienced by anyone else. The sound quality is certainly good enough for the bedroom where we have located this tv and i would say it’s much better than other tvs i own elsewhere in the house. The picture is brilliant, however i suggest that people look at the settings as by default, a lot of the settings are set to `auto’ which means it handles the backlight according to the lighting in the room – perhaps this doesn’t suit everyone and account for every different room lighting, so i’d suggest turning this off. The wi-fi connected perfectly first time and the speed is fast, stable and reliable. The application for android is fantastic – sharing a photo or video to the tv works flawlessly and from my experience, much quicker and more reliable than an apple tv. My suggestion is that if you are thinking about buying one, stop thinking and buy one, for this price you won’t beat it the build quality, picture quality and features on offer- it puts even my 42′ panasonic bought for nearly double this price to shame. Here are the specifications for the (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Panasonic 50″ FULL HD Smart Viera LED TV network enabled in a super Slim Design – Size dimensions 1121 x 655 x 49mm Energy Efficiency Class A+
  • Freeview HD provides an extensive range of subscription free, digital TV & radio channels in full high definition
  • 100Hz processing speed -fast movement is reproduced with clarity and crisp focused images
  • My Home Sreen – set up your own personalised screen layout of your favourite news, social media & video on demand apps that are available through Viera Connect, Panasonics own cloud based internet service
  • The new Viera Remote 2 App, available on iOS & Android, will give you full control of your Viera TV through your Smartphone or Tablet PC, allowing easy use of Swipe & Share, Share & Save and all TV commands

I was lucky enough to get this on the black friday deals at about £400. I had always used plasma panels for my larger screen tvs, and had some apprehension with buying a lcd based panel to fulfil this role, especially after having seen some other tvs in action (e. A sony product which had hideous black levels and motion). I really shouldn’t have been worried. The 42′ model comes with a va panel which provides excellent deep blacks which looks wonderful in movies. Motion isn’t just as good as what it is on a plasma, but it is still excellent for a lcd display. I don’t use the smart functions on a daily basis (it’s hooked up to a computer), but i had a go on them to see what they’re like and i was actually very impressed. This tv will stream netflix itself, which is actually really very handy, and it does so very well tooanother benefit is the size.

We bought this tv to replace the smaller sony for our bedroom. The picture quality is absolutely superb and in surround mode the sound is great. We have a fairly small bedroom but the sony bravia 19′ was just not big enough and suffered with poor brightness. Not so with the panasonic – even in the brightest lit rooms it is easy and clear to watch. We’ve used none of the features like wi=fi yet so we have this to look forward to. The built in i player is a great feature. We’ve found that the silver surround is also much easier on the eye than black or dark surround tvs. All in all a great tv that is easy to set up and operate.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Well designed, great picture
  • Excellent TV good picture reasonable price
  • Tweek this masterpiece to perfection.
  • Superb TV, Ten Stars At Least
  • Great TV – apps and browser very poor with limited choice
  • The connoisseurs choice.

This has been a great buy, great quality tv, i have this connected with my ps3 & pc. The ‘swipe & share’ feature on the iphone/ipad app is brilliant so quick to show pictures and videos on screen. Even the youtube app on you phone can recognise the tv and just select where you want to play the video. This is the non 3d version which is about £100 less. I don’t see the need for 3d and i personally not a fan. The notable difference between the two other than 3d is that the hdmi ports at the back on the 3d version face the side of the tv whereas this come directly out the rear. I suggest you go to a store first to see what i mean as this could make a difference if you want to fit flat onto a wall. I have mine on a media unit so this does not affect me. But, yes but, technology is good these days that you can buy angled hdmi cables on amazon so this should be a worry.

I’m going to put this simply. I am increadibly anal about picture and sound quality. I replaced my very good and noble samsung 26′ tv with it. I researched diligently, and was torn very much between the samsung ue32f5500, sony kdl-32w6, lg 32-575v and the panasonic. I read which?, what hi-fi, trusted reviews. And was still really none-the-wiser. I came to the conclusion, all the tv’s listed above were much of a muchness, and i would just go for the one i liked the most.

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  1. This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Very good quality tv for the price. I’ve had this for 3 years nearly now and can’t complain. The sounds is amazing on it’s own and we often just forget to turn on our separate sound bar and don’t notice. Easy to setup with a simple menu system but comes with a range of feature like the different views and home screens to use wifi to look on the internet while still watching the tv. Good range of apps as well available to use.
  2. This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    The smart side of this tv leaves a lot to be. The smart side of this tv leaves a lot to be desired (keeps dropping broadband) nothing else does computers etc.
    1. The 42″ feels less superior than the family 50″ sony. I do not know quite how to rate this. The 42″ feels less superior than the family 50″ sony. Haven read many professional reviews, it is exactly as i expected. I still believe that smart tv have a long way to go. The youtube is very good, as is bbc iplayer. Signing out of netflix on this is a b****. I am not an expert, but for me it has good colour (especially in the dark) and decent viewing angles. Home-made movies look great on here too.
  3. This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    A mint tv with great picture, decent sound and great connectivity.
    1. I am very pleased with this purchase. I am very pleased with this purchase. I only give it 4 stars because i am not a tv boffin.
  4. This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Panasonic do it again – brill kit. What can i say it is panasonic evolving as always. Easy to set up and great features that work. Have had panasonic tvs for 12 years. I bought as i already had the 32″ version of this model. The pansonic skype camera ty – cc20w compliments by sitting on the top of the screen.