TCL 50DP648 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR 10 TV – Pleasantly surprised – from a brand I have never heard of

Picture quality is superb and build seems reasonable. As noted in other reviews, the viewing angles aren’t great so consider this before buying but if this isn’t a concern the picture quality should be hard to beat anywhere near the price range. Very minor lag issue on sound, barely noticable. The software is somewhat slow and clunky.

Great price for the size and can get some good colour reproduction with some tweaking. However i have an issue with the back-light when transitioning from a dark to light scene it takes up to 5 seconds for the light to reach its full brightness, no matter how i tweaked the eco and back-light settings it wouldn’t change. Audio is out of sync on built in apps but disappears when using a chromecast or ps4. The audio return sometimes works but mostly not with hdmi link on.

Great guts, cheap on everything else. The panel is quite good for the price. I mean the prime day 629£ price. I’ve got a 60” samsung 4k from 2016 and it sounds slightly better and powerful. The metal frame and plastic body feels cheap, typically chinese no brand product. And the smart tv is useless. Same as the samsung and any other that uses its own platform.

Bought this tv mostly for gaming and a bit of netflix. Watching blue planet ii on 4k is amazing, but the picture quality degrades significantly when you’re watching something dark (thriller/horror movie) in a dark room. There are actually no blacks, only greys, and the contrast seems poor. Playback of sd or 1080 video was average. However i was frustrated by the slightly uneven brightness of the panel. The bottom right corner was always slightly more bright. It wasn’t noticeable in bright shows as the difference wasn’t percetible, but it was in darker movies. Having said that, my gf hadn’t notice it until i showed it to her. Had no problems with audio playbak, and the netflix app was just fine.

I primarily use this tv in my bedroom, hooked up to a ps4 pro and soundbar. I play games on this and watch netflix and for these purposes, the tv is great. Absolutely no complaints here – all i care is about getting a decent picture when watching movies and playing games in 4k hdr and this tv does that.

First of all am impressed, the tv has the same vivid colour and picture detail of the tv i wanted by a well known brand, and not only that it has the same exact design and features – the tv i wanted was double the price of this. The picture is eyewateringly sharp, and when used with my ps4 (not ps4 pro) the graphical detail was incredible, even games like gta v and witcher iii (and the current one i’m playing, god of war had such gorgeous graphics and colours compared to my previous tv which was lcd but not 4k). I will say, as it’s in my bedroom, it’s not a huge deal but i notice the colour looks a bit washed out from certain angles (like if i’m not in bed but on the exercise bike and i’m to the right of the tv) but it’s not too bad. Reminds me a little of laptops where if you turn the screen. It greys out just a bit (if that makes sense). The set up took a while, i don’t know if that’s due to my wifi connection or just the tv itself but it took nearly an hour for it to do its updates. Once set, everything is easily accessible – it shows its youtube ready but when trying to use youtube by sending a signal from my ipad, nothing happens, but it’s been that way for a while and i think this is youtube trying to avoid people watching stuff on the tv without watching adverts (as the adverts never played when stuff was sent to the tv). The apps seem a bit slow to respond when called up. Like using netflix seems to take a good minute to summon the app up on screen where as on my living room smart tv, it takes seconds. It’s not a huge issue, it just means sometimes there’s a bit of waiting.

This tv is used in our games room for the xbox one x, youtube and movies and it dosen’t disappoint. We were looking for a hdr10, low latency, high refresh rate and on a budget tv, three out of four we can live with, as the only thing was the refresh rate being 50hz, xbox says it supports 60hz and fortnite, tomb raider, forza and roblox look and feel amazing. Our main tv is oled and the picture is not as refined but having said that its not far off and would be just as happy if this were our main tv, it looks like a 2018 tv should, the ui is basic/functional but that was expected and i’m sure there will be updates. For our needs this is the best value 2018 tv on the market now and we are very happy, thank you tcl.

Product information

  • Product Dimensions: 69.9 x 26.9 x 111.3 cm ; 12.7 Kg
  • Boxed-product Weight: 16.4 Kg
  • Batteries 2 AAA batteries required. (included)
  • Item model number: 50DP648
  • ASIN: B07CFYMH38

The Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution is 4 times greater than Full HD.

Great value tv from a brand i have never heard ofpositives – very slim bezels, great screen panel quality with rich vibrant colours, 4k, decent build quality (well front, anyway =) ) , slim remote control (with batteries included and a dedicated netflix button), an okay stand with minimal footprint but vesa capable. Easy to use clean interface, good connectivity options – inc 2 hdmi (4k) inputs and impressively the sound isn’t that bad – although you are always better off with a dedicated sound system. Negatives – not that many but despite displaying a really good picture from both my ps4 pro and xbox one s, i could not get the tcl to display hdr – not sure why?. The picture is very good, don’t get me wrong, but once you have experienced hdr games you don’t want to go back. I was pleasantly surprised by this tv – i have to admit that i had low expectations when amazon delivered this but i was very pleasantly surprised once i had the unit set up – i look forward to taking a peak at future tcl products. Overall a very good tv for a fair price.

