Samsung UE49MU7000TXXU 49-Inch 7 Series LED Smart TV – – Value for quality and money

Arrived on time and was securely wrapped and packaged. Easy instructions to set the tv up. Tv stand allows you to hide any plugged in cables. Tv is responsive and the smart remote is excellent. Picture quality is sublime and if like me you use an xbox one, the graphic quality is amazing. Had an issue with sound but samsung support talked me through what it could be. Ended up rebooting the tv and then my xbox. Think it was something to do with calibrating the sound to my xbox. Issue has been fixed (echo sound) but i think it’s to do with certain channels as it rarely happens now. Would highly recommend and for the price i don’t think you can get better personally.

After much researching i decided on this tv which was originally priced at around £1000 when new 18 months ago. I paid £600 from john lewis. With the massive fall in price it’s now value for money. I used the 55 inch picture settings that i found from an online review then tweaked these as the 55 inch panel is better. Once you get the settings correct the picture is very good for the price, just don’t use the out of box settings. I also looked at the mu7070 but it was £100 more for only a slight upgrade. The next best samsung is the mu8000 but that cost around £800. After looking at the reviews that’s the next best model up if you want a noticeable difference in picture quality. For sound i use a pair of speakers attached to an optical cable. I mostly use the tv for watching films which my picture settings are adjusted for.

This tv is very good for the price and if you’re upgrading from a current 1080p or 1080i you will notice the difference right awaythe picture quality is great not sure why the poor reviews maybe they did not have the correct cables which must be hmdi 2. 1 at least in order for you to get the best out of this tv for 4k and hdralso if you want to use the hdr setting to make your games console xbox one or ps pro look even better this is hidden away it took me over a hour to find this and there is not anywhere in the manual to find this informationclick settings button then select general >external device manager >hdmi uhd colour and then select the hdmi port you want hdr to work on and that’s it.

Brilliant product, good price, smooth delivery.

Features of Samsung UE49MU7000TXXU 49-Inch 7 Series LED Smart TV – Black

Hi, firstly i’d have to say that i didn’t buy this from amazon, but the review is for the television. If, like myself, you’re buying to replace a plasma tv then you’ll be sadly disappointed. I always used to berate lcd’s and now led’s for their poor contrast/ dark area definition and have been spoilt with my panasonic plasma (which refuses to turn on on occasion), and thought that after 9 years of owning a plasma, the technology of led’s would have improved, sadly not. If like me, you enjoy films, then the plasma is still king, unless you have £3000 upwards for an oled (assuming they’ve rectified the aforementioned contrast problem). Having said that, i now have to have the brightness turned way up, which i didn’t with the plasma to try and get detail in the dark areas, but, the image is breathtaking, super definition on hd, and considering the size of screen (mine’s a 49″) sd is not bad really. The trade off is having it really bright though, life is not that bright. If you don’t believe me, watch a guillermo del toro film (shape of water, pan’s labyrinth) sound is very credible, in fact better than the plasma before, so i don’t know what people are complaining about, sure, if you’re used to a sound bar, then it won’t be as good, but considering how thin and light the tv is, i was very pleasantly surprised at the sound, and i’m a bit of an audiophileway overpriced for the quality, but generally competent. The settings are an absolute nightmare in advanced mode, which you need to engage with to get a decent picture. I’d have gladly bought another plasma if they were available, but as we know, their fuel consumption made them the dinosaurs they became, sad.

A couple of things need cleared up for people who do not know about modern tv’s. I got caught up in a debate in a review below. The guy was on about brightness and stupidly onmy part, i did not explain what i am about to here. Brightness in hdr terms that is so very much promoted is not screen brightness. It is not about the screenyou watch being bright. It is an internal capabability. You see – white and black are not colours. They are a lack of colourat either end of the spectrum. What that means to your viewing picture is this:the advent of 4k means much much brighter whites and so automatically much much blacker blacks. In turn, thatproduces an incredible lucid, luminous set of colours between black and white.

Product information

  • Product Dimensions: 24.6 x 109 x 70.6 cm ; 14.7 Kg
  • Boxed-product Weight: 19.8 Kg
  • Item model number: UE49MU7000TXXU
  • ASIN: B06Y5R427B

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