Samsung UE40ES5500 40-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV – Very Happy With This Purchase

The biggest internet browsing experience ever. Apart from the superlatives that i can think of to describe the pure picture quality that i am getting from this 46′ led tv whether with my upscaled dvd movies via the samsung bd5300 player or via hd cable, i have discovered today that this unit actually supports plug and play with my logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo. I am using the k520 model and it is recognised by the smart tv immediately without further ado. I am now typing this using the default samsung smart app browser and my keyboard. Not only do i have the biggest led tv in my life, i am now surfing the web with the biggest display screen ever. Just want to share and make sure that all of you don’t miss out on this incredible feature of your smart tv.

I had an old panasonic that refused to die. Picture and sound were fine and i was reluctant to get rid of it, however a friend had one of these and when i saw it i could see a vast improvement on my old set. Picture is brilliant an the sound surprisingly good.

Chose this tv because it’s 32inches and full 1080 hd with built-in freeview hd. I also bought the samsung wis12aabgnx wifi dongle to save having a network cable around the room. Made all the connections (blu ray player and a sky hd box and the dongle) and then the power lead and switched on via the remote control. The set takes you easily through the sections (including choosing my wireless network) and it was up and runningnavigating the keyboard for the smart hub is a bit fiddly so i had bought a samsung vg-kbd1000 wireless keyboard, thinking it would be a lot easier. If i had read the end of the keyboard box i would have seen that it is not compatible with 5 series tvs. Fortunately i had kept the receipt. So i plan to use a wired usb keyboard and mouse instead. That may mean that i have to give up the usb dongle and use a network cable instead as there are only 2 usb ports.

  • Excellent product
  • Smart TV – smart purchase.
  • After much effort, now working fine
  • Excellent TV, just be careful with the automatic firmware update
  • Easy to set up and use
  • UE32ES5500 Review

Excellent tv the overall design is pleasing to the eye and the functionality has been excellent. I have been using this as a bedroom tv and the picture quality has been superb and the sound quality is better then previous versions. Once hooked up to the internet the smart hub comes into it’s own with iplayer, itv player, 5 on demand but not 4od at the moment. You also have access to internet radio and a host of other apps including the social favourites and on demand like you tube and netflix etc. The main feature i was after was that it was dlna compliant which meant i could stream my pictures, videos and music from my nas to it via the optional wireless dongle which works a treat even with full hd video. You can connect it by ethernet cable to the internet but the easiest way is definitely wirelessly and because it’s dual band it’s faster than my 200 av home plug network. It has 3 hdmi connections and 2 usb, one of which is high powered (1 amp rating) for powering an external hard drive. It plays most file formats whether it be music, pictures or video from a mobile phone, camcorders or your own dvd’s you have ripped. The remote is intuitive and works well at most angles but you still have a manual button on the tv itself which is like a mini ‘joystick’ which enables you to navigate the menus just in case you lose the remote.

We did quite a lot of research around tvs, including checking the which reports on best value and best performing tvs and this model came out on top. We have had the tv for about a month so far and have found it absolutely great, easy to set up. We think good picture and sound, we bought a dongle for the internet and that was very straightforward. We haven’t explored the ‘smart’ part of the tv as much, but i know we have access to iplayer and other bits and pieces.

Features of Samsung UE40ES5500 40-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview (discontinued by manufacturer)

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  • 1920 x 1080 Pixel Resolution
  • 100Hz Clear Motion Rate
  • 40″ LED SmartTV
  • Freeview HD Tuner

Very happy with this purchase. I bought this tv to serve an upstairs room which is used as an office/chill-out space. From opening the box to having the unit fully updated and online, took less than 15mins. For me it was practical and easy to run an ethernet cable into the back of the tv, and finding the updating facility was straight forward via the intuitive menu system. It is worth mentioning the unit provides you with 3 alternatives for updating it’s firmware, via direct connection to the internet (lan or usb), via pc download + usb stick, and also via a (tv) channel. If you get stuck i suggest you call samsung customer service, and ask them to talk you through the latter. At the time of setting up this tv, both iplayer and youtube worked fine. My mini keyboard and mouse also worked fine, other than where you might expect them to in some of the apps. This however is down to the apps in my experience, as for example with the youtube app. It will not allow you to put a cursor in the search box – in which case you cannot use the keyboard to type there.

Sound quality much better than expected. Bought this just before christmas 2012 and am very pleased with picture quality and sound. It must be admitted that i hardly ever use its built-in tuner because i like to pause and rewind live stuff. I already had a humax hdr-fox t2 and i use its tuner instead. I briefly looked at the ‘smart’ features of the tv – easy enough to use – but did not think they were worth bothering with – i don’t use iplayer etc for catchup ad can’t imagine watching youtube clips on tv. My existing humax and dvd connected up fine but a word of warning to the unwary: if you connect a dvd player to an hd tv there is a slight delay while the tvconverts the sd signal to hd; that means you wont want to connect your dvd direct to your hifi amp as the sound will be ahead of the picture. You need to route the dvd sound via the tv to your amp. Not so simple – the tv is designed to feed a home cinema and uses a different format for sound output. I believe it’s possible to get a converter but i’ve not researched it properly. So i can’t use my hifi to play dvd sound with this new tv – much less of a problem than i expected because the tv’s own sound is really quite ok.