I ordered this given it was a 10 bit 4k panel at less than £400. Tcl – who are they, well apparently they are the 3rd biggest world wide manufacturer of tv’s, i didn’t know that either. I bought this to replace a 4k 2016 samsung tv. The bezel around the screen is tiny, the 43” is enough for my needs. The interface is a bit clunky, and the app store is a bit spartan, but the usual suspects are there – youtube, rakuten, netflix etc, and i’m sure in time more should become available. Now the picture, it’s pretty good at this price point. Sharp, bright and evenly lit. Input via my pc shows a good picture with some adjustment of image and input settings etc. All in all, a good, cheap, competent tv that you won’t go wrong with.

Ok so the bottom line is this is an outstanding 4k tv. I got the 55inch dp648 model and the tele is huge, i had never heard about tcl so i did a bit of research and found that our us counterparts are getting a better deal when it comes to how ‘smart’ this tv is. There’s no roku on this uk version so you might want to hook it up to a good 4k streaming device to get the most from it ‘smartwise’. The current app store is a bit pedestrian to say the least. It comes with netflix, itv player, 5od etc though. I found the netflix voice and lips where out of sync occasionally but this was down to a stutter in broadband speeds. The picture quality is truly outstanding for a tv at this price point. I’ve never seen reds , yellows and orange so vivid in a non oled tv. Youn’t be impressed with the picture settings out of the box but trust me, when you tweak it to your preference, you will be impressed.

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Likesit’s cheappicture is great once you set it up60hz and low lag for gamingi also use it for a pc monitor it works finehdrdislikesthe screen could be a little brighterthe settings could be more in depth so you have more control on the pictureapps can be slowspeakers are quiet i use this tv to game on and as a pc monitor primarily i don’t use it for tv or other apps for my use this tv works great. But as for using this tv as a main household i’d have my drawbacks people state the apps are slow netflix etc (this doesn’t bother me as i have an xbox attached to it but it’s worth noting)setting up the tv for a great 4k picture might put people off however all tvs should be setup correctly. While not a bad looking tv it is cheapish looking the bezel and stand don’t look like they are premiumfor me this is a brilliant 2nd tv and 4k gaming tvit’s not going to blow a high end tv away so don’t expect that at this price but it does an excellent job for such a cheap tv. I would recommend this tv but i would advise for any use you need some other audio source of a soundbar or surround sound or some decent gaming headset.

Not bad for the price, responsive though basic. Typical picture for edglit led – poor dynamic range with grey pattern instead of black but ok for normal viewing. Apparently wide colour gamut which is a plus. Most irritating aspect is the primitive, uninformative tv guide.

I was expecting at least one problem during set-up but there were none. Connecting to our bt home hub was as easy as inputting the correct wpa key code. All the questions are very basic such as what country and location and from there the tv will scan for channels. Some digital channels may be unwatchable. This will depend on the type of antenna. The difference between those channels in hd and standard definition is noticeable with the latter looking like everything was filmed under water. After connecting my standard ps4 i found the console would not recognise this tv as a hdr tv. The tv will not recognise hdmi 2. 0 unless the console/player is switched on. Then the user will need to go into the settings menu, scroll down to the systems menu and then find advanced settings.

Design: An ultra-thin body (9.9 mm) and ultra-thin frame (5 mm), gives full space to the image and will blend perfectly into your interior.

Good value for the money, great looking tv. I do not want to complain about small things here and there since this is what i paid for. Overall, great quality, 4k hdr videos blow your mind. There is really 1 reason i’m giving it 4 stars. And that reason has nothing to do with the price of the tv. It’s the bare minimum any tv should have. The firmware is pretty terrible, it’s clunky and slow. What’s more importantly is the built-in netflix app has major lip sync issues. The sound is coming “behind” the video, therefore sound delay feature on external speakers (i’m using sonos) does not work. You either accept the way it is, or buy an apple tv type of device to use netflix.

I have been pleasantly surprised by this tv. It’s in a bedroom with a ps4 pro attached and it’s mainly used for playing games and watching streaming services – the quality of the tv channels is okay, but that what i use it for primarily. I’ve mounted mine to the wall (you’ll need to purchase a wall mount) but a small stand is supplied. Switch it on, follow the prompts easy peasy. Quality – sound is pretty good given i’m just using the inbuilt speakers (obviously when i’m gaming i use a headset, but when i’m steaming i’ll use the speakers). Picture quality is surprisingly sharp given the cost of the tv – my main tv is a 2016 4k samasung 55” tv which is a bit better in terms of sharpness and has a much better range of apps, but to be honest it’s pretty good. No obvious lag when gaming, no sound out of sync when steaming. 4k setup for the ps4 pro was pretty simple. Attach ps4, got to menu system on tv – turn on hdmi 2.

I bought a 55” as an upgrade to our old 40” living room main tv. No point in going smaller if you want to actually get the benefit of 4k. Once you’ve fiddled with the settings and got it to your taste you’ll be very impressed. Slight ‘bleeding’ from the edge lighting but only visible on content with thick black banding and even then for the price can’t be quipped at. When viewing 4k hdr/hlg content you’ll be blown away. Watch the bbc iplayer planet earth 4k hlg test footage. The image is so visceral and clear and the colours pounce like the tigers out of the forest. My daughter and wife made the claim that it’s better than real life. I found that the audio problem when viewing netflix is completely resolved by updating to new software and turning dolby digital plus on in the audio settings.