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  1. This review is from : Samsung UE40ES5500 40-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Brilliant smart tv, 5 years since busing and no complaints.
    1. Loved this, but died in under a year : (. This was a great tv, but died in under a year, this was returned, refunded and an upgrade bought to replace. Deapite its short life, i still have fond memories of this tv set.
  2. This review is from : Samsung UE40ES5500 40-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview (discontinued by manufacturer)

    I recently set up wi-fi internet access for the smart bit (using the samsung usb dongle ex amazon prime). I have one of these since early 2014. I recently set up wi-fi internet access for the smart bit (using the samsung usb dongle ex amazon prime) & it works fine. Went to amazon lovefilm & added a few prime films to my ‘watch list’, started to watch ‘the young victoria’. To my surprise, it started streaming instantly without requesting i log in to my prime account. Concerned i might be incurring unnecessary charges, i stopped viewing but investigated. First port of call, samsung firmware update required, established my set was saying i currently “have v. 2111”, samsung’s email said i should have 2111. 1, email from samsung advised downloading onto a usb stick, “as it would be safer & anyway quicker”. Rubbish, it took over three hours to download. When stick inserted into the back of the set, it wasn’t recognised – “no upgrades currently available”. Further call to samsung prompted my looking at menu – support – contact samsung – and lo & behold, in the box that comes up, i learn i actually have v. 1but on the issue of amazon prime & whether i’m to be charged or not, no help – “they’re not our apps, we don’t own them, try amazon”. And there, i was able to learn that inadvertently, i had registered my set with amazon last yearaltogether a brilliant pice of kit. Only complaint is that you will apparently never be able to link your smart samsung to an imac or ipad or iphone, as “they’re not compatible”.
  3. This review is from : Samsung UE40ES5500 40-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Ip;ayer gets stuck if not on bbc channels with fibre at 30 mb/s.
    1. Good picture lovely size – small rim. Needs at least 2mvs to watch youtube and iplayer so not been able to use internet connections -shame.
  4. This review is from : Samsung UE40ES5500 40-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Otherwise has a great picture. . Otherwise has a great picture.
  5. This review is from : Samsung UE40ES5500 40-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview (discontinued by manufacturer)

    I purchased from amazon as the price was best i could find. The picture is great and as it is so slim and weighs so little i was surprised how good the speakers are. Although since purchase i have added a sound bar, which is an improvement. As far as a couple of the other reviews, mine was an english television and works with no issues straight from the box. We can get all the film apps, netflix, amazon prime, itv, bbc iplayer, od4 and 5player to work with no issues. I do believe that love film actually withdrew app support before they ceased and became part of amazon prime, as i used to use lovefilm on my laptop and suddenly it just stopped working. 19 months after purchase and still really impressed by this tv.
  6. This review is from : Samsung UE40ES5500 40-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Fantastic image & being a smart tv we use it as music player, movie streaming, access to some apps.
  7. This review is from : Samsung UE40ES5500 40-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview (discontinued by manufacturer)

    This has to be one of the best, if not the best, tv in its price range. With smart sensing, internet capability, multi channel inputs and free view built in, it has superb sound and picture quality with some of the best skin tone rendering that i have seen.
  8. This review is from : Samsung UE40ES5500 40-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Internet connection is sometimes dropped, but it picks it up again pretty quickly. Some of the menus are cumbersome – subtitles etc.
    1. This tv is great apart from problems experienced with itvplayer which samsung took some time to respond to and although they have send me a software upgrade on a usb stick the problem has not altogether disappeared. It would be useful if samsung upgraded their software automatically to keep up with itv and other stations upgrades. Frustrating when catchup tv is a problem when this is the one reason i purchased this particular tv.
      1. This is a rather nice piece of kit. Set up very easy,picture quality fab,sound excellent. Internet access super,picture in high def is brilliant.
  9. This review is from : Samsung UE40ES5500 40-inch 1080P Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Have had the tv for a year now and love the picture quality. Unfortunately it now has a white patch about 1cm round in the top left that shows up when the screen is showing lighter colours. Noticed this after a move, so could be self inflicted. The smart tv is a bit basic and really slow, especially when compared to apple tv, but it’s functional.
    1. This is a wonderful piece of kit, easy to install onto wireless network with great screen size and clarity.
      1. Have been using it for a year now. The bets part is plugin wifi dongle and you can operate it from your mobile (zappo tv app on iphone). Play songs, download and lot other cool stuff. The stand on which it has been tied to could have been a better one though. Overall a good purchase and you will not regret after buying.
  10. Upgrades bedroom tv with smallest hd tv available , wife gave me an ear bending but. Once installed , set up correctly the increase from 20 inch to 32 inch ( frame bezel smaller in the samsung) not that noticeable she was very happy. I spend alot of time researching before making a purchase, this tv was a xmas present to my wife in 2012. She said it was a present to myself , now she has changed her mind read on for the reasons. This tv for several reasons, needed a freeview hd tuner. They do not place one in smaller screen sizes as they say you can’t see the improvement. Wanted 100 hz or faster screen, the trend is for higher refresh rate to over come screen creep on football grass scenes,. Wanted a good non tinny sound. This tv is fine not even attempted to improve it. It was for a bedroom set up.