I’ve been following tcl with anticipation for years in the hope that they would come to the uk. Finally in june, they arrived – but i wasn’t ready to pull the trigger just yet. I waited for a few reviews, and more importantly amazon prime day. I snagged the 65″ model at £630, which i figured was worth the gamble. It arrived far later than expected, thanks to arrow xl but hey – that’s another story (complaint ongoing). The size of the tv absolutely blows me away. Having come from a 50″ tv before it, 65″ is ridiculous to say the least. I think i would have been better off getting a 55″, but i’ve made my bed. 0 ports on the back of the unit, but if you have an xbox one x you do have to dig into the settings to turn hdmi 2. 0 on before any of the rich hdr goodness or 4k magic kicks in. I’ve pissed about with the settings a bit to get things looking ‘right’. There is a small amount of light bleed on poor source material, but i’m not going to gripe about it because of how much i paid for the tv. This tv looks great with planet earth ii on netflix.

HDR PRO: unrivalled blacks, higher contrast and vivid colours –

You can’t go wrong at this price, but in fact picture-wise it’s as good as a 2018 panasonic/lg/sony/samsung, but at half the price. Picture: i shopped widely, and i haven’t seen a better 4k ultra high definition picture other than on oled models that are still triple the price. It’s fantastic, mid-2018 leading qualitysound: the speakers are very good bad for a skinny tv – better than my 2016 sony. However, i run the digital optical audio output into a stereo (make sure you switch the digital sound preference if you do this, as i think it otherwise outputs dolby down s/pdif). Ports: it has 3 high-spec hdmi ports, audio out, wireless and ethernet network, usb. Negatives: my only criticism is that the smart tv runs its own store, which supports freeview, iplayer (which i don’t use), and youtube but not amazon video. Not sure what os they are running inside, but the tv is not a chromecast or airplay receiver either. These aren’t major things, but if you’ll want to get an apple tv, fire stick or roku if you don’t already have one. In some ways it’s a plus to have this separate. The feet install easily if you want to put in on a table, uses the same 4 included screws as are used for vesa if you hang it on the wall. Hanging on the wall: i ordered the bracket below to hang it on the wall: bargain around £13.

I’ve had the tv for a few weeks now and i’m really pleased. I got it on the bank holiday sale for £479 which is a bargain for a 55 inch. But if you’re buying for a bedroom like i did, it does the job and i think for this price, what you get is a great budget piece of kit. I think it looks great with a fairly slim bezel of brushed metal. Yes the legs aren’t to the finish of samsung and lg brands but they still fit the look. I much thinner screen than a lot of tvs over double the price. There is daylight glare on the screen as it could be a little brighter but i’ve seen much worse. Viewing angle in my opinion is great.

I recently purchased a ps4 pro, but for a while now have not had a 4k tv to pair it with. The last 4k tv i had from panasonic had ridiculous amounts of input lag making games unplayable. I play rainbow six siege a lot, a game which requires quick response times. This means that input lag is at the forefront of my concern when buying a tv. Before the tcl, i had been playing on a 8 year old sony bravia hd tv. Not bad input lag but not good quality. After researching a lot tcl came up repeatedly as the lowest input lag, and its correct. Even on 4k, the input lag is lower than my old tv. And turn 4k off and play on 2k, the input lag is ridiculously impressive. Great value for money, and an amazing purchase.

Wide Colour Gamut combined with a 10 Bit Panel: Reproduces 30% purer and richer colours than traditional LED screens.

Only 2 hdmi ports and app availability is lacking (i’m in ireland not sure if that makes a difference) but apart from that no complaints functions perfectly and has great image quality and pretty good sound.

If you come here to buy this tv after reading american sites on the 6 series, beware – it is completely different tv. In terms of image, i imagine it is similar, since image is really good. But it has no roku, it has a tcl system which is really bad, the apps it has (just 10) are really crap. The tv is really slow, when i press the settings buttons, i have to wait 2 minutes, everything is slow in this tv. I would recommend to buy another tv from past year. The casting capabilities are very limited.

4k 43″ with hdr 10 for only £349?- vibrant colours, sharp display and low input lag- a good looking tv- easy to set up- freeview playcons:- interface is a bit slow- wide stand- speakers are poorif you are looking for a tv with these specifications, you won’t find better value for money anywhere and that’s why i’m giving it five stars.

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  1. The only problem with this tv is it broke down after 2 months and i can’t get in touch with the seller as they are not answering my email.
  2. This review is from : TCL 50DP648 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR 10 TV with Smart Freeview Play – Silver (2018 Model)

    The only problem with this tv is it broke down after 2 months and i can’t get in touch with the seller as they are not answering my email.
  3. This review is from : TCL 50DP648 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR 10 TV with Smart Freeview Play – Silver (2018 Model)

    3 dead pixels and really obvious can’t ignore them so really disappointed.
    1. 3 dead pixels and really obvious can’t ignore them so really disappointed.